Explosion Sample Clauses

Explosion. This peril does not include loss by explosion of steam boilers or steam pipes, if owned or leased by you or operated under your control. Explosion does not mean:
Explosion. This excludes electric arcing, water hammer or rupture of any vessel or conduit due to water pressure therein.
Explosion. The evidence of electrolyte leakage shall be verified by visual inspection without disassembling any part of the Tested-Device. An appropriate technique shall, if necessary, be used in order to confirm if there is any electrolyte leakage from the REESS resulting from the test. The evidence of venting shall be verified by visual inspection without disassembling any part of the Tested-Device.
Explosion. Except with respect to explosion of natural, coal or manufactured gas, there shall in no event be any liability hereunder for loss or damage caused by explosion, rupture or bursting in or of the following property owned, operated or controlled by the Insured:
Explosion. 5. Riot or civil commotion, including direct loss from pillage and looting during or immediately after the riot and at the site of the riot or civil commotion.
Explosion. We do not pay for loss caused by:
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Explosion. Ensues and then we will pay only for the ensuing loss.
Explosion. Explosion means a sudden and accidental tearing asunder of the equipment, or a part thereof, caused by the pressure of water or steam therein, but cracking shall not constitute a sudden and accidental tearing asunder.
Explosion. Unless the prior written permission of the Marine Supervisor has been obtained, a person shall not fire any gun or explode any detonator or other explosive signal (save as a signal of distress) or use any explosive in or in the vicinity of the jetty and berth area or any other vessel.
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