Wellness definition

Wellness means the condition of good physical, mental and emotional health, especially when maintained by an appropriate diet, exercise, and other lifestyle modifications.
Wellness means an approach to healthcare that emphasizes good physical and mental health, preventing illness, and prolonging life.
Wellness program is defined to mean a course, class or activity directly related to the employee’s health, such as “stop smoking”, “weight control” or “exercise” programs. In addition (for Wellness courses as defined), the Employer will reimburse a regular full-year and regular college year employee for courses at the College for the cost of tuition, books and fees not to exceed one course per academic year. The class is not to conflict with regular working hours unless written approval is obtained from the supervisor and Executive Vice President of Administrative Services. The employee will make up any lost work time.

Examples of Wellness in a sentence

  • It was informed by IANPHI assessments of China Center for Disease Control and Prevention and other national public health institutes including National Institute for Health and Wellness (THL, Finland), National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM, Netherlands), and The Scientific Institute of Public Health (WIV-ISP, Belgium).

  • Please note that on weekends I do not check email as frequently and therefore my responses will be slower.Other Important Information and University PoliciesMental Health and Wellness (https://mhw.info.yorku.ca/resources/resources-at-york/students/) York University has a number of different confidential counselling services for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in KINE degree programs.

  • Title and Purpose89 This Ordinance may be cited as the “Employee Wellness Act.” The Board of County10 Commissioners intends to add this new Article XIII to Chapter 14 to encourage the promotion of11 a healthy workforce in Bernalillo County.1213 Section 2.

  • Participants may exercise at Knox Community Hospital’s Wellness Center without paying a membership fee.

  • I can also say something about possible mechanisms driving changes in use because the Oregon Student Wellness and Healthy Teens surveys ask students where they typically get marijuana and the risk associated with using it.

More Definitions of Wellness

Wellness means an approach to personal and community health that emphasizes individual and collective responsibility for well-being through the practice of health-promoting lifestyle behaviours. It is a process of moving toward optimal health.
Wellness means an approach to healthcare that emphasizes good physical and mental health,
Wellness health care", "medical", or "medicine" or any combination or synonyms of such terms.
Wellness means a satisfying state of health and existence that includes peace of mind.
Wellness to me means how I am feeling in purely health and physical terms, whereas 'well being' includes my non physical state on mind, in terms of 'am I happy, content, feeling good about myself'
Wellness or "wellbeing promise" means an annual health assessment or screening that, if completed timely, provides a discounted insurance rate for the following fiscal year's health insurance plan premium.
Wellness means optimizing opportunities for physical,