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For St. Joseph’s Home Care (SJHC) For the Union This letter does not form a part of the Collective Agreement. October 24, 2008 Letter of Understanding #2 ~between~ St. Joseph’s Home Care (SJHC) ~and~ CUPE Local 4800 Re: Job Classification This is to confirm that the job classification referred to in Appendix “A” of the Collective Agreement as Clerical Support Worker includes the following job classifications: Caseload Planner Customer Service Representative Constant Care After-hours (at home) Records/Reconciliation Clerk Signed at Xxxxxxxx, ON this day of , 2010. For St. Joseph’s Home Care (SJHC) For the Union Letter of Understanding #3 ~between~ St. Joseph’s Home Care (SJHC) ~and~ CUPE Local 4800 The parties agree to the following with respect to after hours constant care:
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For St. Xxxxxxx County, Missouri Subscribed and sworn to before me this day of , 2019. Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, County Executive Notary Public Seal: Xxxxx Xxxx, Chief of Police Notary Public Seal:
For St. Xxxxxx, and the other portions of the Property arising or related thereto, the allocated Sale Price shall be $1,726,540.89. The Sale Price shall be subject to the credits, prorations and adjustments described under Section 4.4 hereof. If the payment of the Sales Price does not occur on or before December 23, 2013, Buyer shall be responsible for any charges, interest or penalties arising after December 23, 2013 and the date funding occurs.
For St. Helens Borough Council and partner organisations, the Community Covenant presents an opportunity to bring their knowledge, experience and expertise to bear on the provision of help and advice to members of the Armed Forces Community. It also presents an opportunity to build upon existing good work on other initiatives.
For St. Joseph’s Home Care (SJHC) For the Union
For St. Xxxxxxx School to continue to offer quality programs to our students at an affordable tuition, we have created the Family Service Agreement. All registered school families are required to participate in the program.
For St. Xxxxxxx Community College Subscribed and sworn to before me this day of , 2019. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, President Notary Public Seal: Xxx Xxxxxxxx, Chief of Police Notary Public Seal:
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  • Fees for Services The compensation of the Subadviser for its services under this Agreement shall be calculated and paid by the Adviser in accordance with the attached Schedule C. Pursuant to the Investment Advisory Agreement between the Fund and the Adviser, the Adviser is solely responsible for the payment of fees to the Subadviser.

  • Payment for Shares Prior to the Effective Time, the Purchaser shall designate a commercial bank or trust company organized under the laws of the United States or any state of the United States with capital, surplus and undivided profits of at least $100,000,000 to act as Paying Agent with respect to the Merger (the "Paying Agent"). Each holder (other than Parent, the Purchaser or any subsidiary of Parent) of a certificate or certificates (the "Certificates") which immediately prior to the Effective Time represented outstanding Shares will be entitled to receive, upon surrender to the Paying Agent of the Certificates for cancellation, cash in an amount equal to the product of the number of Shares previously represented by the Certificates multiplied by the Merger Consideration, subject to any required withholding of taxes. When and as needed, the Purchaser shall make available to the Paying Agent sufficient funds to make all payments pursuant to the preceding sentence. No interest shall accrue or be paid on the cash payable upon the surrender of the Certificates. If payment is to be made to a person other than the person in whose name the Certificates surrendered are registered, it shall be a condition of payment that the Certificates so surrendered shall be properly endorsed or otherwise in proper form for transfer and that the person requesting the payment shall pay any transfer or other taxes required by reason of the payment to a person other than the registered holder of the Certificates surrendered or establish to the satisfaction of the Surviving Corporation that the tax has been paid or is not applicable. Following the Effective Time, until surrendered to the Paying Agent in accordance with the provisions of this Section 2.6, each Certificate (other than Certificates representing Dissenting Shares and Shares owned by Parent or any subsidiary of Parent) shall represent for all purposes only the right to receive upon surrender the Merger Consideration multiplied by the number of Shares evidenced by the Certificate, without any interest, subject to any required withholding of taxes. Any funds delivered or made available to the Paying Agent pursuant to this Section 2.6 and not exchanged for Certificates within 12 months after the Effective Time will be returned by the Paying Agent to the Surviving Corporation, which thereafter will act as Paying Agent, subject to the rights of holders of unsurrendered Certificates under this Article 2, and any former shareholders of the Company who have not previously exchanged their Certificates will thereafter be entitled to look only to the Surviving Corporation for payment of their claims for the consideration set forth in Section 2.1.3(a), without any interest, but will have no greater rights against the Surviving Corporation than may be accorded to general creditors thereof under applicable law. As soon as practicable after the Effective Time, the Surviving Corporation will cause the Paying Agent to mail to each record holder of Certificates a form of letter of transmittal (which will specify that delivery will be effected, and risk of loss and title of the Certificates will pass, only upon proper delivery of the Certificates to the Paying Agent) and instructions for use in effecting the surrender of the Certificates for payment.

  • Charges for Services Unless otherwise provided with respect to a specific Service on the Schedules hereto, Service Recipient shall pay Service Provider a fee for such Services (or category of Services, as applicable) (each fee, a “Charge” and, collectively, “Charges”), which Charges shall be set forth on the applicable Schedules hereto, or if not so set forth, then, unless otherwise provided with respect to a specific Service on the Schedule hereto, based upon the cost of providing such Services as shall be agreed by the applicable Parties from time to time. During the term of this Agreement, the amount of a Charge for any Service may be modified to the extent of (a) any adjustments mutually agreed by the applicable Parties, (b) any adjustments due to a change in Level of Service requested by Service Recipient, and agreed upon by Service Provider, and (c) any adjustment in the rates or charges imposed by any Third Party provider that is providing Services, provided that Service Provider will notify Service Recipient in writing of any such change in rates at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of such rate change. Together with any invoice for Charges, Service Provider shall provide Service Recipient with reasonable documentation, including any additional documentation reasonably requested by Service Recipient to the extent that such documentation is in Service Provider’s or its Subsidiaries’ possession or control, to support the calculation of such Charges.

  • Payment for Services Contractor shall exert reasonable and diligent efforts to collect prompt payment from the Commonwealth. Contractor shall pay Subcontractor in proportion to amounts received from the Commonwealth which are attributable to the Services performed by Subcontractor. Contractor shall pay Subcontractor within fourteen (14) days after the Contractor receives such payment from the Commonwealth, unless the parties expressly agree upon a different payment schedule or structure as set forth below: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

  • AGREEMENT FOR SALE Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Vendors shall sell as beneficial owners and the Purchaser shall purchase the Shares, free from all liens, charges and encumbrances and with all rights attaching to them, with effect from Completion.

  • Payments for Shares The Custodian shall receive from the distributor for the Fund's Shares or from the Transfer Agent of the Fund and deposit into the Fund's account such payments as are received for Shares of the Fund issued or sold from time to time by the Fund. The Custodian will provide timely notification to the Fund and the Transfer Agent of any receipt by it of payments for Shares of the Fund.

  • Orders and Payment for Shares Orders for Shares shall be directed to the Fund's shareholder services agent, for acceptance on behalf of the Fund. At or prior to the time of delivery of any of our Shares you will pay or cause to be paid to the custodian of the Fund's assets, for our account, an amount in cash equal to the net asset value of such Shares. Sales of Shares shall be deemed to be made when and where accepted by the Fund's shareholder services agent. The Fund's custodian and shareholder services agent shall be identified in its prospectus.

  • Fee for Services In consideration of the Services rendered by the Contractor and subject to clause 6.3 below, the Union shall pay to the Contractor a fee (the “Fee”) at the rate of and in the manner specified in the Schedule to this Agreement. The fee for service/s will be agreed in writing for the length of the agreement and will be reviewed at the organisations discretion and schedule, annually as a minimum. The Contractor shall submit monthly to the Union an invoice on, or as soon as reasonably possible after, the last day of each month detailing the Services (number of hours) provided within that month. The invoice shall show any value added tax separately. The Union may deduct from any sums payable to the Contractor any sums that the Contractor owes to the Union. If notice of termination is given under clause 13 and the Union does not require the Contractor to provide the Services during the notice period the Fee shall cease to accrue on the date upon which notice of termination was given. Upon termination of this Agreement under clause 13, the Contractor shall be entitled to receive payment of the Fee accrued only to the end of the day on which termination occurs. The Contractor shall be responsible for all day to day personal expenses incurred in the performance of the Services. If the Contractor is unable to provide the Services for any reason the Contractor shall not be entitled to receive any Fee in respect of that period of unavailability.

  • Consideration for Stock In case at any time Common Stock or Convertible Securities or any rights or options to purchase any such Common Stock or Convertible Securities shall be issued or sold for cash, the consideration therefor shall be deemed to be the amount received by the Company therefor. In case at any time any Common Stock, Convertible Securities or any rights or options to purchase any such Common Stock or Convertible Securities shall be issued or sold for consideration other than cash, the amount of the consideration other than cash received by the Company shall be deemed to be the fair value of such consideration, as determined reasonably and in good faith by the Board of Directors of the Company. In case at any time any Common Stock, Convertible Securities or any rights or options to purchase any Common Stock or Convertible Securities shall be issued in connection with any merger or consolidation in which the Company is the surviving corporation, the amount of consideration received therefor shall be deemed to be the fair value, as determined reasonably and in good faith by the Board of Directors of the Company, of such portion of the assets and business of the nonsurviving corporation as such Board of Directors may determine to be attributable to such Common Stock, Convertible Securities, rights or options as the case may be. In case at any time any rights or options to purchase any shares of Common Stock or Convertible Securities shall be issued in connection with the issuance and sale of other securities of the Company, together consisting of one integral transaction in which no consideration is allocated to such rights or options by the parties, such rights or options shall be deemed to have been issued with consideration.

  • Adjustment for Spin Off If, for any reason, prior to the exercise of this Warrant in full, the Company spins off or otherwise divests itself of a part of its business or operations or disposes all or a part of its assets in a transaction (the "Spin Off") in which the Company does not receive compensation for such business, operations or assets, but causes securities of another entity (the "Spin Off Securities") to be issued to security holders of the Company, then