Dances Sample Clauses

Dances. 2) Grade or class parties (that are scheduled beyond the regular work day of teachers).
Dances. Parties with dancing or a DJ will be considered a dance. Dances may only be conducted at the Lakeside Activity Center and Xxxxxxx Recreation Center. Dances are not allowed at other recreation centers or Westlake House. Reservations that will include dancing must adhere to the following: Age Groups 13-21: An off duty Mesquite Police Officer must be present during the entire duration of the dance event. An additional fee of $40 per hour will be assessed with a 4-hour minimum. Reservations with dancing or D.J. must be made at least three weeks in advance. Parties with minors present must have at least two adult chaperones (at least 25 years of age) per every 20 minors. Chaperones must be present throughout the entire event and remain inside the facility. Attendees must be by invitation only. All Other Age Groups: For all other dances a Mesquite Parks & Recreation facility attendant must be in attendance during the entire duration of the dance event. An additional fee of $15 per hour will be assessed. Reservations with dancing or D.J. must be made at least three weeks in advance.

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  • Quality Management CONTRACTOR shall establish and maintain a Clinical Quality Management program that maintains full compliance with the FDC rules and HSBs.

  • Manufacturing Intrexon shall have the option and, in the event it so elects, shall use Diligent Efforts, to perform any manufacturing activities in connection with the Aquaculture Program that relate to the Intrexon Materials, including through the use of a suitable Third Party contract manufacturer. To the extent that Intrexon so elects, Intrexon may request that AquaBounty and Intrexon establish and execute a separate manufacturing and supply agreement, which agreement will establish and govern the production, quality assurance, and regulatory activities associated with manufacture of Intrexon Materials. Except as provided in Section 4.1, any manufacturing undertaken by Intrexon pursuant to the preceding sentence shall be performed in exchange for cash payments equal to Intrexon’s Fully Loaded Cost in connection with such manufacturing, on terms to be negotiated by the Parties in good faith. In the event that Intrexon does not manufacture Intrexon Materials or bulk quantities of other components of AquaBounty Products, then Intrexon shall provide to AquaBounty or a contract manufacturer selected by AquaBounty and approved by Intrexon (such approval not to be unreasonably withheld) all Information Controlled by Intrexon that is (a) related to the manufacturing of such Intrexon Materials or bulk qualities of other components of AquaBounty Products for use in the Field and (b) reasonably necessary to enable AquaBounty or such contract manufacturer (as appropriate) for the sole purpose of manufacturing such Intrexon Materials or bulk quantities of other components of AquaBounty Products. The costs and expenses incurred by Intrexon in carrying out such transfer shall be borne by Intrexon. Any manufacturing Information transferred hereunder to AquaBounty or its contract manufacturer shall not be further transferred to any Third Party, including any Product Sublicensee, or any AquaBounty Affiliate without the prior written consent of Intrexon; provided, however, that Intrexon shall not unreasonably withhold such consent if necessary to permit AquaBounty to switch manufacturers.

  • Product Development If Licensee exercises its option, Licensee shall use diligent efforts to test and develop the PRODUCT for commercial purposes throughout the world. On or before January 1 of each year during the term of this Agreement, commencing on the EFFECTIVE DATE of this Agreement, Licensee shall submit to USC a report detailing its research, regulatory approval, marketing and product development objectives the coming year as well as the research, regulatory approval, marketing and development activities which Licensee undertook during the preceding year. The reports shall identify specific future milestones (regulatory approval and product development) and information demonstrating that the Licensee is providing sufficient financial and manpower resources to evidence its use of reasonable efforts. If USC desires to know the status of the development of PRODUCTS before January 1, USC shall make a request in writing for the status and Licensee shall provide, within fifteen (15) days, a written summary of the status of such development of PRODUCT(S). Within six (6) months after the signing of this Agreement and each two (2) years thereafter, a representative from the USC Technology Licensing Office, at Licensee's expense (including transportation, and, if appropriate, lodging and meals), shall visit the manufacturing and marketing facilities of Licensee and be presented with an in-depth updating of the manufacturing capability and marketing network of Licensee.

  • Wellness A. To support the statewide goal for a healthy and productive workforce, employees are encouraged to participate in a Well-Being Assessment survey. Employees will be granted work time and may use a state computer to complete the survey.

  • Products Products available under this Contract are limited to Software, including Software as a Service, products and related products as specified in Appendix C, Pricing Index. Vendor may incorporate changes to their product offering; however, any changes must be within the scope of products awarded based on the posting described in Section 1.B above. Vendor may not add a manufacturer’s product line which was not included in the Vendor’s response to the solicitation described in Section 1.B above.

  • Manufacturing Standards All forest products except poles, produced and sold under this contract will be manufactured to maximize the amount of logs meeting preferred log lengths and to achieve the average log length listed. Agreement No. Sort # Scaling Rule 97318 3 WS Average Log Length Preferred Log Lengths "WS" indicates that west side scaling rules apply. Minimum trim is 8 inches per scaling segment for west side scaling rules. "ES" indicates that east side scaling rules apply. Minimum trim is 4 inches per scaling segment for east side scaling rules. Poles produced under this contract will be manufactured to ANSI specifications (American National Standard Specifications and Dimensions for Wood Poles), in force at the time of signing this contract.

  • Competent Authorities 1. The competent authorities for the administration of this Chapter are: (a) for Korea, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, or its successor; and (b) for Peru, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, or its successor. 2. Each competent authority shall designate one or more contact points for purposes of this Chapter and provide contact details of such contact points to the competent authority of the other Party. Competent authorities of the Parties shall promptly notify each other of any changes to the contact details of their contact points.

  • Protocols When conducting all Supplemental Services, Provider and its Canvassing Ambassadors must abide by the following protocols:

  • Processes Any employer, employee, trade union or employer’s association may at any point in time apply for an exemption from any of the provisions of this Collective Agreement. The applicant is required to complete and submit in writing with the relevant office of the Council, a fully and properly completed prescribed application for exemption form, accompanied by all relevant supporting documentation.

  • Manufacturers Furnish, or cause to be furnished to the Series 2007-1 Letter of Credit Provider, promptly after obtaining actual knowledge thereof, notice of any Manufacturer Event of Default or termination or replacement of an Eligible Vehicle Disposition Program;