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Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx. If to counsel for either Rockpoint Preferred Holder: Xxxxxx, Xxxx & Xxxxxxxx LLP 0000 Xxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxx, Xxxxx 0000 Xxx Xxxxxxx, XX Facsimile: (000) 000-0000 E-mail: Attention: Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxx
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Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx. Transactions Granted Early Termination—01/28/2004
Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx. Xxx Xxxxx; Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx; Xxxxx Xxxx; Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx; and Xxxx Xxxxxxx.
Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx. By a Deed of Conveyance dated 9th January, 2015 and registered in the Office of the Additional District Sub-Registrar - Domjur in Book No. I, CD Volume No.1, Pages from 1696 to 1719, being Deed No.00123 for the year 2015, Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Infra LLP sold to Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, the Owner No.. 1.8 herein, 10 Decimal in C.S./R.S. Dag No. 48 corresponding to L.R. Dag No. 49 included in the Said Property.
Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx. Nothing in this paragraph is meant to interfere with your ability to perform your duties as a member of the Board of Directors or to receive information from the Company as requested from its CEO or CFO in the same manner such information is provided to the Company's other non-employee directors. 8. Non-Access to Company Servers, Data Storage, and Electronic Communications. You agree that after the Effective date you will no longer access any software or servers owned by the Company. This includes Netsuite, financial accounts, all email accounts, security systems, and any other web-based accounts set up by you in your position as an officer of the Company. You agree that as of the Retirement Date you will have no authority to approve financial transactions and will operate at arm's length in your capacity as a non-executive director. You agree that you will no longer contact Company vendors, suppliers, or customers on matters relating to Profire or its business unless requested to do so by the Company's CFO or CEO or specifically authorized by the board of directors. Should the Company engage you as a consultant, access to any Company owned software or server must be approved in writing by the requesting manager and the Company's CEO or CFO. 9.
Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx. The lecture will provide an overview of the extraction methods for the recovery of bioactive compounds (phenolic, carotenoid, fiber) from agri-food by-products with special attention to those considered as ¨green extraction methods¨, their advantages and drawbacks as compared to more traditional but environmentally unfriendly methods. The possible applications of these high-value compounds in food, cosmetic and nutraceutical industry will be discussed. The difficulties of the application of this method at an industrial scale will be also explained. Group activities‌
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Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx. Xxxxx, , Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx and Zambia reserve the right to retain the exempt status of pensions under paragraph 1. Nigeria reserves the right to limit the inclusion of “annuities” in paragraph 1 of this Article to those annuities which are paid in consideration of past employment. ATAF MODEL TAX AGREEMENT for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income Professors and Teachers Angola, Gabon, Gambia, Kenya, Lesotho, Mauritius, Nigeria, Senegal, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe reserve the right to include the following additional Article in relation to Professors and Teachers:
Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx. Patents Director | Chartered British Patent Attorney | European Patent Attorney
Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx. Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Executive Vice President and General Counsel Date: 6/6/17
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