Change Process Sample Clauses

Change Process. Citizens may require changes altering, adding to, or deducting from the Services (each, a “Change”), provided that: (a) such Change is within the general scope of this Agreement; and, (b) Citizens will make an equitable adjustment in Vendor’s compensation or delivery date if a Change materially affects the cost or time of performance of the Services. Such equitable adjustments require the written consent of Vendor, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned. The Parties will cooperate in good faith to determine the scope and nature of a Change, the availability of Vendor Staff, the expertise and resources to provide such Change, and the time period in which such Change will be implemented.
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Change Process. 3.1 If either party requests a change to the scope or execution of the Professional Services, We shall, within a reasonable time, provide a written estimate to You of (i) the likely time required to implement the change; (ii) any variations to Our charges arising from the change; (iii) the likely effect of the change on the applicable Order; and (iv) any other impact of the change on these Terms.
Change Process. (a) A change proposal shall be in writing, clearly articulate the reasons for the proposed change, and include the relevant information behind the proposal
Change Process. Customer and Developer agree to make changes allowed under this agreement by Notice.
Change Process. MPI will, in the first instance, engage with the PSA and its delegates about the development of the change process, specific to the circumstances of the change. Both MPI and the PSA will cooperate with the aim to reach consensus on the change process. The change process will apply to all employees who have been identified in the assessment as affected. The process will, in any event, comply with the following:
Change Process. Either party may request modifications to the Professional Services (“Change Request”). No Change Request shall be effective or binding on either party until a writing setting forth such Change Request is signed by an authorized representative of each party (“Change Order”). Each Change Order shall be governed by the terms of this Agreement.
Change Process. 6.1 Brigantia may make any changes to the Agreement (including to this MSA, Acceptable Use Policy or Service Description but excluding executed Orders and Letters of Engagement) as it deems necessary from time to time to take into account operational, legal, technical or commercial matters (including the terms on which its third party providers provide Brigantia with services). Brigantia's rights under this Clause shall not extend to changes to the Fees which shall be governed by the remaining terms of the Agreement.
Change Process. The parties acknowledge and agree that the procedures, processes, and technology used to implement the Integrated Customer Support Environment plan may change over time. Any changes to the Integrated Customer Support Environment plan shall be mutually agreed to by the Customer Support Leads. The Integrated Customer Support Environment plan may be reviewed at the Executive Steering Committee meetings as required.
Change Process. Supplier may change, substitute or modify the Products. [***] Certain information in this document has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Confidential treatment has been requested with respect to the omitted portions.
Change Process. All Changes shall be requested using the following process: