Insufficient Funds definition

Insufficient Funds means a drawer has insufficient funds with the drawee to pay a check when the drawer has no checking account, negotiable order of withdrawal account, or share draft account with the drawee or has funds in such an account with the drawee in an amount less than the amount of the check plus the amount of all other checks outstanding at the time of issuance; and a check dishonored for “no account” shall also be deemed to be dishonored for insufficient funds.”
Insufficient Funds means there are not sufficient Available Funds to complete the requested transaction.
Insufficient Funds means a notice in connection with an ACH Transaction that a payment due to Customer will not be fulfilled.

Examples of Insufficient Funds in a sentence

  • In Case of Errors or Questions About Your Statements - To minimize our mutual risk of loss, you must carefully examine your statement and report to us as soon as possible any problem, including but not limited to errors, forgeries, unauthorized withdrawals or alterations, and any Insufficient Funds, Overdraft - POS, and/or Uncollected Funds fees that you believe were improperly assessed.

  • If we pay the item, either because you have entered into an overdraft practice or protection plan with us or because you requested the item be paid, an Insufficient Funds, Overdraft – POS, and/or Uncollected Funds fee (collectively, “Fee” or “Fees”) may be charged against your account for the paid item.

More Definitions of Insufficient Funds

Insufficient Funds. Non-Sufficient Funds” or “NSF” means that you don't have enough money available in your checking account to cover the checks you've written or electronic debits you've authorized.
Insufficient Funds. We charge a $30 fee on all returned checks, electronic payments or rejected credit card payments that were not processed because of: (1) insufficient funds; (2) a lack of available credit; or (3) any other reason(s) for returns. Any check or electronic transfer returned by a bank for insufficient or unavailable funds will be treated as if we received no payment at all. We are not responsible for notifying you of bounced checks or returned electronic payments. If no valid payment is received and your balance is at or below $0.01, Pronto Power may request that your utility company interrupt your electric service. Deferred Payment Plan (“DPP”): If your account reaches a negative balance of $50 or more during an extreme weather event; and/or if a state of disaster has been declared in your area by the Governor of Texas; the Public Utility Commission of Texas requires that a deferred payment plans be offered; and/or if Pronto Power has underbilled your account by $50 or more for reasons other than theft of service. You must contact our customer service department to request enrollment in our DPP program. If you agree to a DPP for any reason, Pronto Power will defer the negative balance into an interest free loan that will be repaid weekly and place a switch-hold on your account. While a switch-hold is on your account, you will not be unable to switch or buy power from another Retail Electric Provider (“REP”) until you have paid the defer payment plan in full. Once you have made full payment of the DPP amount, the switch-hold will be removed. Failure to adhere to the terms of the agreement of the defer payment plan and/or being notified by the customer their intentions of moving/being evicted from the location, can result into the entire defer payment plan being revoke with payment due immediately. If this results in your account balance dropping below $0.01, Pronto Power may request that your utility company disconnect your electric service, without notice.
Insufficient Funds means that there were insufficient funds in the Consumer’s account to cover the transaction amount.
Insufficient Funds means you don’t have enough available funds in your account to pay the withdrawals you are attempting from that account.
Insufficient Funds. If there are insufficient funds in an account, we will not act on your Payment instruction.
Insufficient Funds. If the automatic withdrawal is returned due to insufficient funds both Wachovia Securities and the borrower's financial institution may assess a fee.
Insufficient Funds means not having a sufficient balance in account with a bank or other drawee for the payment of a check or order when presented for payment within thirty (30) days after issue.