Taxation Sample Clauses

Taxation. The Depositary will, and will instruct the Custodian to, forward to the Company or its agents such information from its records as the Company may reasonably request to enable the Company or its agents to file the necessary tax reports with governmental authorities or agencies. The Depositary, the Custodian or the Company and its agents may file such reports as are necessary to reduce or eliminate applicable taxes on dividends and on other distributions in respect of Deposited Securities under applicable tax treaties or laws for the Holders and Beneficial Owners. In accordance with instructions from the Company and to the extent practicable, the Depositary or the Custodian will take reasonable administrative actions to obtain tax refunds, reduced withholding of tax at source on dividends and other benefits under applicable tax treaties or laws with respect to dividends and other distributions on the Deposited Securities. As a condition to receiving such benefits, Holders and Beneficial Owners of ADSs may be required from time to time, and in a timely manner, to file such proof of taxpayer status, residence and beneficial ownership (as applicable), to execute such certificates and to make such representations and warranties, or to provide any other information or documents, as the Depositary or the Custodian may deem necessary or proper to fulfill the Depositary’s or the Custodian’s obligations under applicable law. The Holders and Beneficial Owners shall indemnify the Depositary, the Company, the Custodian and any of their respective directors, employees, agents and Affiliates against, and hold each of them harmless from, any claims by any governmental authority with respect to taxes, additions to tax, penalties or interest arising out of any refund of taxes, reduced rate of withholding at source or other tax benefit obtained. If the Company (or any of its agents) withholds from any distribution any amount on account of taxes or governmental charges, or pays any other tax in respect of such distribution (i.e., stamp duty tax, capital gains or other similar tax), the Company shall (and shall cause such agent to) remit promptly to the Depositary information about such taxes or governmental charges withheld or paid, and, if so requested, the tax receipt (or other proof of payment to the applicable governmental authority) therefor, in each case, in a form satisfactory to the Depositary. The Depositary shall, to the extent required by U.S. law, report to Holder...
Taxation. All payments of principal and interest in respect of the Notes, Receipts and Coupons by the Issuer or the Guarantor will be made without withholding or deduction for or on account of any present or future taxes or duties of whatever nature imposed or levied by or on behalf of any Tax Jurisdiction unless such withholding or deduction is required by law. In such event, the Issuer or, as the case may be, the Guarantor will pay such additional amounts as shall be necessary in order that the net amounts received by the holders of the Notes, Receipts or Coupons after such withholding or deduction shall equal the respective amounts of principal and interest which would otherwise have been receivable in respect of the Notes, Receipts or Coupons, as the case may be, in the absence of such withholding or deduction; except that no such additional amounts shall be payable with respect to any Note, Receipt or Coupon:
Taxation. All payments made in respect of the Notes or the Guarantees shall be made free and clear of, and without withholding or deduction for, any taxes, duties, assessments or governmental charges of whatsoever nature imposed, levied, collected, withheld or assessed by or within any Relevant Jurisdiction or any jurisdiction through which payment is made (together with Relevant Jurisdictions, a “Relevant Taxing Jurisdiction”), unless such withholding or deduction is required by law. In that event, the Issuer or (as the case may be) the relevant Guarantor, in each case including any successor entity of the Issuer or of any Guarantor, shall pay such additional amounts (“Additional Amounts”) so as to result in the receipt by the Noteholders of such amounts as would have been received by them if no such withholding or deduction had been required. However, the obligation to pay Additional Amounts shall not apply to:
Taxation. (a) Each Obligor shall (and the Borrower shall ensure that each member of the Group will) pay and discharge all Taxes imposed upon it or its assets within the time period allowed without incurring penalties unless and only to the extent that:
Taxation. II.11.1 The Contractor shall have sole responsibility for compliance with the tax laws which apply to him. Failure to comply shall make the relevant invoices invalid.
Taxation. (a) Each Obligor shall pay and discharge all Taxes imposed upon it or its assets within the time period allowed without incurring penalties unless and only to the extent that:
Taxation. (a) It is not (and none of its Subsidiaries is) materially overdue in the filing of any Tax returns and it is not (and none of its Subsidiaries is) overdue in the payment of any amount in respect of Tax.
Taxation. 1. Nothing in this Agreement or in any agreement adopted in implementation of this Agreement shall be construed to prevent the Parties from distinguishing, in the application of the relevant provisions of their fiscal legislation, between taxpayers who are not in the same situation, in particular with regard to their place of residence or with regard to the place where their capital is invested.