Loss of Revenue Sample Clauses

Loss of Revenue. In the event that re-construction of the Oxbow CC does not allow for the Oxbow CC to fully function as contemplated in paragraph 2, the Diversion Authority shall provide funds to reimburse Oxbow CC for the loss of revenue occasioned by it not being able to fully function during the construction phase of the project.
Loss of Revenue. In the event that TSI Contractor meets an applicable SLA, but SRTA nevertheless incurs a loss of Gross Revenue then, for each event in which SRTA incurs a loss of Gross Revenue that exceeds $5,000.00, the TSI Contractor shall be obligated to make SRTA whole and make payment to SRTA of all tolls associated with lost trips. In the event that SRTA is unable to determine lost Gross Revenue because data is lost or otherwise unavailable, then the Parties agree that lost Gross Revenue shall be based on historical figures (traffic) maintained by SRTA. SRTA, at its option, may either reduce the amount of the subsequent monthly maintenance fee or warranty fee, as applicable, by the amount of Gross Revenue due as set forth above or require TSI Contractor to make payment within thirty (30) Days of SRTA’s notice to TSI Contractor.
Loss of Revenue a) In the event that a separate Yellow Pages directory, functioning as a supplement to normal and usual Yellow Pages directory coverage, is totally withdrawn from publication by the Company, the resultant loss of revenue shall not constitute a debit in the computation of commission.
Loss of Revenue. 24.3 The above limitation of liability shall not apply to damages with respect to the indemnity for the infringement of intellectual property rights as provided in Article 23.
Loss of Revenue. Under no circumstances will SFS be liable for any loss of profits or revenue by DEALER for any actions, advertising, sales, promotion, organization, business practices or any other activity by SFS.
Loss of Revenue. If prior to the occurrence of a Trigger Event the aggregate gross revenues of Borrowers in any Fiscal Quarter decline by more than 20% from the preceding Fiscal Quarter.
Loss of Revenue. If the District suffers a significant decrease in budgeted revenues both parties agree to meet to discuss wages. AUTHORIZED SIGNATURES ASSOCIATION OF NORTH XXXXX SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS BY: DATE: __________________________ NORTH XXXXX SCHOOL DISTRICT
Loss of Revenue a. The term "
Loss of Revenue. · 8.1.2 Trading profit or contract loss;
Loss of Revenue. 8.1.2 loss of actual or anticipated profits;