Wholesale Service definition

Wholesale Service means Telecommunication Services that Sprint provides at retail to subscribers who are not telecommunications carriers as set forth in 47 USC § 251(c)(4) which Sprint provides to resellers at a wholesale rate.
Wholesale Service means any telecommunications service subject to the Commission’s jurisdiction that one carrier sells or provides to another carrier, as a component of, or for the provision of, telecommunications service to end users.

Examples of Wholesale Service in a sentence

  • In the Wholesale Service Centre the order modification is handled by a customer service representative who will directly manually key the order modification into Telstra’s OSS (currently via an interface to the AXIS system).

  • Telstra will accept a disconnection order modification request via Telstra’s wholesale front of house (the Wholesale Service Centre).

  • MainEconomic ActivitySupplier Production/ Manufacturing Distribution/ Wholesale Service Provider Tourism Services Provider Other Comments: 11.

  • The Rules and Regulations specify wholesale agreements will include a monthly service charge and uniform wholesale water rate.Effective January 1, 2012Monthly Wholesale Service Charge $117.10Wholesale Volume Charge per 1,000 Gallons $2.67 Wholesale rates are based on methodology used for the District’s retail water rates, but exclude certain costs from which wholesale customers do not benefit, such as distribution system costs.

More Definitions of Wholesale Service

Wholesale Service means provision by leasing out bulk capacity and sell of bulk services of the telecommunication network to other licensees for use in the delivery of commercial telecommunication services.
Wholesale Service means the service provided by SingTel to a Licensee under the terms of this RIO Agreement in the manner described in clause 1.1 of Part 1 of this RIO Agreement, where that service has been designated as a mandatory wholesale service pursuant to the Code;
Wholesale Service means a Telecommunications, Collocation, or Infrastructure Sharing Service, that is provided to another Telecommunications Operator.
Wholesale Service means any telecommunications service subject to the
Wholesale Service means the Fedwire® Funds Service (“Fedwire Funds”), the Fedwire Securities Service (“Fedwire Securities”), or the National Settlement Service (“NSS”), as the case may be.
Wholesale Service means Telecommunication Services that Embarq provides at retail
Wholesale Service means the furnishing of water by the District to another public agency or private water company for retail distribution to that entity’s customers through the agency’s or company’s water system for any beneficial use.