Internship Sample Clauses

Internship. A short-term work experience that provides the student with the opportunity to gain experience in a specific field or career area. An internship can be paid or unpaid and can vary in hours and length. Medical Benefit Plan: A plan that provides for the payment of medical benefits, including, but not limited to, hospital and physician services, prescription drugs, and related benefits. Medical benefit plan does not include health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts, or similar accounts used for health care. Online Course: A course in which all contact hour learning requirements are met without required face-to-face course sessions.
Internship. 1.1 The training period and this agreement will have a duration of [duration] weeks/months, beginning on [date] and ending on [date]
Internship a 6-month long practical training corresponding to the scope of the clinical part of the post-graduate internship programme, conducted at a medical entity for persons who began their studies at the Medical University of Łódź in the following academic years: 2012/2013, 2013/2014, 2014/2015, 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 in medicine or medicine and dentistry in a language other than Polish, obtained their professional title of doctor or dentist and have not completed their post- graduate internship;
Internship. A twelve (12) hour internship for Class B candidate is the last requirement before graduating and applying for certification. Before a candidate can be admitted to internship, the following requirements must be met: Candidates desiring to intern must:✓ Maintain all requirements listed under Admission and Retention to TEP.✓ Submit a formal application to the Office of Educator Preparation according to the following deadlines: Fall candidates should apply by mid-February; spring candidates should apply by mid-September. Late applications must be accompanied by a $50 late fee and will be accepted as placements are available.✓ Complete all required coursework prior to the internship.✓ Submit a passing score on each of the required Praxis II examination(s) and/or other state assessments. Score report must be on file in the Office of Teacher Certification by July 1st for fall candidates and Nov. 1st for spring candidates and must reflect the passing score(s) set by the Alabama State Department of Education.✓ Document acceptable multicultural experience.✓ Meet all eligibility requirements for internship placement prior to the internship semester.✓ Provide proof of personal liability insurance. • Candidates are not allowed to take courses during the internship semester.• Interns are not permitted to leave student teaching early to begin employment without approval from the college. Undergraduate students may not receive paid contractual compensation from school districts for extra duties. (i.e. coaching, dance team, band, school clubs, committees, etc.)• Enrollment in a teacher education program indicates willingness on the part of the student to spend the time and effort required at the school assigned, and to comply with the codes, policies, and regulations of that school.• Each intern is responsible for transportation to and from the internship assignment.
Internship. The School District may grant an internship leave of absence. Salary and benefits for such leaves shall be agreed upon by the Hopkins School District and the district of internship. The combination of salary and fringe benefits shall not exceed the amount the Teacher otherwise would receive as a full-time Teacher in the Hopkins School District.
Internship. If your course contains a mandatory internship:
Internship. (Optional) (can be used with CE, SE and ER)
Internship. An internship plan comprising a list of the characteristics of the placement and a plan of activities must be drawn up before the placement commences. This plan must be approved by the supervisor of the internship providing organization or institution and the IMIM Board of Examiners. An internship should conclude in a written scientific article/report, a presentation to the research group and the evaluation of the supervisor. The final overall assessment of the placement will be done by the internship supervisor from the Partner Institution at which the student is enrolled at the time of the internship and after taking into account the assessment by the supervisor from the internship providing institution and the self-evaluation report by the student. Requirements and form may vary according to the regulations and procedures of the Partner Institution involved.