Card Sample Clauses

Card. The Visa Card issued to you by us, or any other single credit device being used from time to time upon presentation, to purchase goods, labor, insurance and/or services, on credit. “Card” is implied when you obtain credit by using your account number without using the Card.
Card electronic prepaid card issued by a bank cooperating with the Lender, provided to the Borrower by the Lender, enabling the Borrower to access the amount deposited on the card by the Lender,
Card. Your BCBSRI ID card is your key to getting healthcare coverage. It shows your healthcare provider that you are part of the nation’s most trusted health plan. All BCBSRI subscribers receive ID cards, which provide important information about your coverage. This card is for identification only, and you must show it whenever you receive healthcare services. Please note you must be a current subscriber to receive covered services. Tips for keeping your card safe: • Carry it with you at all times. • Keep it in a safe location, just as you would with a credit card or money. • Let BCBSRI know right away if it is lost or stolen.
Card. MW shall not license or permit any Person, other than VVI, to use the Card to sell or offer for sale any Products through Television Home Shopping or Catalog Activities, nor shall MW license or permit any Person other than VVI engaged primarily in Television Home Shopping (including without limitation QVC, HSN, and ViaTV) or Catalog Activities, to use the Card for any purpose, provided, however, that notwithstanding the foregoing, the Card may be used for any purpose other than to sell or offer for sale any Products through Television Home Shopping or Catalog Activities (other than through the Retained Catalog Rights) by (i) any member of the MW Group, and (ii) any person that was using the Card prior to such time as MW obtained actual knowledge that such Person was controlled by a company engaged primarily in Television Home Shopping or Catalog Activities.
Card. 1. As part of its offer, the Bank issues various types of Cards, including Mobile Cards, to a designated person.
Card. It is the AL-AHLI prepaid card approved by the Sharia Committee, issued by the bank in the name of the customer based on the card category specified by the customer in his/her request according to the terms and conditions of the (Agreement) in order to use the (Card) as one of the payment methods locally and internationally under the full liability of the customer as long as it does not exceed the terms and conditions of the (Agreement) and any amendments thereto; the card is considered the property of the bank and accordingly the customer is obligated to return it to the bank when necessary. It is hereinafter referred to as (the card).
Card. Insurer shall mail each Enrollee a hardcopy of his or her Enrollee ID card without requiring that the Enrollee first request such hardcopy. The Enrollee ID card shall include Insurer’s name, the Enrollee’s name, ID number, effective date of coverage, and Insurer’s contact information. The Enrollee ID card shall identify the Enrollee as a Florida Healthy Kids member and shall not contain any potentially misleading information, such as references not related to the Program, including references to Medicaid.