Billing Sample Clauses

Billing. The OPWC does not mail invoices as they are maintained online. Postcard invoice notifications are mailed twice a year (the 15th of May and November) to direct loan recipients to our website to obtain invoices. Payments are due on the last business day in January and on July 1st. • To sign up for electronic invoice notifications, visit our loan page on our website. • The loan may be paid in full at any time without penalty. • Should the repayment amount equal $5,000 or less, it must be paid in two equal payments according to the billing cycle described above. • We do not accept electronic funds transfers or lock box deposits. Change in CFO Any change in CFO or the address must be communicated to the OPWC in writing (email or letter). Questions Call Xxxxx XxXxxx, Loan Officer, at 614.728.2466 or e-mail her at xxxxx.xxxxxx@xxx.xxxxx.xx.xx. Additional information is located on the loan page on our website at xxxx:// PROMISSORY NOTE $72,500 The Village of Batavia July 1, 2018 CJ19V FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned (the "Recipient") promises to pay to the order of the Ohio Public Works Commission (hereinafter the "Lender," which term shall include any holder hereof), at its office located at 00 X. Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxxxx, XX 00000, or at such other place as the holder hereof may, from time to time, designate in writing, the principal sum of Seventy-Two Thousand, Five Hundred Dollars (US$72,500), or so much thereof as shall be advanced by Lender and remain unpaid, together with all costs herein provided and interest from the first day in January or July following project completion and thereon until said amounts have been paid in full at a rate equal to Zero percent (0.00%) per annum, or the "Default Rate" (as hereinafter defined), as the case may be. Principal and interest due under this Note shall be payable as follows: The first payment due hereunder shall be made on the last business day in January or the first day in July following the date of project completion, whichever date first occurs, which date shall be referred to herein as the "Initial Payment Date." After the Initial Payment Date, principal and interest shall be due and payable in equal consecutive semi-annual installments commencing on the last business day in January or July 1 following the Initial Payment Date (the "Second Payment Date") and continuing on the last business day in January and July 1 thereafter until maturity. Subject to adjustment as...
Billing. 6.5.1 Qwest shall xxxx XXXX and CLEC shall be responsible for all applicable charges for the resold services as provided herein. CLEC shall also be responsible for all Tariffed, cataloged, price listed, and other retail Telecommunications Services offerings charges and charges separately identified in this Agreement associated with services that CLEC resells to an End User Customer under this Agreement.
Billing. Vacating CLEC will not incur charges for the transfer of the Collocation site. Vacating CLEC is obligated to pay all recurring charges associated with the Collocation until Qwest completes the Collocation Transfer of Responsibility request. Assuming CLEC's quotation will reflect the following nonrecurring charges associated with the transfer of the Collocation site: Assessment Fee, payable regardless of whether the quotation is accepted or not, a Network Systems Administration Fee, and charges for processing the transfer of working circuits, if applicable. Upon completion of the Collocation Transfer of Responsibility, Qwest will begin Billing assuming CLEC for all recurring charges based on assuming CLEC's Interconnection Agreement and cease Billing vacating CLEC.
Billing. BellSouth will xxxx through the Customer Records Information System (XXXX) depending on the particular service(s) provided to Cellutell Communications, Inc. under this Agreement. BellSouth will format all bills in or CLUB/EDI format, depending on the type of service provided. For those services where standards have not yet been developed, BellSouth’s billing format will change as necessary when standards are finalized by the applicable industry forum.
Billing. Billing shall be monthly by invoice within thirty (30) days of the rendering of the service and shall be accompanied by a detailed explanation of the work performed by whom at what rate and on what date. Also, plans, specifications, documents or other pertinent materials shall be submitted for Town review, even if only in partial or draft form. Payment shall be net thirty (30) days. All invoices and statements to the Town shall be addressed as follows: Invoices: Town of Los Gatos Attn: Accounts Payable X.X. Xxx 000 Xxx Xxxxx, XX 00000-0000
Billing. Unless otherwise provided in the Grant Agreement, Grantee shall bill the System Agency in accordance with the Grant Agreement. Unless otherwise specified in the Grant Agreement, Grantee shall submit requests for reimbursement or payment monthly by the last business day of the month following the month in which expenses were incurred or services provided. Grantee shall maintain all documentation that substantiates invoices and make the documentation available to the System Agency upon request.
Billing. Lessor shall pay all expenses relating to the operation of the Aircraft under this Agreement (in accordance with Section 2 hereof) on a monthly basis. As soon as possible after the end of each monthly period during the Term, Lessor shall provide to Lessee an invoice showing all use of the Aircraft by Lessee under this Agreement during that month and a complete accounting detailing all amounts payable by Lessee pursuant to Section 2 for that month, including such detail supporting all expenses paid or incurred by Lessor for which reimbursement is sought as Lessee may reasonably request. Lessee shall pay all amounts due to Lessor under this Section 5 not later than 30 days after receipt of the invoice therefor.
Billing. We will bill you regularly and you must pay your bill. You will receive a single bill for both your Energy and the delivery of such Energy from the Distribution Company. Your bill includes charges for all Energy supplied to you based on the Energy Charge, Other Charges, Site Administration Fee and any deposit. Occasionally your bill will contain charges or credits for adjustments related to those charges or your Energy consumption.
Billing. When the service is activated, you must provide us with a valid email address and a credit or debit card number from a card issuer that we accept. We reserve the right to stop accepting credit or debit cards from one or more issuers. If your credit or debit card expires, you close your account, your billing address changes, or your credit or debit card is canceled and replaced on account of loss or theft, you must advise us at once. We will xxxx all charges, applicable taxes and surcharges monthly in advance (except for usage-based charges, which will be billed monthly in arrears, and any other charges which we decide to xxxx in arrears) to your credit or debit card, including but not limited to: * activation fees; * monthly Service fees; * international usage charges; * advanced feature charges; * equipment purchases; * termination fees; and * shipping and handling charges. The amount of such fees and charges shall be published on our website and may change from time to time. Notification of monthly invoices will be sent to you via your email address on file with us. We reserve the right to xxxx at more frequent intervals if the amount you owe to us at any time exceeds $250. Any usage charges will be billed in increments that are rounded up to the nearest minute except as otherwise set forth in the rate schedules found on our website.
Billing. 1. When INDOT awards and enters into a contract (i.e., construction, utility, and/or railroad) on behalf of the LPA, INDOT will invoice the LPA for its share of the costs. The LPA shall pay the invoice within thirty (30) calendar days from date of INDOT’s billing.