Sales Taxes definition

Sales Taxes means any sales, use, consumption, goods and services, value added or similar tax, duty or charge imposed pursuant to Applicable Law.
Sales Taxes has the meaning set forth in Section 3.2.
Sales Taxes means Alternative Revenues.

Examples of Sales Taxes in a sentence

  • The Subscribing Institution must pay any taxes (including but not limited to any applicable Value Added Taxes, Sales Taxes and Import Taxes) other than taxes on MRS's net income, arising out of the Subscribing Institution's use of JMR and/or the rights granted under this Agreement.

More Definitions of Sales Taxes

Sales Taxes shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.4.
Sales Taxes means Alternative Revenues as defined in the Act; that is, (i) sales and compensating use taxes that the City is authorized by the State to impose and (ii) taxes imposed pursuant to § 1107 of the Tax Law; and successor taxes.
Sales Taxes has the meaning given in Section 5.3.
Sales Taxes means any federal, national, state, local, sales, use, excise, utility, gross receipts, value added taxes, other similar tax-related charges and surcharges levied by any authorised tax authority, agency or government department;
Sales Taxes means all business transfer, multi-usage sales, sales, goods and services, harmonized sales, use, consumption, value-added or other similar taxes imposed by the Government of Canada and/or Ontario upon the Licensor, or the Licensee, or in respect of this Licence, or the payments made by the Licensee hereunder or the goods and services provided by the Licensor hereunder including, without limitation, the use of the Licensed Premises and the provision of administrative services to the Licensee hereunder.
Sales Taxes means sales, transfer, turnover or value added taxes of any nature or kind, including Canadian goods and services taxes and state and provincial sales taxes;
Sales Taxes means, for the purposes of section 43-4-508, county or municipal sales and use taxes levied and collected within a value capture area.