Debris Removal Sample Clauses

Debris Removal a. We will pay your reasonable expense for the removal of:
Debris Removal. The Insurer will indemnify the Insured for expenses incurred in the removal from the “premises” of debris of the property insured, occasioned by loss or damage to such property, for which loss or damage which is not otherwise excluded under this policy. The total amount payable under this extension shall not exceed 25% of the total amount payable for the direct physical loss, subject to a maximum limit of $50,000, to property insured plus the amount of the applicable deductible.
Debris Removal. All trash and debris shall be removed from work area by the end of each working day. At other times during the progress of work, when required, Contractor will remove all surplus materials, rubbish, and debris resulting from the work. Work area will be left in a neat, clean and acceptable condition as approved by Park Staff. No stockpile of debris will be allowed at the site. Please note the possibility of poison oak in certain areas. Full compensation for conforming to requirements of DEBRIS REMOVAL will be considered as included in the various items of work involved and no additional compensation will be allowed thereafter.
Debris Removal. When insured property is damaged by an insured peril, we will pay necessary expenses incurred to:
Debris Removal. All trash and debris generated from each work will be removed from work area by the end of each working day.
Debris Removal. Throughout all phases of construction, including suspension of Work, Construction Manager shall keep the Site reasonably free from debris, trash and construction wastes to permit Construction Manager to perform its Construction Services efficiently, safely and without interfering with the use of adjacent land areas. Upon Substantial Completion of the Work, or an agreed upon portion of the Work, Construction Manager shall remove all debris, trash, construction wastes, materials, equipment, machinery and tools arising from the Work or applicable portions thereof to permit City to occupy the Project or an agreed upon portion of the Project for its intended use.
Debris Removal. Contractor shall remove all trash and debris from work area by the end of each day and as required during the course of work. Contractor shall dispose of materials at a site outside of the County right- of-way approved for disposal of such materials.