Family Day Sample Clauses

Family Day. Section 14.2 Employees on the full time seniority lists will receive eight (8) hours at straight time pay for each of such holidays.
Family Day. In addition, all full-time regular employees who are on the seniority list within the scope of the contract and who have completed fifty (50) days worked prior to the holidays concerned, pay for the days listed below:
Family Day. December 24th and December 31st shall also be granted when such days fall on a Monday to Friday inclusive.
Family Day. (c) Good Friday;
Family Day. 2. New Year's Day
Family Day. Good Friday Easter Monday Victoria Day Canada Day (July 1) Civic Holiday Labour Day Thanksgiving Day Remembrance Day (November 11) Christmas Day (December 25) Boxing Day (December 26) G-2 (applies to full-time only) Lieu days off shall be scheduled within sixty (60) days of the date on which the holiday is observed, in conjunction with a scheduled weekend off unless requested otherwise by the nurse. G-3 (a) When a nurse is scheduled off on a weekend to which a holiday is attached, the Hospital will endeavour to schedule the nurse off on the holiday.
Family Day. In the event that on given holiday the number of employees who are available is greater than the staffing needs of the office, the day off will be offered to the most senior employee. Should the employee decline the day off, the same offer will be made to each employee in order of descending seniority. The above noted groups will alternate on an annual basis.
Family Day. (a) All employees covered by this Agreement will be entitled to Family Picnic Day without loss of pay on the first Monday in December of each year. An employee required to work on picnic day will be paid at the rate of double time and a half and paid for not less than four hours’ work. Proof of attendance at the Picnic Day may be requested by the employer to entitle the employee for payment for the Family Picnic Day.