Learning Sample Clauses

Learning. We believe learning never ends, so we are committed to critical thinking and continuous innovation.
Learning. Learning is the core purpose of the school. It is the aim of all members of staff and other adults to ensure the highest standards of progress and attainment are reached with each and every child. In order to achieve this, a strong link needs to be maintained between home and school and each child must be motivated towards learning
Learning. 3.4.1 Trainees are required to participate Trainee Induction Conference or Trainee Orientation Day and any learning activities provided by Host Local Committee.
Learning. Participate to the best of your ability in all Program activities. Complete the online courses, in-country activities, and post-trip outputs. Help those around you to learn.
Learning. Take full advantage of the curriculum by arriving on time, attending all lessons with the correct equipment and completing classwork and homework to the best of my ability. Attend school every day and fulfill timetable requirements. Register my thumb print (or otherwise) before the start of the school day and again during the lunch period. Use my electronic device appropriately to support my learning.
Learning. Demonstrated knowledge and application of the capabilities required for this position including knowledge and understanding of appropriate equipment, legislation, policies and procedures. • Show evidence of knowledge and understanding of BCHS Strategic Directions and the ability to link key strategic directions to individual and team work plans and individual self- development. • Demonstrate initiative and enterprise skills that contribute to innovative outcomes • Display an appropriate level of awareness of the implications for BCHS of decisions and situations that involve you and others.
Learning. Develop a spirit of inquiry and encourage ongoing growth and development.
Learning a summary of the fundamental lessons you learned about the Lord and ministry, about yourself and about others during the field education experience. How does this accord with the student’s theology of ministry? Indicate some of the “unexpected” happenings, answers to prayer and “impossible” situations. About 2 pages.
Learning perform the tasks he / she is given during practical and academic phases diligently and professionally;
Learning. Material made available by EFS is covered by intellectual property rights belonging to EFS and/or third parties. No material provided by EFS may be reproduced, stored in an automated database or on any data carrier, made public or made available to third parties without the prior written consent of EFS.