Nature of a Sample Clauses

Nature of a. Finance Party's rights and obligations (a) The obligations of a Finance Party under the Finance Documents are several. Failure of a Finance Party to carry out those obligations does not relieve any other Party of its obligations under the Finance Documents. No Finance Party is responsible for the obligations of any other Finance Party under the Finance Documents.
Nature of a. Finance Party’s rights and obligations Unless all the Finance Parties agree otherwise:

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  • Nature of Agreement You understand and agree that this letter agreement is a severance agreement and does not constitute an admission of liability or wrongdoing on the part of the Company.

  • Nature of Fees All Fees shall be paid on the dates due, in immediately available funds, to the Administrative Agent, as provided herein and in the fee letters described in Section 2.19. Once paid, none of the Fees shall be refundable under any circumstances.

  • Nature of Services 12.1 Pentana Solutions must perform such services as it considers reasonable to ensure the Licensed System remains in substantial conformity with the SLA. Such support will, at the sole option of Pentana Solutions, take the form of:

  • Nature of Business Borrower will not, and will not permit any of its Subsidiaries to make any change in the nature of its or their business as described in Schedule 6.5 or acquire any properties or assets that are not reasonably related to the conduct of such business activities; provided, that the foregoing shall not prevent Borrower and its Subsidiaries from engaging in any business that is reasonably related or ancillary to its or their business.

  • Voluntary Nature of Agreement Executive acknowledges and agrees that Executive is executing this Agreement voluntarily and without any duress or undue influence by the Company or anyone else. Executive further acknowledges and agrees that Executive has carefully read this Agreement and that Executive has asked any questions needed for Executive to understand the terms, consequences and binding effect of this Agreement and fully understands it, including that EXECUTIVE IS

  • Nature of Undertakings The undertakings given by you under this letter are given to us and (without implying any fiduciary obligations on our part) are also given for the benefit of the Borrower and each other member of the Group.

  • Nature of Purchase Such Purchaser is not acquiring the Notes purchased by it hereunder with a view to or for sale in connection with any distribution thereof within the meaning of the Securities Act, provided that the disposition of such Purchaser's property shall at all times be and remain within its control.

  • NATURE OF OPTION The Option is not intended to meet the requirements of Section 422 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, relating to “incentive stock options”.

  • Structure of Agreement The Trust is entering into this Agreement solely on behalf of the Fund or Funds named herein individually and not jointly. Notwithstanding any to the contrary in this Agreement, no breach of any term of this Agreement shall create a right or obligation with respect to any series of the Trust other than the Fund; (b) under no circumstances shall the Adviser have the right to set off claims relating to the Fund by applying property of any other series of the Trust; and (c) the business and contractual relationships created by this Agreement, consideration for entering into this Agreement, and the consequences of such relationship and consideration relate solely to the Trust and the Fund.

  • Nature of Services Provided The Provider has agreed to provide the following digital educational services described in Exhibit “A”.