Technically Feasible Sample Clauses

Technically Feasible. Interconnection and other methods of achieving Interconnection at a point in the network shall be deemed Technically Feasible absent technical or operational concerns that prevent the fulfillment of a request by a Telecommunications Carrier for such Interconnection, access or methods.
Technically Feasible. If a Party Interconnects via the purchase of Facilities and/or services from the other Party, the appropriate tariff from which such services are purchased for use as Interconnection Facilities will apply, subject to the rates, terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. 2.5.2
Technically Feasible. If a Party Interconnects via the purchase of Facilities and/or services from the other Party, the appropriate tariff from which such services are purchased for use as Interconnection Facilities will apply, subject to the rates, terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. Interconnection facilities are non-directional. Interconnection trunking along with directionality of traffic is addressed in Section 2.9, Issue 6 above. As long as it is Technically Feasible, AT&T is required to provide 2-way trunking upon Sprint’s request. 47 C.F.R. § 51.305(f). Legend: AT&T language bolded and underlined Sprint language in bold italics Issue No. Issue Appendix/ Location Issue Description Disputed Contract Language AT&T Position Sprint Position Interconnection Facility?

Related to Technically Feasible

  • Ownership of Software and Related Materials All computer programs, written procedures and similar items developed or acquired and used by the Administrator in performing its obligations under this Agreement shall be the property of the Administrator, and no Series will acquire any ownership interest therein or property rights with respect thereto.

  • Interoperability To the extent required by applicable law, Cisco shall provide You with the interface information needed to achieve interoperability between the Software and another independently created program. Cisco will provide this interface information at Your written request after you pay Cisco’s licensing fees (if any). You will keep this information in strict confidence and strictly follow any applicable terms and conditions upon which Cisco makes such information available.

  • Evaluation Software If the Software is an evaluation version or is provided to You for evaluation purposes, then, unless otherwise approved in writing by an authorized representative of Licensor, Your license to use the Software is limited solely for internal evaluation purposes in non-production use and in accordance with the terms of the evaluation offering under which You received the Software, and expires 90 days from installation (or such other period as may be indicated within the Software). Upon expiration of the evaluation period, You must discontinue use of the Software, return to an original state any actions performed by the Software, and delete the Software entirely from Your system and You may not download the Software again unless approved in writing by an authorized representative of Licensor. The Software may contain an automatic disabling mechanism that prevents its use after a certain period of time. RESTRICTIONS

  • Ownership of Software and Related Material All computer programs, magnetic tapes, written procedures, and similar items purchased and/or developed and used by Price Associates in performance of this Agreement shall be the property of Price Associates and will not become the property of the Funds.

  • Interfaces Bellcore’s GR-446-CORE defines the interface between the administration system and LIDB including specific message formats. (Bellcore’s TR-NWP-000029, Section 10)

  • Services and Third Party Materials (a) The Apple Software may enable access to Apple’s iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Books, Game Center, iCloud, Maps and other Apple and third party services and web sites (collectively and individually, “Services”). Such Services may not be available in all languages or in all countries. Use of these Services requires Internet access and use of certain Services may require an Apple ID, may require you to accept additional terms and may be subject to additional fees. By using this software in connection with an Apple ID, or other Apple Service, you agree to the applicable terms of service for that Service, such as the latest Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions for the country in which you access such Services, which you may access and review at xxxxx:// services/itunes/.

  • SERVICE MONITORING, ANALYSES AND ORACLE SOFTWARE 11.1 We continuously monitor the Services to facilitate Oracle’s operation of the Services; to help resolve Your service requests; to detect and address threats to the functionality, security, integrity, and availability of the Services as well as any content, data, or applications in the Services; and to detect and address illegal acts or violations of the Acceptable Use Policy. Oracle monitoring tools do not collect or store any of Your Content residing in the Services, except as needed for such purposes. Oracle does not monitor, and does not address issues with, non-Oracle software provided by You or any of Your Users that is stored in, or run on or through, the Services. Information collected by Oracle monitoring tools (excluding Your Content) may also be used to assist in managing Oracle’s product and service portfolio, to help Oracle address deficiencies in its product and service offerings, and for license management purposes.

  • Antivirus software All workstations, laptops and other systems that process and/or 18 store PHI COUNTY discloses to CONTRACTOR or CONTRACTOR creates, receives, maintains, or 19 transmits on behalf of COUNTY must have installed and actively use comprehensive anti-virus software 20 solution with automatic updates scheduled at least daily.

  • Data Encryption Contractor must encrypt all State data at rest and in transit, in compliance with FIPS Publication 140-2 or applicable law, regulation or rule, whichever is a higher standard. All encryption keys must be unique to State data. Contractor will secure and protect all encryption keys to State data. Encryption keys to State data will only be accessed by Contractor as necessary for performance of this Contract.

  • Selection of Subcontractors, Procurement of Materials and Leasing of Equipment The contractor shall not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability in the selection and retention of subcontractors, including procurement of materials and leases of equipment. The contractor shall take all necessary and reasonable steps to ensure nondiscrimination in the administration of this contract.