Home care definition

Home care means care and treatment of an insured under a plan of care established, approved in writing and reviewed at least every 2 months by the attending physician, unless the attend- ing physician determines that a longer interval between reviews is sufficient, and consisting of one or more of the following:
Home care means health care provided in the patient’s home (not a hospital or skilled nursing facility) by either licensed health professionals or trained caregivers. May include hospice care.
Home care means assistance with IADLs such as housekeeping, laundry, shopping, transportation, medication management, and meal preparation.

Examples of Home care in a sentence

  • Home care is covered in the home only on a part-time and temporary basis and to the extent that such care is performed by a licensed or registered nurse or appropriate therapist.

  • Home care visits paid for by Medicare or other government programs.

  • Home care agencies that meet the conditions of participation set forth in subrule 77.30(1).

  • Less quantity of biomedical waste is expected from quarantine Camps / Quarantine Home/ Home- care facilities.

  • Dietary supplements and substances that can be purchased without prescription, including but not limited to Vitamins, minerals and organic substances unless prescribed by a medical practitioner as part of hospitalization claim or Home care treatment.

More Definitions of Home care

Home care means a level of care provided to a patient that is consistent with the categories "routine home care" or "continuous home care" described in 42 C.F.R. 418.302(b)(1) and (2).
Home care means a service provided through a contractor and which consists of minimal or substantial assistance with activities of daily living and self-management, although the client may require full assistance with eating and still utilize Home Care.
Home care means a patient’s self−infusion of blood products on an outpatient basis, or the infusion of blood products to a patient on an outpatient basis by a person trained in that proce- dure.
Home care. When an individual who has elected to receive hospice care is at home and is not receiving continuous care.
Home care means preventative, primary, specialty, or urgent
Home care or “home care services” means services provided to children or incapacitated adults or adults receiving behavioral health services in the home through a hospice provider, a community care provider, a home health agency, through the Medicaid waiver program, or through any person when that service is reimbursable under the state Medicaid program.
Home care means hospice care primarily delivered in the residence of the hospice patient, whether that place is the patient’s permanent or temporary residence. A hospice patient who considers his or her residence to be a licensed nursing home, licensed intermediate care home, licensed personal care home, or residential hospice settingshall be considered to be receiving home care while a resident of that facility.