Computer services definition

Computer services means computer time or services, including data processing services, Internet
Computer services means any services in which a com- puter is utilized other than for personal computing purposes.

Examples of Computer services in a sentence

  • Computer services, including printers, facsimile services, and other office equipment services will be made available by the Government to administrative support personnel as necessary to perform the Statement of Work requirements.

  • Computer services can assist students with the process of checking e-mail from home.

  • To support the increasing number of the Parent Company’s online customers and their corresponding demands, it also proactively made the necessary investments in technology and infrastructure by adding and upgrading its hardware capacity and internet bandwidth during the last quarter of 2007, thereby increasing the cost of its Computer services by P2.5 million.

More Definitions of Computer services

Computer services means the product of the use of a computer, the information stored in the computer, or the personnel supporting the computer, including computer time, data processing, and storage functions.
Computer services means providing access to or service or data from a computer, a computer system or a computer network and includes the actual data processing;
Computer services shall not mean (a) pre-delivery or pre-installation configuration of hardware and software, (b) warranty and out-of-warranty repair and break and fix services for hardware and services customers provided on a dispatch basis or by two or less persons on site who do not provide more than a de minimis amount of IMAC, (c) non-applications help desk services, (d) remote site disaster recovery services or (e) any other services that Buyer or its assigns is required to provide pursuant to the Assigned Agreements. "Costs of Carry" shall have the meaning provided in Section 8.10(b).
Computer services means the use of a computer, computer system, or computer network and includes, but is not limited to, computer time, data processing, and storage functions.
Computer services means computer time or services,