Market Maker Sample Clauses

Market Maker. 5.1.1 The Primary Dealer shall actively, and in accordance with sound and customary trading principles, contribute to liquidity and price transparency in Government Bonds on the Secondary Market (both on the Client Market and the Interbank market) both through trading on the spot (cash) market as well as by entering into transactions on the derivatives markets.
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Market Maker. In case of warrants, the issuer is the counterparty. The price of the warrant is not determined directly based on supply and demand, but in most cases by a so-called market maker. These market makers have notified the exchange organizers that they will focus on those stocks and meet certain obligations regarding those securities. Oftentimes, warrants have only one so-called market maker and said market maker is also the sole party interested in case the investor wishes to sell the acquired stock. The market makers may also act as their own trading party, i.e., they purchase and sell the stock at their own account as well. The prices are determined by those market makers and thus are not subject to supply and demand. It must be considered in this regard as well that the scope of the market and the market maker’s unique position entail the major risk of price manipulation and unfair pricing. The price of the warrant is typically indexed (determined based on a theoretical model) and it is only then that the market maker determines the final price.
Market Maker. UBS Securities LLC (or another financial institution reasonably acceptable to the Company) (the “Market Maker”) shall have confirmed to the Company that it is qualified and intends to serve as a registered trader, or market maker, for the Parent Series B Preferred Stock on AMEX from and after the Effective Time and the Market Maker shall have conducted a “road show” or similar marketing efforts with respect to the Parent Series B Preferred Stock prior to the Effective Time, in each case, to the extent not prohibited by Applicable Law or the rules and regulations of any self regulatory organization.
Market Maker. The Company has at least one market maker for its Common Stock and such Market Maker has obtained all permits and made all filings necessary in order for such market maker to continue as a market maker in the Company’s Common Stock.
Market Maker. A dealer (i.e., any Person who engages directly or ------------ indirectly as agent, broker, or principal in the business of offering, buying, selling, or otherwise dealing or trading in securities issued by another Person) who, with respect to a particular security, (i) regularly publishes bona fide, competitive bid and offer quotations in a recognized inter-dealer quotation system or furnishes bona fide competitive bid and offer quotations on request and (ii) is ready, willing and able to effect transactions in reasonable quantities at its quoted prices with other brokers or dealers.
Market Maker. The Company shall maintain the effectiveness of the current registration statement and use best efforts to initiate a public market for the Common Stock on a Trading Market on or before March 1, 2009.
Market Maker. The Company will designate a suitable Market Maker with a similar level of market depth as the market maker used by the Company for the Company's other agreed-to exchange platforms and such Market Maker shall be responsible for technologically integrating the Stacks Tokens into the Exchange and providing liquidity for the Stacks Tokens prior to the Listing Date. The Company shall use reasonable efforts to assist the Market Maker in the integration of the Stacks Tokens into the Exchange prior to the Listing Date. Should the Market Maker be unable to integrate the Stacks Tokens into the Exchange prior to the Listing Date, the Company and HBL shall agree upon a new Listing Date. If at any point in time the Stacks Tokens are listed on an exchange or alternative trading system that has been registered with the SEC and is a member of FINRA and is capable of supporting secondary trading in Stacks Tokens by U.S. persons, the Company will promptly dissolve its relationship with the Market Maker. 4.4 Prohibited Conduct. Company will strictly avoid engaging in Market Manipulation and will not disclose any HBL Confidential Information except as permitted in Section 9 below. 5. HBL OBLIGATIONS 3
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Market Maker. LINCOLN has at least one market maker for its common shares and such market makers have obtained all permits and made all filings necessary in order for such market makers to continue as market makers of the Company.
Market Maker. The notification requirement under Article 78 does not apply to the acquisition or disposal of shares by a market maker, notwithstanding the voting rights attached to shares reaching or exceeding the 5% threshold, provided that the market maker carries out the transaction in its capacity as market maker and neither intervenes in the management of the issuer concerned nor exerts any influence on the issuer to buy such shares or support the share price.
Market Maker. For purposes of this Section 3, the term “Market Maker”, as used herein, means a professional securities dealer, bank or firm that is registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. who maintains a consistent inventory of Geron’s Common Stock and stands ready to buy and sell Geron’s Common Stock at the quoted price to maintain an orderly market.
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