Cooperation Agreement Sample Clauses

Cooperation Agreement. Pursuant to the Cooperation Agreement, Bidco and St. Modwen have, amongst other things, each agreed to: (i) cooperate in relation to obtaining any consents, clearances, permissions, waivers and/or approvals as may be necessary, and the making of all filings as may be necessary, from or under the law, regulations or practices applied by any applicable regulatory authority in connection with the Acquisition; and (ii) cooperate in preparing and implementing appropriate proposals in relation to the St. Modwen Share Plans. In addition, Xxxxx has agreed to certain provisions if the Scheme should switch to an Offer. The Cooperation Agreement will terminate in certain circumstances, including if the Acquisition is withdrawn, terminated or lapses, a competing offer completes, becomes effective or is declared unconditional, or if prior to the Long Stop Date any Condition has been invoked by Bidco, if the St. Modwen Directors withdraw their recommendation of the Acquisition or if the Scheme does not become effective in accordance with its terms by the Long Stop Date or otherwise as agreed between Bidco and St. Modwen. Pursuant to the terms of the Cooperation Agreement, Bidco undertakes that it will deliver a notice in writing to St. Modwen on the Business Day prior to the Sanction Hearing confirming either: (i) the satisfaction or waiver of the Conditions (other than the Scheme Conditions); or (ii) to the extent permitted by the Panel, that it intends to invoke or treat as unsatisfied or incapable of satisfaction one or more Conditions.
Cooperation Agreement. If a Cooperating Institution is appointed, the Fund shall enter into a Cooperation Agreement with the Cooperating Institution setting forth the terms and conditions of its appointment.
Cooperation Agreement. The Parties entered into an agreement entitled Cooperation Agreement Pueblo Professional Bull Riders University and Heritage of Heroes Project dated February 25, 2013 (the “Agreement”), to comply with requirements related to a regional tourism project described as the Pueblo Professional Bull Riders University and Heritage of Heroes Project (the “Project”) pursuant to the Colorado Regional Tourism Act, Part 3 of Article 46, Title 24, C.R.S. (the “Act”).
Cooperation Agreement. Grantor and Grantee agree to cooperate to comply with the provisions of Article 49, and the Regulations promulgated pursuant thereto, so that this Easement will qualify, as a perpetual conservation restriction, thereunder.
Cooperation Agreement. The Authority and the City have entered into the Cooperation Agreement. The Cooperation Agreement provides for, among other things, allocation by the City of (i) 87.5% of the City Sales Tax TIF (i.e., 1.75%) collected on or within the Property and (ii) 50% of the City Use Tax TIF (i.e. 1.00%) paid solely on construction materials used within the Area to the Authority for the Duration. In the interest of providing part of the financing of the redevelopment of the Property and accomplishing the goals of the Urban Renewal Plan and this Agreement, the Authority, the Developer, and the District agree to work with the City and dedicate such time and resources as may be required to implement this agreement to facilitate the timely planning and development of the Improvements. The primary purpose of the Cooperation Agreement is to pledge to distribute to the District City Sales Tax TIF and City Use Tax TIF to in order to meet a portion of the requirements of the Bonds and such other reasonable and necessary terms reasonably acceptable to the Parties to carry out the Concept Plan and in furtherance of the Urban Renewal Plan. Developer and the District acknowledge that the Cooperation Agreement includes certain limitations on the use of City Sales Tax TIF and City Use Tax TIF and agrees to comply with such limitations.
Cooperation Agreement instrument that established the joint management of the water supply and sanitation services between the SERVICE contractors and the STATE, with the delegation of the activities of organization and management of the service provision to the STATE, and the activities of regulation and supervision to the REGULATORY AGENCY;
Cooperation Agreement. BUCHEN also agrees to cooperate and assist PAYLESS in the investigation and handling of any actual or threatened court action, arbitration or administrative proceeding or dispute involving any matter that arose during BUCHEN'S employment (including, but not limited to, testifying in deposition and/or court and providing information to PAYLESS). PAYLESS acknowledges and agrees that it is responsible for any and all expenses (including costs and attorneys' fees) that BUCHEN may incur in connection with any such proceeding.
Cooperation Agreement. The Cooperation Agreement of even date --------------------- herewith between Licensee and TRW.