Investment Trust definition

Investment Trust means an investment trust registered under 15 USC 80a−1 to 80a−64.
Investment Trust means either (i) any Aberdeen Standard-managed closed ended investment company listed on the London Stock Exchange or
Investment Trust means an investment trust within the meaning of section 1158 of the Corporation Tax Act 201024;

Examples of Investment Trust in a sentence

  • For example, please note that the following Investment Trust Transactions will not be handled.

  • When you intend to enter into securities investment trust transactions through the Investment Trust Service, you are advised to fully read and understand the Customer Agreement on Comprehensive Securities Investment Trust Transactions (hereinafter the "Comprehensive Transaction Agreement") of the Bank, the conditions of securities investment trust for each securities investment trust or the relevant prospectus and shall conduct such transactions at your own responsibility.

  • The Bank shall bear no responsibility for damages arising from impossibility of or delay in performance of the Investment Trust Service due to the following events, apart from those prescribed in the Common Customer Agreement on PowerFlex Transactions.

  • On November 1, 2012, Xxxxx Xxxxxx joined the board of directors of Franklin Street Properties Corp (NYSE: FSP), a publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trust.

  • It is understood that the Unit Investment Trust Funds are not deposit products and thus, are not covered by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) and that losses, if any, shall be for the account of the TRUSTOR/s.

More Definitions of Investment Trust

Investment Trust means a company which is listed on a stock exchange and operates like a Collective Investment Scheme.
Investment Trust. Means any irrevocable trust established in Mexico to acquire Real Estate Assets, in which the Trust holds an Investment; provided, that the purposes of such Investment Trust shall permit it to qualify as a passive income trust for purposes of the LISR.
Investment Trust means an investment trust within the meaning of section 842(1) of ICTA;
Investment Trust means a REIT or an InvIT, as the case may be;
Investment Trust. Fidelity New Markets Income Fund. Bermuda The Bank of Bermuda, Limited None Hamilton Bostaxxxx Xxrclays Bank of Bostawana Ltd., None Gaborone Brazil Banco Chase Manhattan, S.A. Sao Paolo Stock Exchange Sao Paolo (BOVESPA); Sistema Especial de Liquidacao e Custodia (SELIC); Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange (BVRJ) Canada Canada Trustco Mortgage Company, Canadian Depository for Toronto Securities Ltd. (CDS) Royal Bank of Canada Chile Chase Manhattan Bank, Santiago None Xxxxx-Shanghai Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Shanghai Securities Central Corp., Ltd. Clearing & Registration Corp. (SSCCRC) China-Shenzhen Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Shenzhen Securities Corp., Ltd. Registrars Corp., Ltd. (SSRC)
Investment Trust means a company which sells its own stock and invest the money in stocks, real estate and other investment.
Investment Trust means the Trust to be established by the Rūnanga pursuant to clause 6 to undertake Investment Activities;