Special Compensation Sample Clauses

Special Compensation. The Company shall pay to the Executive a lump sum equal to three times the sum of (a) the highest per annum base rate of salary in effect with respect to the Executive during the three-year period immediately prior to the termination of employment plus (b) the Highest Bonus Amount. Such lump sum shall be paid by the Company to the Executive within ten business days after the Executive's termination of employment, unless the provisions of Section 3(e) below apply. The amount of the aggregate lump sum provided by this Section 3(c), whether paid immediately or deferred, shall not be counted as compensation for purposes of any other benefit plan or program applicable to the Executive.
Special Compensation. The Executive and Cortland Bancorp acknowledge and agree that the post-employment restrictions in this section 19 apply in the Restricted Period without regard to whether a Change in Control has previously occurred. Because the Executive may be subject to the post-employment restrictions of this section 19 without also being entitled to Change-in-Control benefits under this Agreement, Cortland Bancorp hereby agrees that the Executive shall be entitled to one times compensation, as the term compensation is defined in section 1(a), under this section 19(g), payable in a single lump sum, without reduction to account for the time value of money or discounting to present value, except that the Executive shall not be entitled to any compensation under this section 19(g) if (x) the Executive is entitled to receive or has received Change-in-Control compensation under this Agreement or (y) the Executive’s employment termination is on account of retirement or occurs after the Executive attains age 65. The provisions of section 4, prohibiting payment of severance in specified cases, shall not apply to or operate to prevent payment of special compensation to which the Executive is entitled under this section 19 after employment termination. The special compensation payable under this section 19(g) shall be paid to the Executive within five days after the Executive’s employment termination, but if when the Executive’s employment terminates the Executive is a specified employee, as defined in section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, and if the special compensation payable under this section 19(g) would be considered nonqualified deferred compensation under section 409A, and finally if an exemption from the six-month delay requirement of section 409A(a)(2)(B)(i) is not available, rather than being payable within five days after employment termination the special compensation payable under this section 19(g) shall be paid to the Executive in a single lump sum without interest on the first day of the seventh month after the month in which the Executive’s employment terminates.
Special Compensation. For the special services, if any, listed in the Scope of Services, which is attached hereto and made a part hereof, that the Consultant agrees to furnish and perform, the University shall pay the Consultant the fees listed on said Scope of Services. Upon completion and approval by the University of each of said services, the fee therefor shall become due and payable by the University within thirty (30) days after submission by the Consultant of an invoice describing the services furnished and performed and the computation of the cost thereof.
Special Compensation. Merit, incentive, and bonus payments, except as set forth above.
Special Compensation. A. The District shall reimburse unit members for the cost of not more than one (1) complete examination for the Bilingual Certificate of Competence or the Bilingual Cross Cultural Language and Academic Development Certificate in Target Language Spanish. The reimbursement shall also include the Bilingual Cross Cultural Language and Academic Development Certificate application fee. All reimbursements will be made after successful registration of the Bilingual Cross Cultural Language and Academic Development Certificate with the District.
Special Compensation. The Parties agree that the Board will be permitted to propose a midterm program of compensation enhancements of two types, and that if it does so, the Parties will bargain in good faith over such proposals. If no agreement is reached, the issue(s) shall be resolved through interest arbitration. The two types of enhancements are as follows:
Special Compensation. Each GBTG Option is a special one-time grant to the Participant and there is no expectation that any future equity award will be granted to the Participant nor any entitlement to any such award. No GBTG Option is part of the Participant’s regular wages, salary or compensation and shall not be pensionable, nor shall any GBTG Option be included in any severance, termination or pay in lieu of notice obligation or calculation to the Participant.
Special Compensation. Bargaining Unit Faculty who are not Salaried Adjuncts, may perform tasks that are beyond the scope of their regular classroom responsibilities. The College will compensate Bargaining Unit Faculty who are not Salaried Adjuncts for those tasks as set forth below. Per Article 2, Union Checkoff, dues will only be deducted from compensation for teaching a credit-earning course or laboratory.
Special Compensation. 12.1 Where a member is assigned to attend courses or lectures outside the area of the Greater Vancouver Regional District, the member shall be paid at the rate of straight time for a maximum of 8 (eight) hours in any given day. In addition, the Board agrees to pay all transportation, lodging, and meals.
Special Compensation. 29.01. We shall pay compensation and a solatium of the amount set beforehand for damage caused to the life, body or baggage of the Traveler while he/she is participating in a Customized Tour, in accordance with the provision of the separate Rules of Special Compensation, regardless of whether or not the damage has been caused due to our responsibility under the preceding Article 28.01.