Loss of Shared-Loss Coverage on Shared-Loss Loans Sample Clauses

Loss of Shared-Loss Coverage on Shared-Loss Loans. The Receiver shall be relieved of its obligations with respect to a Shared-Loss Loan upon payment of a Foreclosure Loss amount, or a Short Sale Loss amount with respect to such Single Family Shared-Loss Loan, or upon the sale without FDIC consent of a Single Family Shared-Loss Loan by Assuming Institution to a person or entity that is not an Affiliate. The Assuming Institution shall provide the Receiver with timely notice of any such sale. Failure to administer any Shared-Loss Loan or Loans in accordance with Article III shall at the discretion of the Receiver constitute grounds for the loss of shared loss coverage with respect to such Shared-Loss Loan or Loans. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a sale of the Single Family Shared-Loss Loan, for purposes of this Section 2.7, shall not be deemed to have occurred as the result of (i) any change in the ownership or control of Assuming Institution or the transfer of any or all of the Single Family Shared-Loss Loan(s) to any Affiliate of Assuming Institution, (ii) a merger by Assuming Institution with or into any other entity, or (iii) a sale by Assuming Institution of all or substantially all of its assets.

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  • Shared Loss Arrangement 1 2.1 Accounting for and Management of Shared-Loss Assets 1

  • SINGLE FAMILY SHARED-LOSS AGREEMENT This agreement for the reimbursement of loss sharing on certain single family residential mortgage loans (the “Single Family Shared-Loss Agreement”) shall apply when the Assuming Institution purchases Single Family Shared-Loss Loans as that term is defined herein. The terms hereof shall modify and supplement, as necessary, the terms of the Purchase and Assumption Agreement to which this Single Family Shared-Loss Agreement is attached as Exhibit 4.15A and incorporated therein. To the extent any inconsistencies may arise between the terms of the Purchase and Assumption Agreement and this Single Family Shared-Loss Agreement with respect to the subject matter of this Single Family Shared-Loss Agreement, the terms of this Single Family Shared-Loss Agreement shall control. References in this Single Family Shared- Loss Agreement to a particular Section shall be deemed to refer to a Section in this Single Family Shared-Loss Agreement, unless the context indicates that it is intended to be a reference to a Section of the Purchase and Assumption Agreement.

  • Limitations on Shared-Loss Payment The Receiver shall not be required to make any payments pursuant to Section 2.1(d) with respect to any Foreclosure Loss, Restructuring Loss, Short Sale Loss, Deficient Loss, or Portfolio Loss that the Receiver determines, based upon the criteria set forth in this Single Family Shared-Loss Agreement (including the analysis and documentation requirements of Section 2.1(a)) or Customary Servicing Procedures, should not have been effected by the Assuming Institution; provided, however, (x) the Receiver must provide notice to the Assuming Institution detailing the grounds for not making such payment, (y) the Receiver must provide the Assuming Institution with a reasonable opportunity to cure any such deficiency and (z) (1) to the extent curable, if cured, the Receiver shall make payment with respect to the properly effected Loss, and (2) to the extent not curable, shall not constitute grounds for the Receiver to withhold payment as to all other Losses (or portion of Losses) that are properly payable pursuant to the terms of this Single Family Shared-Loss Agreement. In the event that the Receiver does not make any payment with respect to Losses claimed pursuant to Section 2.1(d), the Receiver and Assuming Institution shall, upon final resolution, make the necessary adjustments to the Monthly Shared-Loss Amount for that Monthly Certificate and the payment pursuant to Section 2.1(d) above shall be adjusted accordingly.

  • Assuming Institution’s Liquidation of Remaining Shared-Loss Loans In the event that the Assuming Institution does not conduct a Portfolio Sale pursuant to Section 4.1, the Receiver shall have the right, exercisable in its sole and absolute discretion, to require the Assuming Institution to liquidate for cash consideration, any Shared-Loss Loans held by the Assuming Institution at any time after the date that is six months prior to the Termination Date. If the Receiver exercises its option under this Section 4.2, it must give notice in writing to the Assuming Institution, setting forth the time period within which the Assuming Institution shall be required to liquidate the Shared-Loss Loans. The Assuming Institution will comply with the Receiver’s notice and must liquidate the Shared-Loss Loans as soon as reasonably practicable by means of sealed bid sales to third parties, not including any of the Assuming Institution’s affiliates, contractors, or any affiliates of the Assuming Institution’s contractors. The selection of any financial advisor or other third party broker or sales agent retained for the liquidation of the remaining Shared-Loss Loans pursuant to this Section shall be subject to the prior approval of the Receiver, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned.