Sales Taxes definition

Sales Taxes means all goods and services, business transfer, multi-stage sales, sales, use, consumption, value-added or other similar taxes imposed by any federal, provincial or municipal government upon Landlord or Tenant in respect of this Lease, or the payments made by Tenant hereunder or the goods and services provided by Landlord hereunder including, without limitation, the rental of the Premises and the provision of administrative services to Tenant hereunder.
Sales Taxes means Alternative Revenues.
Sales Taxes has the meaning set forth in Section 3.2.

Examples of Sales Taxes in a sentence

  • If goods are provided pursuant to this Contract, please note that MPS is exempt from Federal Excise and Wisconsin Sales Taxes.

  • The Contractor agrees to accept sole responsibility to submit any applications, reports, payments or contributions for Sales Taxes, Income Tax, Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, Workers' Compensation assessments, Goods and Services Tax or any other similar matter which the Contractor as company or a self-employed person may be required by law to make in connection with the work to be performed under this Agreement.

  • If the Buyer is exempt from Sales Taxes, the Buyer shall provide Novanta with the documentation necessary to support such a claim and to allow Novanta to document its decision not to collect such Tax.

  • The prices for Products do not include Sales Taxes, which will be added to the sales price where Novanta has a legal obligation to collect them.

  • SALES TAXRetailers Occupational Sales Taxes are not applicable for this project.

More Definitions of Sales Taxes

Sales Taxes means any and all taxes, fees, charges, assessments, rates, levies, duties and excises (whether characterized as sales taxes, purchase taxes, value added taxes, goods and services taxes or any other form of tax) which are imposed on the Tenant or the Landlord or for which the Landlord or Tenant is obliged to pay, or to collect from the Tenant, and which are levied, rated or assessed on the act of entering into this Sub-Lease or otherwise on account of this Sub-Lease, on the use or the occupancy of the Lands and Building or any portion of the Lands and Building, on the Rent payable under this Sub-Lease or any portion of the Rent or in connection with the business of renting the Lands or Building or any portion thereof and include all such taxes, fees, charges, assessments, rates, levies, duties and excises with respect to:
Sales Taxes means any sales, use, consumption, goods and services, value added or similar tax, duty or charge imposed pursuant to Applicable Law.
Sales Taxes shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.3.
Sales Taxes means sales, transfer, turnover or value added taxes of any nature or kind, including Canadian goods and services and harmonized sales taxes and U.S. and Canadian federal, state, provincial and local sales and excise taxes.
Sales Taxes means Alternative Revenues as defined in the Act; that is, (i) sales and compensating use taxes that the City is authorized by the State to impose and (ii) taxes imposed pursuant to § 1107 of the Tax Law; and successor taxes.
Sales Taxes has the meaning set forth in Section 3.06(a).
Sales Taxes shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.4.