Covered Property definition

Covered Property is the address stated on your Agreement Coverage Summary Page. • “Domestic-grade” Items are those that were designated by the manufacturer, manufactured and marketed solely for installation and use in a residential single family dwelling.
Covered Property means the address that is eligible for coverage and identified on the Coverage Letter. The Covered Property must be a single-family home, town home or condominium (including manufactured housing, which must be anchored to a permanent foundation and not moved during the duration of this Contract under 5,0000 square feet, unless:
Covered Property means any covered city property or covered non-city property.

Examples of Covered Property in a sentence

  • The Cover is in respect of sudden and unforeseen physical damage to or destruction of the Plant and Machinery described in the Statement of Cover from any cause not hereinafter excluded necessitating its repair or replacement whilst the Covered Property is at work or at rest, being dismantled, moved, repositioned, cleaned, inspected, overhauled or in subsequent re-installation at the premises within the territorial limits.

  • Section C – Machinery Breakdown SPECIFIC CONDITIONS Average (except where stated as first loss, Market value or Declared value) The sum covered stated against each item of Covered Property must at all times be equal to the installed new replacement value unless otherwise stated.

  • If the Covered Property is at the commencement of any loss or damage to such Covered Property by an indemnifiable event be of greater value than the Sum covered thereon then the participant shall be considered as being their own company for the difference and shall bear a rateable share of the loss accordingly.

More Definitions of Covered Property

Covered Property means all Property other than Excluded Property.
Covered Property means only the mobile wireless communications equipment as follows:
Covered Property means a parcel, as described in public records or as determined by the Department, containing any of the following:
Covered Property means any Equity Interests, Pipelines or other Property (excluding Real Property) of a type subject to the Security Documents first owned or acquired by the Borrower or any Restricted Subsidiary after the date of this Agreement that, at the time the Borrower or such Restricted Subsidiary first owns or acquires such Property, automatically becomes Collateral subject to perfected First Priority Liens (subject to Permitted Encumbrances) already created pursuant to then existing Security Documents.
Covered Property means any property, tangible or intangible, real or personal, or asset of the Company or any Subsidiary, other than any Aircraft Assets, Slots, Routes or Gate Interests.
Covered Property means all tangible property, other than tangible property described in Title 33, section 2065, located in or on real estate acquired by a political subdivision through tax delinquency proceedings pursuant to Title 36 or through any similar procedure created by statute for the collection of unpaid taxes, assessments, expenses or charges. "Covered property" includes all tangible property, other than tangible property described in Title 33, section 2065, located in or on real estate that has been determined to be a dangerous building pursuant to Title 17, chapter 91, subchapter 4.[PL 2019, c. 498, §19 (AMD).]
Covered Property means the categories of products set forth in Exhibit A that are owned by a household member, and that are located at Your Residential Address set forth in Exhibit A, subject to the exclusions of Section 2.2 below.