On the Completion Date Sample Clauses

On the Completion Date. (i) Subject to Clause 6.6 and Clause 14.13, the Purchaser shall remit the respective Purchase Consideration (in immediately available funds) to each of the Seller’s Bank Accounts in the amount set out in Column VII of Schedule 3.
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On the Completion Date. The exercise of the options and performance rights will remain subject to the achievement of specific performance hurdles.
On the Completion Date. (a) the Developer shall grant and the Tenant and the Guarantor shall accept the Leases;
On the Completion Date. (a) the Buyer shall execute and deliver to the Landlord the counterpart of the Leases and the original of the Security Deposit Deeds
On the Completion Date. (a) Purchaser shall acquire legal title to, and full beneficial ownership of, the Shares, which shall be released in accordance with the terms of the Framework Agreement and the Escrow Agreement;
On the Completion Date. 3.4.1 The COMPANY shall hold a meeting of the Board of Directors to approve the calling of an extra ordinary general meeting of the Shareholders for (i) issue of Shares to Cadila and Novavax as contemplated under Section 3.4.4 of this Agreement and (ii) adoption of the amended articles of association in the form attached to this Agreement as Exhibit H, and (iii) appointment of the persons nominated by Cadila and Novavax as Directors in accordance with this Agreement who have obtained their respective Director Identification Numbers and Digital Signature Certificates and who are otherwise qualified to act as the directors of the Company;
On the Completion Date. 6.2 The representations and warranties contained in this Clause are deemed to be given as at the date hereof and shall remain in full force and effect notwithstanding the allotment and issue of the Rights Shares to the Placees if the Placing is successfully completed. The Company hereby undertakes to notify the Placing Agent of any matter or event coming to its attention prior to the Completion Date which shows any relevant representation or warranty to be or to have been untrue or inaccurate at the date hereof or at any time prior to the Completion Date.
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On the Completion Date. (a)Buyer shall deliver to Seller the Consideration; (b)the Parties shall execute the Assignment Documents;
On the Completion Date. (a) the existing lease will be assigned by Maplebright to the Buyer;
On the Completion Date the Purchaser shall pay the Total Purchase Price to the Sellers, by way of wire transfers in immediately available funds (with value date (date de valeur) on the Completion Date) to the bank accounts of the Sellers the reference of which shall be communicated by the Financial Sellers’ Representative to the Purchaser at least two (2) Business Days prior to the Completion Date, and in accordance with the allocation to be notified by the Financial Sellers’ Representative to the Purchaser at least two (2) Business Days prior to the Completion Date (in the form of Amended Schedule 3.3.1).”
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