Reasonable Repairs Sample Clauses

Reasonable Repairs a. We will pay the reasonable cost incurred by you for the necessary measures taken solely to protect covered property that is damaged by a Peril Insured Against from further damage.
Reasonable Repairs. In the event that covered property is damaged by an applicable Peril In- sured Against, we will pay the reasonable cost in- curred by you for necessary measures taken solely to protect against further damage. If the measures taken involve repair to other damaged property, we will pay for those measures only if that property is covered under this policy and the damage to that property is caused by an applica- ble Peril Insured Against. This coverage:
Reasonable Repairs. If a Peril Insured Against causes the loss, we will pay the reasonable cost you incur for necessary repairs made solely to protect covered prop- erty from further damage. This coverage does not increase the limit of liability that applies to the property being re- paired.
Reasonable Repairs. In the event that covered property is damaged by an applicable loss under Section I - LOSSES W E COVER, w e w ill pay the reasonable expense incurred by you, f or necessary measures taken solely to protect against f urther damage. If the measures taken involve repair to other damaged property, w e w ill pay f or those measures only if that property is covered under this policy and the damage to that property is caused by an applicable loss under SECTION I - LOSSES W E COVER. This coverage reduces the amount of insurance that applies to the covered property and does not relieve you of your duties in case of a loss to covered property, as set f xxxx in SECTION I - CONDITIONS 2 .d. The policy deductible applies. W e w ill pay up to 5 % of the amount of insurance that applies to the xx xxxxxx f or all trees, shrubs, plants, law ns or landscaping. No more than $500 of this limit w ill be available f or any one tree, shrub or plant. W e do not cover property grow n f or " business" purposes. This coverage is additional insurance and does not reduce the amount of insurance. The policy deductible applies.
Reasonable Repairs a. We will pay the reasonable cost incurred by you for the necessary measures taken solely to protect covered property that is damaged by a Peril Insured Against from further damage. HO 00 03 10 00 Copyright, Insurance Services Office, Inc., 1999 Page 5 of 22
Reasonable Repairs. The warranties only cover repairs in a manner Danmar Doors WA considers reasonable including, if necessary, the touch-up of surface coatings.

Related to Reasonable Repairs

  • Maintenance Repairs and Alterations Grantor shall keep and maintain the Property in good condition and repair and fully protected from the elements to the satisfaction of Bank. Grantor will not remove, demolish or structurally alter any of the buildings or other improvements on the Property (except such alterations as may be required by laws, ordinances or regulations) without the prior written consent of Bank. Grantor shall promptly notify Bank in writing of any material loss, damage or adverse condition affecting the Property.

  • Maintenance Repairs Lessee agrees that at its own expense it will keep and maintain the Leased Premises and all Improvements and fixtures now existing or hereafter constructed, including, without limitation, houses, buildings and other structures and appurtenances and all alterations or replacements thereof, foundation, roof, HVAC, plumbing, lighting, pavement and landscaping, docks, piers, boat houses and related structures, retaining walls, bulkheads, gates, fences, septic tanks and water xxxxx (together the “Improvements”) in a clean and neat condition and repair, including mowing grass and care of shrubs, such condition being determined by Lessor in its sole discretion. Lessee's obligation to maintain shall include all necessary repairs and replacements. In no event shall Lessor have any obligation to make any repairs or replacements to the Leased Premises.

  • Repairs (a) Landlord shall perform all maintenance, replacements and repairs necessary to maintain the roof, load bearing walls (other than paint and wall coverings), floors (other than carpeting, tile and similar floor coverings), foundations and other structural elements of the Building; provided, however, that Landlord shall not be obligated for any of such repairs until the expiration of a reasonable period of time after written notice that such repair is needed. The cost of same shall be included in the Operating Expenses to the extent provided in Section 3(a)(iii) unless the necessity for any of the foregoing arises from the gross negligence or wilful and wanton misconduct of Landlord or its employees, in which case such cost shall not be included as part of the Operating Expenses but shall be paid by Landlord (without prejudice to Landlord’s right to recover same from the responsible party). Any such maintenance, replacements or repairs and any labor performed or materials furnished by or upon the direction of Landlord shall be performed in a good and workmanlike manner, using only materials of at least the same quality and integrity as that being repaired or replaced, and performed and furnished in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, ordinances and requirements of all duly constituted authorities or governmental bodies having jurisdiction over the Building, and the requirements of any board of underwriters having jurisdiction thereof.

  • Repair 7.1 Landlord shall have no obligation to alter, remodel, improve, repair, decorate or paint the Premises, except as specified in Exhibit B if attached to this Lease and except that Landlord shall repair and maintain the structural portions of the roof, foundation and walls of the Building. By taking possession of the Premises, Tenant accepts them as being in good order, condition and repair and in the condition in which Landlord is obligated to deliver them, except as set forth in the punch list to be delivered pursuant to Section 2.1. It is hereby understood and agreed that no representations respecting the condition of the Premises or the Building have been made by Landlord to Tenant, except as specifically set forth in this Lease. Landlord shall not be liable for any failure to make any repairs or to perform any maintenance unless such failure shall persist for an unreasonable time after written notice of the need of such repairs or maintenance is given to Landlord by Tenant.

  • Tenant Repairs Tenant shall, at Tenant’s own expense, keep the Premises, including all improvements, fixtures, furnishings, supplemental/non-Building heating, ventilation (including exhaust) and air conditioning (which Tenant installs as part of the Tenant Improvements) (“Supplemental HVAC”), and systems and equipment therein (including, without limitation, plumbing fixtures and equipment such as dishwashers, garbage disposals, and insta‑hot dispensers), and the floor of the Building on which the Premises are located, in good order, repair and condition as received (ordinary wear and tear and casualty damage excepted) at all times during the Lease Term. In addition, Tenant shall, at Tenant’s own expense, but under the supervision and subject to the prior reasonable approval of Landlord, and within any reasonable period of time specified by Landlord, promptly and adequately repair all damage to the Premises and replace or repair all damaged, broken, or worn fixtures and appurtenances, except for damage caused by ordinary wear and tear or beyond the reasonable control of Tenant; provided however, that, at Landlord’s option, or if Tenant fails to make such repairs (after notice from Landlord a reasonable opportunity to do so), Landlord may, but need not, make such repairs and replacements, and Tenant shall pay Landlord the cost thereof, including a percentage of the cost thereof (to be uniformly established for the Building and/or the Project) sufficient to reimburse Landlord for all overhead, general conditions, fees and other costs or expenses arising from Landlord’s involvement with such repairs and replacements forthwith upon being billed for same. Without limitation, Tenant shall be responsible for the Supplemental HVAC and Tenant shall secure, pay for, and keep in force contracts with appropriate and reputable service companies reasonably approved by Landlord providing for the regular maintenance of such systems.

  • MAINTENANCE & REPAIR Tenant agrees that if there is any delay in maintenance or repairs for reasons beyond Landlord's control, this shall have no effect on Tenant's obligations under this lease.

  • Maintenance Repairs Utility Installations Trade Fixtures and Alterations (a) Section 8.1(a) is amended in its entirety to read as follows: Subject to the provisions of Sections 8.2, 10, and 15, Tenant shall, at Tenant's sole cost and expense and at all times, keep the Building Complex and every part thereof in good order, condition and repair (whether or not the need for such repairs occurs as a result of Tenant's use, any prior use, the elements or the age of such portion of the Building Complex), including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, plumbing, electrical lighting facilities, boilers, fired or unfired pressure vessels, fire hose connections, fixtures, interior walls, exterior walls, roof, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, plate glass, and skylights, parking areas and lighting, driveways, sidewalks, landscaping, irrigation systems, and subject to Section 8.1(b) below, heating, air conditioning and ventilating systems, but excluding any items which are the responsibility of Landlord pursuant to Section 8.2 below. Tenant, in keeping the Building Complex in good order, condition and repair, shall exercise and perform good maintenance practices, including, without limitation, providing janitorial services to the Building Complex substantially equivalent to those attached hereto as Exhibit I and, snow, ice and trash removal service. Tenant's obligations shall include restorations, replacements or renewals when necessary to keep the Building Complex and all improvements thereon or a part thereof in good order, condition and state of repair.

  • MAINTENANCE, REPAIR, AND RULES Tenant will, at Tenant’s sole expense, keep and maintain the Property in a good, clean and sanitary condition and repair during the term of this Agreement and any renewal thereof. Tenant shall be responsible to make all repairs to the Property, fixtures, appliances, and equipment therein that may have been damaged by Tenant’s misuse, waste or neglect, or that of the Tenant’s family or visitors. Tenant agrees that no painting will be done on or about the Property without the prior written consent of Landlord. Tenant shall promptly notify Landlord of any damage, defect or destruction of the Property or in the event of the failure of any of the appliances or equipment. The Landlord will use their best efforts to repair or replace any such damaged or defective areas, appliances or equipment.

  • MAINTENANCE, REPAIRS, OR ALTERATIONS The Tenant shall, at their own expense and at all times, maintain premises in a clean and sanitary manner, and shall surrender the same at termination hereof, in as good condition as received, normal wear and tear excepted. The Tenant may not make any alterations to the leased premises without the consent in writing of the Landlord. The Landlord shall be responsible for repairs to the interior and exterior of the building. If the Premises includes a washer, dryer, freezer, dehumidifier unit and/or air conditioning unit, the Landlord makes no warranty as to the repair or replacement of units if one or all shall fail to operate. The Landlord will place fresh batteries in all battery-operated smoke detectors when the Tenant moves into the premises. After the initial placement of the fresh batteries it is the responsibility of the Tenant to replace batteries when needed. A monthly "cursory" inspection may be required for all fire extinguishers to make sure they are fully charged.