Contingent Payments Sample Clauses

Contingent Payments. The Unilever Stockholder shall have the right to receive the Contingent Payments, if any, on the terms and subject to the conditions set forth on Exhibit 9 in recognition of its period of ownership of the Class B Shares.
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Contingent Payments. Jazz Casino Company, L.L.C., a Louisiana limited liability company (the "Company"), promises to pay Contingent Payments, if any are due and payable pursuant to and in accordance with the terms of this Security and the Indenture, at the places, on the dates and in the manner provided in this Security and the Indenture. The first Contingent Payment Date shall be May 15, 1999 and the final Contingent Payment Date shall be _________ ___, 2009. Contingent Payments, if any, paid or accrued in respect of this Security shall be comprised of, in part, a payment of Principal and, in part, a payment of Interest thereon at 16% per annum from the Issue Date (with semi-annual compounding) in accordance with Section 5.1 of the Indenture. Contingent Payments on this Security, if any are due and payable pursuant to and in accordance with the terms of this Security and the Indenture, will be payable semiannually on May 15 and November 15, commencing May 15, 1999, to the person in whose name this Security is registered at the close of business on May 1 or November 1, preceding such Contingent Payment Date (each, a "Record Date"). The Company will pay on each Contingent Payment Date to the Holder of this Security at the close of business on the immediately preceding Record Date such Holder's pro rata share of the aggregate Contingent Payments paid on such Contingent Payment Date. Each Holder's pro rata share of the aggregate Contingent Payments will be determined by dividing (i) the aggregate Notational Amount of the Securities owned by such Holder on the immediately preceding Record Date by (ii) the aggregate Notational Amount of all of the Securities outstanding on such Record Date. For purposes of determining accrued Contingent Payments due and payable with respect to a First Semiannual Period or a Second Semiannual Period prior to the completion of such period, such Contingent Payments due and payable shall be equal to the Partial Period Contingent Payments. To the extent it is lawful, the Company promises to pay interest on any Contingent Payment due but unpaid at a rate of 8% per annum compounded semi-annually.
Contingent Payments. The Company will pay to each Purchaser, its Allocated Portion, until the aggregate of all such Allocated Portions (or a portion thereof) equals an amount equal to the Purchaser’s Subscription Amount. The Allocated Portion will be paid by the Company within thirty (30) business days following receipt by the Company of Company Proceeds by wire transfer of immediately available funds to an account specified by the Purchaser in writing to the Company.
Contingent Payments. Landlord shall make Contingent Payments to the extent set forth in this section. Tenant shall request each Contingent Payment by submitting a Contingent Payment Request to Landlord or in the case of Contingent Payments for Project Improvements, a Disbursement Voucher pursuant to the Disbursing Agreement. Landlord shall make the Contingent Payment provided that [i] no Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, and [ii] Landlord has determined that all requirements for the Contingent Payment have been satisfied. Contingent Payments will be made not less than eight Business Days and not more than 12 Business Days following Tenant’s delivery of the Contingent Payment Request.
Contingent Payments. The Borrower agrees to pay to the Lender a Contingent Payment with respect to each Asset Pool, payable on each Distribution Date for such Asset Pool in an amount equal to that portion of the Asset Pool Proceeds available for payment thereof as provided in Section 2.8(j). Payment in full of any Loan made in respect of an Asset Pool shall in no way affect the obligation of the Borrower to pay to the Lender the Contingent Payments with respect to such Asset Pool as provided herein. The Borrower and the Lender agree that all Contingent Payments with respect to an Asset Pool will be treated as interest for United States federal income tax purposes and that the Borrower's interest deductions and the Lender's interest income with respect thereto shall accrue in accordance with the Projected Accrual Schedule for such Asset Pool delivered by the Borrower pursuant to Section 2.1(a) and accepted by the Lender pursuant to Section 2.1, as required and determined in accordance with the non-contingent bond method described in Treasury Regulation 1.1275-4(b).
Contingent Payments. Buyer shall pay to an entity designated by Seller Parties a one-time, non-refundable and non-creditable fee of one hundred million Pounds Sterling (£100,000,000) (the “Contingent Payment”) upon the first occurrence of an NDA Approval. For clarity, the Contingent Payment shall be payable only once, upon the first achievement of the first NDA Approval by a Product containing the Lead Compound or the Additional Compound, and shall not be payable for any subsequent NDA Approval by a Product containing the Lead Compound, Additional Compound or any other Product. Such payment will be due and payable within seventy (70) days after the achievement of NDA Approval by or on behalf of Buyer. CERTAIN CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS DOCUMENT, MARKED BY [***], HAS BEEN OMITTED BECAUSE DERMAVANT SCIENCES LTD. HAS DETERMINED THE INFORMATION (I) IS NOT MATERIAL AND (II) WOULD LIKELY CAUSE COMPETITIVE HARM TO DERMAVANT SCIENCES LTD. IF PUBLICLY DISCLOSED.
Contingent Payments. Except as otherwise required, contingent pay- ments are not taken into account in calculating either the yield or the prin- cipal balance of a section 467 loan.
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Contingent Payments. Except as set forth in Section 5.3, there are no contingent payment obligations or "earn-outs" which are or may become payable in connection with center acquisitions made by the Companies or any of their respective Subsidiaries prior to the date of this Agreement.
Contingent Payments. Following the First Commercial Sale of Cholic Acid Product, Retrophin will, within forty five (45) days of the end of the first calendar quarter in which cumulative Cholic Acid Product Net Revenues meet the thresholds below, make the following Contingent Payments to Asklepion. The Contingent Payments will be paid one-time only upon the first achievement of cumulative Net Revenues for Cholic Acid Products. The Contingent Payments will be paid in cash or, upon the mutual agreement of the Parties, in shares of Retrophin common stock calculated based on the last reported sale price regular way on the last trading day of the applicable calendar quarter or, in case no such reported sale takes place on such day, the average of the last closing bid and ask prices regular way, in either case, on the NASDAQ Global Market, and any such shares that may be so issued shall not be subject to any Liens or restrictions on transferability other than such restrictions contained under Rule 144 promulgated under the Securities Act, or a combination of cash and shares of Retrophin common stock. Cumulative Cholic Acid Product Net Revenues Threshold Contingent Payment $ […***…] $ […***…] $ […***…] $ […***…] $ […***…] $ […***…] $ […***…] $ […***…] ***Confidential Treatment Requested
Contingent Payments. In addition to the Purchase Price, in consideration of the sale of the Purchased Assets to Purchaser, Purchaser shall pay Seller the contingent payments set forth below:
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