LEGAL DEPARTMENT. Completed Commission’s Reports 20Overview: Commission’s Reports Recommendations 20Commission’s Reports Recommendations – Fatal Shooting Incidents 21-24Rulings Received from the ODPP arising from INDECOM Investigations 24Charges Laid from INDECOM Investigations 25
LEGAL DEPARTMENT. In order to execute its functions, Legal Department through its divisions:
LEGAL DEPARTMENT. The Legal Department is responsible for providing legal advice to the Maritime Administration in all matters concerning disputes, accidents and any other areas that may require its support.
LEGAL DEPARTMENT. Crown's in-house counsel and legal department will remain with Crown after the Closing. Crown agrees to provide the services of such counsel and legal department to Design Works for a period of three months after the Closing, so long as not more than 25% of such counsel's and legal department's work time is spent performing services for Design Works hereunder. Any requests for services by Design Works that require one hour or less of work time will be charged at the Maintenance Rate, and all requests for services by Design Works that require more than one hour of work time will be charged at the Project Rate.
LEGAL DEPARTMENT. Nature of Completed Commission’s Reports 19Overview: Recommendations made for completed Commission’s Reports 19Recommendations made for completed Commission’s Reports – Fatal Shooting Incidents 20-26Arrests made/ Charges Laid 26
LEGAL DEPARTMENT. Except as otherwise provided herein, you agree that all required notices to you will be provided by one or more of the following: posting, bill message, bill insert, postcard, letter, call to your billed telephone number, or e-mail to an address provided by you when you ordered Service or Equipment. You agree to provide CenturyLink with any and every change to your e-mail address by calling 1 877-837-5738 (Consumer/Residential accounts), 1 855-891-4080 (Small Business accounts), or 1 888-638-6771 (Global/Business & Government Services accounts). If you fail to provide updated e-mail address information to CenturyLink, you agree that any notices sent to the e-mail address provided by you will be deemed to have been received by you Except as otherwise provided herein, all notices will be deemed given: (a) when delivered in person to the recipient named above; (b) three business days after mailed via regular U.S. Mail; (c) when delivered via overnight courier mail; or (d) when delivered by facsimile so long as duplicate notification is also sent in the manner set forth in subsection (b).
LEGAL DEPARTMENT. The OSP coordinates the contract review and negotiation process with Project Coordinators and legal advisors for all project related contracts. The Legal Department:◼ Reviews the contracts and provides legal advice in order to ensure that legal terms and conditions of the contract are acceptable to the University and that risk to the University is mitigated;◼ Helps prepare contracts and review any other legal document and offers its expert opinion (e.g. staff contracts, mandates, etc.); OSP coordinates the process of signing official agreements. Project CoordinatorThe Project Coordinator needs to be capable of successfully fulfilling his/her role as an award recipient. S/he is primarily responsible for conducting and successfully implementing the project and is subject to the policies and procedures determined by IUS and the sponsor. Project Coordinator ensures compliance with all University and sponsor requirements pertaining to the sponsored project, including but not limited to:◼ adherence to all University and sponsor rules and procedures applicable to sponsored projects;◼ successful completion/implementation of all planned project activities;◼ timely submission of progress reports;◼ effective and responsible use of external funds (in accordance with the award’s terms and conditions and University policies);◼ ensuring that approved research protocols for the use of human and animal subjects, and/or special chemical hazards in research are followed;◼ Informing project members of appropriate health and safety procedures necessary for that particular research project. 2.1. Eligibility to serve as Project Coordinator Eligibility to serve as Project Coordinator for any specific award must be in accordance with IUS and sponsor’s terms and conditions. The Project Coordinator must be a full-time employee at IUS.◼ Faculty: To apply for a sponsored project and serve as a Project coordinator, an individual must have a current faculty appointment at IUS.◼ Administration: University administrator in leadership roles (i.e. directors and managers) can serve as a co-coordinator or a project team member but need to have direct supervisor’s consent (i.e. Director/General Secretary) and Vice-Rector’s approval to serve as project co-coordinator on externally funded projects. Administration staff can participate in one project. To participate in more than one project, it will need a special approval from Rector. Project Coordinator (faculty member) will list administrative...
LEGAL DEPARTMENT. The department is responsible to the Managing Director for providing the Company with legal coverage so as to ensure and protect its interests.• It is kept up to date with general and special legal issues relating to the Company and ensures the coor- dination and management of such issues at an operational level, and proposes ways to ensure Company interests.• It is responsible for receiving, registering and managing all legal documents, subpoenas, etc. relating to the Company.