Cement Sample Clauses

Cement. Cement to be used for the work shall comply the following and shall be used with the prior approval of Engineer -in -charge
Cement. The cement used shall be PSC / PPC Cement conforming to IS 455/IS 1489 and other relevant IS Codes.
Cement. All cement shall be from reputable manufacturers and conform to international standards. Cement shall be stored where it cannot be damaged by rain or moisture and shall be free of lumps when used. Sulphate-resisting cement shall be used for foundations and ordinary Portland cement for other works or as directed by Engineer or his representative.
Cement. Cement shall be as described in Concrete Work.
Cement. Cement shall comply with British Standards as follows: Portland cement - B.S. 12 Rapid hardening cement - B.S. 12 Except as regards the addition of colorant to BS 1014 which should not exceed 5% of cement by weight Sulphate resisting Portland cement complies with BS 4027. Rapid hardening cement may be used in lieu of ordinary Portland cement only with the prior approval of the Architect or Engineer provided that all conditions applying to its use are strictly observed. Any additional expenses in connection with the use of such cement shall be borne by the Contractor. The use of high alumna cement will not be permitted. All cement shall be delivered to the site in sealed bags bearing the mark of the manufacturer. Re-bagged cement, cement in torn bags will not be allowed on the site. Each consignment of cement shall be accompanied by the manufacturer‟s certificate showing that a representative sample of the consignment has been tested and complies with the appropriate specification. From time to time as requested by the Architect/Engineer, copies or the cement manufacture‟s test certificates shall be delivered to the Architect/Engineer or his representative on the site promptly, but such documents shall not preclude the Architect or Engineer from rejecting any cement which does not in every way comply with the specification. Specification Concrete Work
Cement. 5.1.1 All cement required for the work under this Contract shall be procured well in advance by the Contractor from the recognized manufacturers such as A.C.C. / Ultra Tech / Xxxxx Xxxxx. Ordinary Portland cement of 43 grade conforming to I.S. 8112, 1989 and subsequent revisions thereof, if any, packed in 50 kg woven HDPE bags conforming to I.S. 11652 of 1986, shall be supplied.
Cement. Cement to used for work shall be any of the following with prior approval of Engineer Ordinary Port land Cement 43 grade confirming to I.S.8112 as for as possible cement is used in the manufacture of the exposed surface of concrete of any element of a structure shall be from the same factory. Independent testing of cement used shall be done by the contractor at site and in the laboratory approved by the Engineer before use. Any cement with lower quality than that shown in manufactures certificate shall be debarred from use. In case of finally ground cement or imported cement, the Engineer may direct the contractor to satisfy him as to be acceptability of such cement, specially with regard to creep the shinkage effect. Any consignment or part of consignment of cement which has deteriorated in any way, shall not be used in the works and shall be removed from the site by the contractor without charge to the employer. Cement shall be transported, handled and stored on the site in such a manner as to avoid deterioration continuation. Each consignment shall be stored separately, so that it may be readily identified and inspected and cement shall be used in the sequence in which it is delivered at site. The contractor shall prepare and maintain proper records on site in respect of the delivery handling storage and use of cement and these records shall be available for inspection by the Engineer at all times.
Cement. Cement to be used for works shall comply of the following with the prior approval of Engineer.
Cement. Cement isuued to the contractor shall store in suitable dry place in a raised wooden plateform . Care should be taken so that no cement is got dameged in transportation from OIL's Godown at Duliajan to the siteand poor quality of storage failities. Cement should be consumed which comes to the site first.
Cement. In March 2006, then-U.S. Trade Representative Xxx Xxxxxxx and Secretary of Commerce Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx signed an agreement with Mexico to promote bilateral trade in cement and put an end to a long- standing dispute over cement trade. The agreement provides for increased imports of Mexican cement, encourages U.S. cement exports to Mexico, and settles outstanding litigation. The agreement also responds to concerns by consumers and builders, notably those rebuilding following the devastation of Hurricanes Xxxxxxx and Xxxx.