ENDORSE Sample Clauses

ENDORSE. T- continued- union zzw^cmr Tr.^nnxnsTsi All fem ale h e lp upon le a v in g th e t r a in i n g c e n te x x xxxxx fo r work in »ny o th e r shop s h e l l fo r th e purpose o f union membership he co n s id ered re g u la r h elp «md s h e l l ns n c o n d i tio n o f ernrloym^nt Jo in end m s in tr in membership in th e union. The i n i t i a t i o n fe e o f fem ale worke a s h a l l be s e t nt ,15. X), th e dues of ferrule w orkers s-ball be s e t a t ‘ .50 p e r month. The s t a r t in g wage fo r fem ale w orkers s h a l l be 30 .00 p e r week, r f t e r s ix uonthe se rv ic e they s h e l l r - x x xx r . r week 38 th e nniraum sc n le o f wn^e. There w i l l be no demands upon th e em ployer reg a rd in g women o rk e rs u n t i l they le ^ v e th e t r a in i n g c e n te r , provided ag a in however th a t t h e i r t r a in in g e h a l l n o t exceed t h i r t y d- ytt. The r ro v is lo n s o f t h i s endorsem ent s h a l l be r e t r o a c t iv e to November 1 , 1942. The p ro v is io n s o f th i c endorcement end th e unchanged p ro v is io n s o f the o r ig in a l agreement s h a l l rem ain in e f f e c t to November 1, 1943; b o th p - r t i e r agree th a t any ad ju stm en ts o r changes n ecessary upon e x p i ra tio n of th e endorsed rppre meat s h a l l fo llo w th e p ro v is io n s as set f o r th in th e o r ig in a l ngreera^nt, b p t i f neither p p r ty Bubraite d e s i re of change the endorsed agreem ent shall re c o in in e f f e c t from ye^r tr> ye« r th e r e a f t e r until n o t ic e i s g iv en . Executed t i s 1 s t doy of TJovftTnhftr 19 4 ? .
ENDORSE. To the aims and effects of Horizon 2020, the present network agreement with the final intention to realize the aims described above, following the rules which are as follows: The agreement has a yearly duration and is renewable for the following years for the same duration. The network assume the denomination of the project (Analysis, Training, Research, Output) 2014-2020 Horizon 2020 - research and innovation framework program European School network: School Network, link with EU schools/institutions, contributing to the design of the contest, event implementation, promotion, dissemination and education University Network link with EU Universities, design of the contest, event implementation and education The network coordination on the scientific technical level is looked after by CEIPES - Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell'educazione e sviluppo Xxx X. Xx Xxxxxx 21 - 90141 Palermo, Italia Tel: +00 000 0000000 – Fax:+00 000 0000000 xxx.xxxxxx.xxx, with contact person XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX mail : xxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.xxx and representatives of the institution. The manager and the contact person coordinate the schools and universities network, on a technical scientific level, determine the action steps and guarantee the overall organization of the network actions. The Assembly of Institutions/Schools/Universities participating in the project is constituted by the manager and a contact person for each institution. The Assembly has the task of the general actions, it makes propositions for the elaboration of data disclosure processes and for the publication of results. The members of the network entrust the CEIPES - Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell'educazione e sviluppo Xxx X. Xx Xxxxxx 21 - 90141 Palermo, Italia Tel: +00 000 0000000 – Fax:+00 000 0000000 xxx.xxxxxx.xxx, based in Palermo (Italy), to represent them only in the framework of this agreement and of the above mentioned call for proposal. Every School/Institution/University participating to the network is committing itself to: Identify an internal working group and a contact person for the Local Education Authority or the Institution involved; Take part in the Assembly meetings; Administrate the questionnaires and any suitable material, which determine the content of the actions planned in the project and the material preparation, on the base of the results; Participate in the research-action aiming at the design and management of the training course which provide for the experimentat...
ENDORSE. The Originator of the present securitization process will be the Endorser of the "NUEVATEL - BDP SC 049 Securitized Securities" to be issued with charge to the " NUEVATEL - BDP SC 049 Investment Trust", in other words, in case of insolvency or liquidation of the Investment Trust, the debt consigned in the Securitized Securities will be demandable directly to the Originator. Before the insolvency of the Originator, bankruptcy, creditors' contest, civil or penal actions that are initiated or penal that are initiated against the Originator. --------------------------------------------------------- Likewise, NUEVATEL will guarantee with all its present and future goods the NUEVATEL - BDP SC 049 Securitized Securities according to what is established in the present document, with condition of solidarity in the execution of this obligation. In other words, in case of insolvency or anticipated liquidation of the " NUEVATEL - BDP SC 049 Investment Trust" the debt consigned in the Securitized Securities will be liquid, enforceable and of due term with executive enforceability in favor of the Investment Trust. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Related to ENDORSE

  • Checks All checks or demands for money and notes of the Corporation shall be signed by such officer or officers or such other person or persons as the Board of Directors may from time to time designate.

  • Endorsement The Vendor must not claim that Sourcewell endorses its Equipment, Products, or Services.

  • Original Checks After you receive confirmation that we have received an image, you must securely store the original check for 14 days after transmission to us and make the original check accessible to us at our request. Upon our request from time to time, you will deliver to us within 3 business days, at your expense, the requested original check in your possession. If not provided in a timely manner, such amount will be reversed from your account. Within 30 days of deposit, you must destroy the original check by first marking it "VOID" and then destroying it by cross-cut shredding or another commercially acceptable means of destruction. After destruction of an original check, the image will be the sole evidence of the original check. You agree that you will never re-present the original check. You understand that you are responsible if anyone is asked to make a payment based on an original check that has already been paid.

  • Endorsements We may accept transfers, checks, drafts, and other items for deposit into any of your accounts if they are made payable to, or to the order of, one (1) or more account owners even if they are not endorsed by all payees. You authorize us to supply missing endorsements of any owners if we choose. If a check, draft, or item that is payable to two (2) or more persons is ambiguous as to whether it is payable to either or both, we may process the check, draft, or item as though it is payable to either person. If an insurance, government, or other check or draft requires an endorsement, we may require endorsement as set forth on the item. Endorsements must be made on the back of the check or draft within 1½ inches of the top edge, although we may accept endorsements outside this space. However, any loss we incur from a delay or processing error resulting from an irregular endorsement or other markings by you or any prior endorser will be your responsibility.

  • Returned Checks In the event that any check or other order for the payment of money is returned unpaid for any reason, Transfer Agent or its agent will: (i) give prompt notice of such return to the relevant Fund or its designee; (ii) place a stop transfer order against all Shares issued as a result of such check or order; and (iii) take such actions as Transfer Agent may from time to time deem appropriate.

  • Non-Endorsement The Governing Board acknowledges that the granting of a Charter Agreement in no way represents or implies endorsement by the SCSB of any particular method used by the Charter School or its agents; nor does this Agreement constitute a guarantee by the SCSB of the success of the Charter School in providing a learning environment that shall improve student achievement.

  • Lost Checks Any paycheck for an employee in the bargaining unit which is lost after receipt or which is not delivered within five (5) days of mailing, if mailed, shall be replaced not later than five (5) days following the employee’s lawful demand of the Payroll Department for replacement of the check. However, in no event shall an employee’s lost paycheck be replaced earlier than ten (10) days from the date it was issued.

  • Background Checks The State may require that the Contractor and Contractor Parties undergo criminal background checks as provided for in the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Administration and Operations Manual or such other State document as governs procedures for background checks. The Contractor and Contractor Parties shall cooperate fully as necessary or reasonably requested with the State and its agents in connection with such background checks.