Debris Removal Sample Clauses

Debris Removal. We will pay reasonable expenses you incur to remove debris of covered property damaged by a loss we cover. If the loss to the covered property and the cost of debris removal are more than the limit of liability shown on the Policy Declarations for the covered property, we will pay up to an additional 5% of that limit for debris removal.
Debris Removal. The Insurer will indemnify the Insured for expenses incurred in the removal from the “premises” of debris of the property insured, occasioned by loss or damage to such property, for which loss or damage insurance is afforded under this policy. The amount payable under this extension shall not exceed 25% of the total amount payable for the direct physical loss to property insured plus the amount of the applicable deductible.
Debris Removal. All trash and debris will be removed from work area by the end of each working day.
Debris Removal. When the damage to insured property plus the cost of removal of debris exceed the amounts of insurance available on Commercial Property Broad Form (CMF-0005-1218) this Additional Agreement provides additional limit to cover debris removal expenses. This Additional Agreement does not apply to costs or expenses:
Debris Removal. We cover the cost of moving debris of the covered property caused by a covered cause of loss under this policy. This coverage does not include costs to:
Debris Removal. When insured property is damaged by an insured peril, we will pay necessary expenses incurred to:
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Debris Removal. The Contractor is responsible for removing all construction debris generated as a result of their work. The Contractor shall dispose of debris consistent with law, ordinance, rule, regulation, permit and direction of UCAN.
Debris Removal. We will pay the cost of removing from your premises the debris of property insured which results from loss or damage insured by this form. If the amount payable for loss, including expense for debris removal, is greater than the amount of insurance an additional 5% of that amount will be available to cover debris removal expense. The deductible applies to this Coverage Feature. Fire Department Charges We will reimburse you for fire department charges incurred for attending your premises to save or protect insured property from loss or damage or further loss or damage, insured against by this form. This Coverage Feature is not subject to a deductible. Frozen Food Protection We will pay for loss or damage to food while contained in a freezer located on your premises caused by the accidental interruption of electrical power on or off the premises or by mechanical breakdown of the freezer. This coverage includes damage to the freezer when it is due to the insured food spoilage and also reasonable expenses incurred by you to save and preserve the food from spoilage while your freezer is being repaired. We do not insure:
Debris Removal. We will pay your expense for the removal from the described location of:
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