Minimum Depth definition

Minimum Depth. With respect to any price quote used to determine the Assigned Value of a Broadly Syndicated Loan hereunder, a depth of two.
Minimum Depth means for (a) a wildcat, or step out well a depth sufficient to test the Formation; or (b) a development well a depth sufficient to test the known producing formations. A wildcat or step out well shall mean a well completed at a distance of not less than two (2) miles from existing or previous production.
Minimum Depth is hereby added in Section 1.1 in proper alphabetic order:

Examples of Minimum Depth in a sentence

  • A dry hole shall mean a well drilled to the Minimum Depth which does not produce Oil & Gas in Paying Quantities.

  • This lease shall terminate prior to the expiration of the Term if Lessee does not commence or cause to be commenced within ninety (90) days of the Effect Date the Actual Drilling of a well on the Leased Premises and diligently drill such well to the Minimum Depth.

  • Minimum Depth of CoverThe minimum depth of cover for water mains and services shall be 1.5 m.In cases where the minimum depth cannot be attained, the Village Engineer may approve a minimum cover of 1.0 m provided that special consideration is given for frost protection and superimposed loading.

  • The consumer becomes loyal and an ambassador of your brand when he/she is fully satisfied by the reliability and consistency of services of restaurant resulting into increase of restaurant equity.The component product quality has been argued by Eskildsen and Kristensen (2007), Fecikova (2004).

  • Minimum Depth: FT.Maximum Bottom Slope: % Square or Rectangular: Length FT.

  • The triangular piece shall have threaded hole (Minimum Depth of 5mm and Dia of 5mm).

  • D-5.3 Minimum Depth to Top of Water Main Pipe The top of the pipe shall be a minimum of 36 inches below the bottom of the street subgrade unless indicated otherwise on job plans or directed otherwise by the District Inspector or other public inspector who has jurisdiction because of unusual field conditions.

  • Minimum Depth (how many feet the sides of the Lot must be “deep” from the front.

  • The Review Board may grant to any owner of land in the Xxxxxx Industrial Park variances from any of the provisions contained in this Development Plan where such variances, in the sole discretion of the Review Board, are not detrimental to the Xxxxxx Industrial Park; provided, however, that no variation of Minimum Frontage, Minimum Depth, Minimum Acreage or Minimum Set Back restrictions shall be permitted except by the unanimous consent of the Review Board.

  • Minimum Depth (how many feet the sides of the lot must be “deep” from the front.

Related to Minimum Depth

  • Minimum Denomination means, with respect to any Recovery Bond, the minimum denomination therefor specified in the Series Supplement, which minimum denomination shall be not less than $2,000, except for one Recovery Bond of each tranche which may be of smaller denomination, and, except as otherwise provided in the Series Supplement, integral multiples of $1,000 in excess thereof.

  • Minimum data set or "MDS" means a core set of screening and assessment elements, including common definitions and coding categories, that form the foundation of the comprehensive assessment for all residents of long-term care facilities certified to participate in Medicaid. The items in the MDS standardize communication about resident problems, strengths, and conditions within facilities, between facilities, and between facilities and outside agencies. The Indiana system will employ the MDS 3.0 or subsequent revisions as approved by CMS.

  • Maximum Demand means the greatest demand required by a customer during a specific length of time.

  • Minimum Contract Value means $20,000.00 (excluding Applicable Taxes).

  • Stage 1 means the area at Port Kennedy which is the subject of this Agreement and of the ERMP and which is shown bordered in purple as “stage 1” on Department of Land Administration 4 Miscellaneous Plan No. 1743;

  • Maximum Daily Quantity (MDQ) means the maximum daily volume of gas, as determined by the Company based on Customer’s historical metered volumes, that a Customer under this Rate Schedule will be allowed to nominate and have delivered into the Company’s system for the Customer’s account.

  • Maximum allowable residential density means the density allowed under the zoning ordinance and land use element of the general plan, or if a range of density is permitted, means the maximum allowable density for the specific zoning range and land use element of the general plan applicable to the project. Where the density allowed under the zoning ordinance is inconsistent with the density allowed under the land use element of the general plan, the general plan density shall prevail.

  • Minimum Hourly Work Requirement means the work hours over a given time period that are required of you by your Employer in order to be eligible for coverage. Your Minimum Hourly Work Requirement is specified in the Schedule of Benefits.