Acquisition Agreements Sample Clauses

Acquisition Agreements. If the Equipment is subject to any Acquisition Agreement, Lessee, as part of this lease, transfers and assigns to Lessor all of its rights, but none of its obligations (except for Lessee's obligation to pay for the Equipment conditioned upon Lessee's acceptance in accordance with Paragraph 6), in and to the Acquisition Agreement, including but not limited to the right to take title to the Equipment. Lessee shall indemnify and hold Lessor harmless in accordance with Paragraph 19 from any liability resulting from any Acquisition Agreement as well as liabilities resulting from any Acquisition Agreement Lessor is required to enter into on behalf of Lessee or with Lessee for purposes of this lease.
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Acquisition Agreements. Acquisitions may, from time to time, enter into a letter of intent or other acquisition agreement with respect to a subject Real Estate Asset in its own name to facilitate, among other things, the offer to, and possible purchase by, the Company of the subject Real Estate Asset. In any such case, if the Company exercises its right of first refusal with respect to, and elects to pursue the acquisition of, the subject Real Estate Asset, and the Company is willing to enter into an agreement to acquire the subject Real Estate Asset, then upon the Company’s request Acquisitions shall assign the letter of intent or other acquisition agreement to the Company or its designee.
Acquisition Agreements. Immediately following the consummation of this transaction and the Other Transactions (and after giving effect to the conversion of the Class C Stock and the Convertible Notes into Class B Stock), the Purchaser and its Affiliates will own a majority of the voting common stock of the Company then entitled to vote in the election of the Company's directors.
Acquisition Agreements. There are no agreements relating to the acquisition of the stock, business or Assets of Company to which Company is a party, other than this Agreement.
Acquisition Agreements. To the extent that any of the acquisition agreements set forth on Schedule 6.16 (the "Acquisition Agreements") are not assignable without the consent of another party, such consent is not obtained and there is hereafter discovered any event or occurrence for which Purchaser would have been entitled to indemnification if such Acquisition Agreement had been assigned to Purchaser (an "Indemnification Claim"), Seller shall, upon receipt of written notice from Purchaser, pursue such Indemnification Claim on Purchaser's behalf. Purchaser shall control the investigation, defense and settlement (including choice of counsel in its sole discretion) of any Indemnification Claim. Seller shall make available to Purchaser, its counsel and other representatives, all information and documents available to it which relate to such Indemnification Claim. Seller shall also render to Purchaser such assistance and cooperation as may reasonably be required to ensure the proper and adequate pursuit of such Indemnification Claim. Upon receipt of any recoveries (including pursuant to any settlement, arbitration, judicial proceeding or otherwise) relating to any such Indemnification Claim, Seller shall promptly deliver to Purchaser such recoveries upon receipt thereof. Seller shall remit and turn-over to Purchaser any recovery in any such claim and such recovery shall be deemed to be an Acquired Asset.
Acquisition Agreements. The Acquisition Agreements pursuant to which the Company expects to acquire the Additional Hotels (including any Additional Hotels which the Company may determine to acquire after the Closing Time) are in full force and effect. The Company intends and reasonably expects to consummate the acquisition and lease of all Additional Hotels not owned or acquired by it as of the Closing Time as expeditiously as possible after the Closing Time, including as and when the construction of certain of such properties is completed.
Acquisition Agreements. Except for the transactions contemplated by this Agreement and the Related Agreements, and except as set forth in Schedule 4.29, neither the Company nor any of its Subsidiaries is a party to, bound by or the subject of, any agreement or understanding relating to the purchase or investment by any Person in the assets or stock of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries, and neither the Company nor any of its Subsidiaries is a party to, bound by or the subject of, any agreement or understanding relating to the purchase of or investment by the Company or any of its Subsidiaries in the assets or stock of any Person.
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Acquisition Agreements. As soon as practicable following the earlier to occur of the consummation of the proposed acquisition or the funding of the Acquisition Facility Loans to be used for the proposed acquisition: (a) Agent shall have received executed copies of the Acquisition Agreements relating to the proposed acquisition and shall, in the ordinary course of business, have forwarded copies thereof to the Lenders; (b) the Acquisition Agreements shall be in full force and effect and no material term or condition thereof shall have been amended, modified, or waived after the execution thereof (other than solely to extend the date by which the proposed acquisition is required to occur) except those for which prior written notice was provided to Agent; (c) none of the parties to the Acquisition Agreements shall have failed to perform any material obligation or covenant required by the Acquisition Agreement to be performed or complied with by it on or before the date of the closing of the proposed acquisition unless waived with the consent of the Agent; and (d) Agent shall have received a certificate from the Company's chief executive officer or chief financial officer to the effect set forth in clauses (a), (b) and, to his knowledge, (c) above.
Acquisition Agreements. Highwoods shall tender the consideration required by each of the Acquisition Agreements such that each "Final Closing", as defined in the respective Acquisition Agreements, occurs under the terms of each of the respective Acquisition Agreements.
Acquisition Agreements. (a) The Purchaser acknowledges that the Acquisitions have been completed, and have been provided with copies of the Acquisition Agreement and related disclosure schedules, have reviewed such disclosure schedules and have had the opportunity to discuss such Acquisition Agreement with the Company, to ask questions and to receive answers regarding the same. The Purchaser agrees that the Disclosure Schedule delivered herewith shall be deemed to include the disclosures contained in the disclosure schedules to the Acquisition Agreements to the extent such disclosures are relevant to the representations and warranties contained herein.
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