Canada Day Sample Clauses

Canada Day. Twenty-four (24) hours (Saturday and Sunday excluded*) from 7:00 a.m. (6:00 a.m.**) of Canada Day to 7:00 a.m. (6:00 a.m.**) of the following day.
Canada Day and any day proclaimed by the Government of Canada or the Province of Manitoba as a public holiday, and any day appointed by His/Her Worship the Mayor by proclamation as a holiday for the City, and, in addition, any day on which any of the above holidays are observed by the City. Time Off for Public Holidays
Canada Day. (h) Discovery Day
Canada Day. Labour Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day shall be designated as non-production days. However, on a voluntary basis, employees may be canvassed to work on those days. On those days qualified maintenance employees will be scheduled by volunteers first, and then by inverse seniority if necessary.
Canada Day. (l) the first Monday in August; and any other day(s) proclaimed as a holiday by the Federal or Provincial governments or such other day(s) the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development may declare a school holiday where those days fall on a normal working day.
Canada Day. 8.02 Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years’ Day will be granted in accordance with the following schedule when working the eight (8) hour shift model: When Christmas occurs on: Plant Normally Closed Paid Holidays New Year’s Day Sunday Sat. Sun. Mon. Tues. Mon. Tues Mon. (Jan. 2) Monday Sat. Sun. Mon. Tues. Mon. Tues Mon. Tuesday Sat. Sun. Mon. Tues. Mon. Tues Tues. Wednesday Wed. Thurs. Wed. Thurs. Wed.
Canada Day. (h) Discovery Day;
Canada Day. Day The first Monday August, or another day fixed by order of the Commissioner. The day fixed by Order of the Commissioner as a general day of Thanksgiving Remembrance Day Christmas Day Day One additional day when proclaimed by an Act of Parliament as a National Holiday one additional day when proclaimed by the Mayor of Repulse Bay. Where the Commissioneragrees to provide the majority of employees in any time off in support of a community function, those employees who are unable to take advantage of the time off because of operational requirements, will be paid at the overtime rate for hours worked during that period. Xxxxxx does not an employee who is absent without both the day immediately preceding and the day following the Designated Paid Holiday, except with the approval of the Board of Directors of the Association. Designated Paid Holiday on Rest Designated Paid Holidaycoincides with an employee's day of rest, the Designated Paid Holiday shall be moved to the employee's day his day of rest. When a Designated Paid Holiday for an employee is moved to another day under the of clause 16.04:
Canada Day. To qualify for payment of the holidays in 8.01, an employee must have worked his/her last scheduled shift prior to the holiday or his/her first scheduled shift after the holiday. Exception to this would be absences due to vacation or certified sick leave.