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Experiences. The college will participate in the following event opportunities to engage with the community and bridge a connection between the two institutions. ○ College Tour: An annual college tour will be co-organized to enable scholars to visit the campus, in order to meet with faculty and view the facilities.
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Experiences. Clinical Rotation and Preceptorship in long term and acute care facilities provide students with real life work experience that helps to prepare them for employment after program completion. Students receive experience in basic and advanced nursing skills. COMPETENCIES: Students apply required competencies in clinicals and preceptorship rotations and are evaluated by the instructor and preceptor as to readiness for the workplace. After successfully completing this program, the student will be able to perform the following:
Experiences. 1.2. It will identify provincial priorities, strategies or projects that utilize new or existing occupational health, safety and health, mental health, cultural safety, and violence prevention initiatives to meet overall goals of workplace injury and illness prevention. It will seek out and collaborate with the new Community Social Services Health and Safety Association of BC, employees and employers, experts in the field, and other similar provincial level organizations, both to benefit from their experience and adapt successful strategies and resources, as well as to ensure coordinated and consistent approaches across the broader public sector, including with the Community Health Sector;
Experiences. In 2011 the University of Bristol organised a science café with local science centre Explore At Bristol, as part of some experiential training for early career researchers. The café started with a leading scientist from the University, Professor Dek Woolfson, and an ethicist, Xx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, giving their perspectives on the future for syn bio. We then had a break, during which the early career researchers chatted with members of the public on their tables, which were arranged in a cabaret format. Dek and Ainsley then took questions which had arisen from the table discussions and despite the size of the audience (over 70) managed to have a lively, informal discussion that focused mainly on key ethical questions. Feedbacks showed people had enjoyed the event and felt better informed. Ainsley had some follow up contact from a couple of interested attendees.
Experiences. Minimum of 1 (one) year previous relevant job experience; demonstrated experience in programme management, Operation Management Cycle and related process; computer skills (in MS office) including advanced Excel skills (pivot tables, data management, etc.) Nationality: Citizen of Indonesia; non-citizen with Indonesian permanent residence. Languages: Excellent knowledge of English and Indonesian language (written and spoken) is essential; knowledge of other UN Language is an asset. Core Competencies: Accountability; Communication; Organization Awareness; Teamwork & Collaboration; Commitment to Continuous Learning; and Client & Result Orientation. Cross-Functional Competencies: Analytical Thinking; Planning and Organizing; and Stakeholder Management. Functional Skills: Computer Literacy; Programme Management (project formulation, programme cycles and reporting standards); Results-Based Management; Data Management; and Programme Analysis. Desirable Skills in: Training relevant to function of the position including Programme Management – Level 1. E-tutoring of PM1, Framework for Implementing with Partners Leaning Programme; Experience in programme management training and capacity building activities. Essential: Demonstrated experience in programme management, Operation Management Cycle and related processes. Computer skills (in MS office) including advanced Excel skills (pivot tables, data management, etc) Working Relationships
Experiences. Mastercard and SU2C/EIF may, from time to time, mutually agree as to the specially-marked Experiences to be made available to the public and advertised as supporting SU2C/EIF. The following chart details the Experiences currently agreed to by the parties and scheduled to be available during the Priceless Experiences Promotion (which experiences will be further detailed on xxx.xxxxxxxxx.xxx/XX0X), and the parties agree that additional Experiences may be added by mutual agreement subsequent to the execution of this Amendment: Experience Name Date(s) Experiences Available (No.) Projected Sales NY Yankees Xxxxxx’s Eye Deck Reception 5/6/2022 5/20/2022 6/15/22 79 tickets per event date $175 per ticket NY Yankees BP Visits 5/10/2022 6/3/2022 6/16/2022 2 tickets per event date $550 per pair All Star Viewing Party 7/19/2022 100 single tickets $75 per ticket Red Sox Batting Practice Clinic 6/25/2022 10 tickets (sold in pairs) $600 per pair Red Sox Priceless Monster 5/6/2022 15 packages (packages sold in ticket pairs) $430 per pair Red Sox Priceless Perch 6/19/2022 16 packages (sold in ticket pairs) $800 per pair Red Sox Priceless Premium 5/21/2022 5/28/2022 8 tickets per game $300 per ticket LA Dodgers Player Q&A Event (Player Lunch) 6/17/2022 XXX XXX LA Dodgers BP Viewing 5/30/2022 6/3/2022 6/19/2022 2 packages per game (2 tickets per package) $300 per package LA Dodgers Road Trip 6/10/2022 - 6/12/2022 XXX XXX LA Dodgers Kids Take the Field 5/30/2022 6/4/2022 6/19/2022 1 package per game $600 per package ATL Braves Kids Clinic 6/17/2022 50 tickets $150 per ticket ATL Braves BP Viewing 6/24/2022 2 packages per game (packages sold in ticket pairs) $300 per package DocuSign Envelope ID: 86661978-1B23-4FB7-B35B-E32DB0C1FFBE Experience Name Date(s) Experiences Available (No.) Projected Sales ATL Braves Kids Take the Field 6/26/2022 9 packages per game (packages sold in ticket groups of 4) $600 per package Attend a NYC Ballet Rehearsal 5/21/2022 60 tickets $50 per ticket Carnegie Hall - Dedicate a song to a friend or loved one 5/1/2022-7/15/2022 25 packages (one song dedication per package) $20 per package PGA TOUR - Honorary Observer to Travelers Championship 6/25/2022 1 package $750 per package PGA TOUR - Honorary Observer to the 3M Open 7/23/2022 1 position (sold as a pair) $750 per package Time Out “Talk to the Chef” Pop-Up Dinner May 2022 (exact date TBD) TBD $150 per package (2 guests)
Experiences. You must ensure that prior to attending or taking part in an Experience you have read carefully and can comply with the (i) pre-conditions and (ii) general terms set out at the end of these Terms.
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Experiences. Xxxxxx xxxxxxxx had major impact during preparation and execution of project (spring 2020). Despite corona measures, teachers still were and are motivated to join. Usage so far: Usage of experimental rooms (2 out of 7) by 32 teachers from 8 faculties & HC Teachers and students are quite happy. 10 Experiences: research focus - Xxx Xxxx Teachers in OBS18 are very enthusiastic about teaching in Active Learning Spaces! Teaching in OBS18 seems to be more active • be more student centered • stimulate teachers to think about different/new teaching strategies which are more student focused • be more challenging to teachers in terms of preparation and time Future expectations, in 2021 and beyond In 2021-2022, ALS at three locations:
Experiences. As an applied piece of research and intervention, it is not surprising that experiences emerged as a major theme. Specifically, seven sub-themes were identified: challenging experiences, instructions to feeling, bodily attention, learning, relationships, controlling the pressure, and feeling.
Experiences. Upon initial assignment and at the beginning of each new contract year thereafter, for unit members hired on or after July 1, 1991, unit members shall receive salary/wage schedule placement based on the number of years of prior experience they have in the area or a related area of assignment as well as on the number of years experience they have in the military service of the United States except as limited herein.
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