Hearing Date Sample Clauses

Hearing Date. It is agreed by the parties to this Contract that arbitration cases shall be heard as soon as possible. On a date agreeable to both parties, the date to be set in conformity therewith by the arbitrator, the parties, or their designated representatives shall at the time and place appointed by the Impartial Arbitrator, appear and present either a written or oral statement of the issues involved for consideration by the Impartial Arbitrator. Any written statement of issues shall be furnished the other party at the arbitration hearing. In designation of the place, the Impartial Arbitrator shall be restricted to the area in which the plant is situated unless otherwise agreed upon. The Impartial Arbitrator shall schedule hearings of grievances in the order in which such grievances are submitted, unless the Company and the Union agree upon a different order for hearing.
Hearing Date. The date for a hearing will allow at least ten (10) business days for the faculty member to prepare his or her defense, will allow the faculty member to be represented by counsel of his or her choice, to present witnesses and affidavits in his or her defense, and to question adverse witnesses.
Hearing Date. The single Arbitrator or the Arbitration Board shall, within ten (10) days of its establishment, set a date for the hearing of evidence. Such hearings shall be held in a place as may be mutually agreed upon between the parties to this Agreement.
Hearing Date. The hearing officer shall hold a hearing on said application within sixty (60) days after the application is determined to be complete. Notice of the time, date, and place of the hearing shall be mailed to the applicant and the affected parties at least ten (10) business days prior to date of the hearing. The notice of the hearing also shall be delivered to the affected parties by posting the notice at the property at least ten (10) business days prior to date of the hearing. The notice to the affected parties shall include a brief summary of the stated justification for the rent increase application and shall state that all submitted documents and materials as well as any report prepared by the hearing officer or staff will be available for public review prior to the hearing.
Hearing Date. The Parties shall jointly select a date for the hearing that is no later than 60 days from the date following the submission of the respondent’s statement of defence. Exchange of Information: Each party shall deliver to the other party(ies) and to the arbitrator(s) no later than 10 days prior to the date set for a hearing, a copy of all documents and other materials on which the party intends to rely during the arbitral hearing.
Hearing Date. The arbitrator will promptly set a hearing date and time and will mail written notice to each of the parties at least sixty (60) days in advance of the hearing unless the parties otherwise agree or mutually waive notice.
Hearing Date. Was Union Rep present at Hearing? □ Yes □ No If yes, Union Rep’s Name Response Date (copy attached): Director’s/Designee’s Signature: Is answer satisfactory to Grievant? □ Yes □ No Union Representative’s Signature Date:
Hearing Date. The Plan confirmation hearing is to be held between 20 days and 45 days following the date of the meeting of creditors. The court can decide to hold the conformation hearing earlier if it finds that earlier hearing would be in the best interests of both the creditors and the estate and there is no objection. §1324(b) Under the Act, the Court will not confirm a plan where the debtor until the debtor has become current with all post-petition domestic support obligations §1325(a). In addition, a final discharge will not be granted at the conclusion of the Plan until a certificate is filed with the Court stating that all post- petition domestic support obligations and pre-petition domestic support obligations under the plan have been paid. §1328(a) If during the Plan period the court finds that a debtor is not timely making post-petition domestic support payments, the case may be dismissed or converted to a Chapter 7. All pre-petition domestic support obligations owed to third parties must be paid in full as a priority claim in a Ch 13 plan. If, however, the obligations are owed to a governmental unit, then the plan can provide for less than 100% payment in the situation where the debtor proposes to pay all of his projected disposable income in a five year plan. §1307(c)(11) §1322(a)(4)
Hearing Date. “Hearing Date” means the date of the hearing by the Court of the petition to sanction the Scheme on which the Court Order is granted.
Hearing Date. 215 Upon receipt of notice of the submission of a dispute, the Chairperson will set a 216 date for hearing. Within sixty (60) days of submission of the grievance of a 217 separation of employment to the Board of Adjustment, the Company and 218 Association agree to select an arbitrator and schedule the termination for 219 arbitration. This deadline may be extended by mutual agreement. Absent mutual 220 agreement, termination grievances will be arbitrated within six (6) months of the 221 submission of the grievance to the Board of Adjustment. 222 H. Grievant’s Representation 223 Employees covered by this Agreement may be represented at Board hearings by 224 such person or persons as they may choose and designate and the Company 225 may be represented by such person as it may choose and designate. Evidence 226 may be presented either orally, in writing or both. 227 I. Witnesses 228 On request of individual members of the Board, the Board may, by a majority 229 vote, or will at the request of either the Association representatives or the 230 Company representatives thereon, summon any witnesses who are employed by 231 the Company and who may be deemed necessary by the parties to the dispute, 232 or by either party, or by the Board itself, or by either group or representatives 233 constituting the Board. The number of witnesses summoned at any one time will 234 not be greater than the number which can be spared from the operation without 235 interference with the service of the Company. 236 J. Majority Vote 237 A majority vote of all members of the Board will be competent to make a 238 decision. 239 K. Decision(s) of the Board 240 Decisions of the Board in all cases properly referable to it will be final and 241 binding upon the parties hereto. 242 L. Mediation Provision 243 Prior to arbitration, the parties may mutually agree to submit a grievance to 244 mediation. If not resolved through mediation, the grievance may be set for 245 arbitration. 246 M. Arbitrations 247 1. The parties will select a System Board Panel using the process described 248 in Paragraph N, below.