Financial Assistance Sample Clauses

Financial Assistance. Subject to the terms and conditions contained herein, the Director hereby grants to the Recipient financial assistance, as established in this section, for the sole and express purpose of paying or reimbursing the eligible costs certified to the Director under this Agreement for the completion of the Project.
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Financial Assistance. 7. (1) In order to assist the States in the achievement of the objective of this agreement, the Commonwealth will, upon and subject to the provisions of this agreement, out of moneys appropriated by Parliament for the purpose, provide to the States during the years of this agreement, financial assistance for housing purposes (hereinafter in this agreement referred to as “financial assistance”) by way of interest free non-repayable grants (“grants”).
Financial Assistance. Making efforts to assist interested TGBs and VETs in obtaining lines of credit, or insurance as required by MnDOT or responder. Equipment Assistance – Making efforts to assist interested TGBs and VETs in obtaining necessary equipment, supplies, materials, or related assistance or services. Recruitment – Effectively using the services of available community organizations; contractors’ groups; State and local business assistance offices; and other organizations as allowed on a case- by-case basis to provide assistance in the recruitment and placement of TGBs and VETs. Any other evidence the responder submits which shows that the responder has made reasonable good faith efforts to meet the TGB or VET goals. In addition, MnDOT may also take into account the following:
Financial Assistance. Each Obligor shall (and the Company shall procure each other member of the Group will) comply in all respects with sections 678 and 679 of the Companies Xxx 0000 and any equivalent legislation in other jurisdictions including in relation to the execution of the Transaction Security Documents and payment of amounts due under this Agreement.
Financial Assistance. The OBDD shall provide Recipient, and Recipient shall accept from OBDD, a grant (the “Grant”) in an aggregate amount not to exceed the Grant Amount.
Financial Assistance. Each Loan Party shall comply, in each case in all material respects, with sections 151 to 158 (inclusive) of the Companies Xxx 0000 of England and Wales (if applicable) and all other applicable laws and regulations relating to financial assistance by a company for the acquisition or subscription for shares or relating to protection of shareholders’ capital in other applicable jurisdictions, including in relation to the execution and performance of the Credit Documents and the payment of amounts due under the Credit Documents.
Financial Assistance. (1) During the financial years of this Agreement the Commonwealth will provide financial assistance to the States for welfare housing purposes by way of advances upon and subject to the terms of this Agreement.
Financial Assistance. Employees will be eligible for the same financial assistance provided to SHS patients. The terms of such programs shall not be reduced for SEIU members during the life of this 2021 - 2023 collective bargaining agreement.
Financial Assistance. On the date hereof and upon the issuance of the Securities, the Company is and will be in compliance with Section 39 and/or entitled to one or more of the exclusions therefrom set forth in Section 39A of the Companies Xxx 0000 of Bermuda (the “Companies Act”).
Financial Assistance. Any Obligor which is incorporated in any jurisdiction other than England and Wales shall comply with any law or regulation on financial assistance or its equivalent in that jurisdiction.