Credentialing Requirements Sample Clauses

Credentialing Requirements. Registry Operator, through the facilitation of the CZDA Provider, will request each user to provide it with information sufficient to correctly identify and locate the user. Such user information will include, without limitation, company name, contact name, address, telephone number, facsimile number, email address and IP address.
Credentialing Requirements. In order to become a Represented Provider, each provider may be required to submit to Anthem BC&BS a Credentialing Application. The Provider Credentialing Applications submitted by or on behalf of each Represented Provider are expressly incorporated by reference into this Agreement. The CONTRACTING PROVIDER and each Represented Provider represent and warrant that the information set forth therein is true and correct. Anthem BC&BS's approval of a Represented Provider's Credentialing application and its determination of his/her/its compliance and CONTRACTING PROVIDER's compliance with Anthem BC&B S's applicable standards, if any, as they may be amended by Anthem BC&BS from time to time, are conditions precedent to this Agreement. CONTRACTING PROVIDER shall be subject to, and CONTRACTING PROVIDER shall cooperate with, ReCredentialing on a periodic basis. Such processes include, but are not limited to, medical records audits, office site surveys, patient satisfaction surveys and physician practice profiling. Anthem BC&BS shall determine in its sole discretion whether to approve Represented Provider's continued participation upon ReCredentialing. Such approval may be conditioned upon compliance with specific limitations or corrective actions. Within thirty (30) business days of extending an offer to employ, contract or associate with a provider, CONTRACTING PROVIDER shall submit a Credentialing application to Anthem BC&BS consistent with this Section 3.1 and this Agreement. In no event shall such provider provide any Covered Services to Members, including coverage of CONTRACTING PROVIDER, until such provider is credentialed and certified by Anthem BC&BS, except as Anthem BC&BS may otherwise direct. CONTRACTING PROVIDER shall notify Anthem BC&BS in writing within ten (10) days of any material change in the information set forth in any Represented Provider's Credentialing application or ReCredentialing application.
Credentialing Requirements. Provider and/or Group Members as applicable shall, prior to providing services under this Agreement, meet MHN’s credentialing requirements in effect at the time this Agreement is executed for each line of business of MHN as set forth in this Agreement, including CHAMPUS certification. Provider acknowledges that credentialing requirements may be modified from time to time by MHN as new laws, regulations and other conditions arise and agrees to comply with any new credentialing requirements as a material condition of this Agreement. Facility providers also must establish and follow their accrediting agency’s approved procedures for granting of admitting/attending privileges to physicians. In the event that such procedures are modified in any way, Provider shall notify MHN of such modification. Upon expiration and renewal, Provider and/or Group Member shall send to MHN’s Credentialing Department updated copies of Provider’s and/or Group Member’s license, professional liability insurance and, if appropriate, DEA and/or accreditation certificate. In the event that at any time during the term of this Agreement Provider and/or Group Member fails to meet the then current credentialing requirements of MHN and/or of any accrediting agency, MHN may terminate this Agreement or a Group Member’s Participating Provider status as provided in Section 5.
Credentialing Requirements. Registry Operator, through the facilitation of the CZDA Provider, will request each user to provide it with information sufficient to correctly identify and locate the
Credentialing Requirements. A. Delegatee will ensure that all Represented Providers are in compliance with the delegatee's credentialing requirements, which, at a minimum, shall include those requirements set forth below. In addition, delegatee will meet all timelines for requirements as required by CIGNA. Any exceptions to the credentialing requirements set forth below must be approved by CIGNA prior to the Represented Provider providing Covered Services to CIGNA Participants. Any such requests for exceptions shall only be forwarded to CIGNA for review after delegatee's credentialing committee has completed its review of the provider. Delegatee shall forward to CIGNA all information required by CIGNA in connection with those providers for whom an exception is requested. FACILITY/ANCILLARY PROVIDER CREDENTIALING
Credentialing Requirements. Provider and each Provider Affiliate shall, prior to providing Designated Covered Services under this Agreement, meet THP's or Payor's Credentialing requirements for each applicable Payor Plan and Master Agreement..
Credentialing Requirements. Provider acknowledges that pursuant to the execution of this Agreement, it shall be necessary for TBH to perform Credentialing of Provider and Provider Affiliates, and each individual Provider and Provider Affiliate shall be required to execute a form of release and immunity authorizing TBH to obtain Credentialing information from third parties in the form of Exhibit 3 attached to this Agreement.
Credentialing Requirements. Vendor must provide Citizens with qualification and credentialing information related to Vendor and Vendor’s Staff. The information will be used to verify that Vendor and Vendor Staff meet and continue to meet the requirements of this Agreement. At Citizens’ request Vendor will be required to accessCAIS”, or other Citizens’ system, where Vendor will input, update, and maintain the following credentialing information listed below.