Broadcasting Sample Clauses

Broadcasting. 1. Member States undertake to:
Broadcasting. The University reserves all rights to determine the use of any broadcasting in any medium originating from the University’s premises for User’s Event. User shall make no arrangements or allow such broadcasting without written consent from University. Should the University consent in writing to any broadcasting in this regard, User is responsible for any costs associated therewith to be paid directly to the party providing the services. Media Coverage User shall inform University of any media coverage arranged by User for the Event at least 10 days prior to the Event.
Broadcasting. 1. The Parties consider the significance of broadcasting in the digital economy as well as its role as an avenue for cultural exchanges across national boundaries, and recognise the advancement of broadcasting technology as both a challenge and an opportunity for the Parties to derive mutual benefits. To this end, various ASEAN Member Countries and Korea, as may be interested, shall develop and promote cooperative activities in the field of broadcasting on a bilateral basis.
Broadcasting. The Hirer shall not grant sound or television broadcasting or filming rights without the prior written consent of the OWMA. If such consent is given, the OWMA reserves the right to be party to any negotiations as to the terms and conditions of any agreement to share any income and publicity derived therefrom.
Broadcasting. 1. The Parties, recognising the importance of broadcasting as a means for promoting cultural exchanges and understanding and the rapid development of broadcasting technology and innovative broadcasting services, will encourage co-operation in the field of broadcasting between the Parties.
Broadcasting. In return for the payments to be made by Programmer hereunder, during the Term, Licensee shall broadcast the Programs in analog and digital formats on the Stations, subject to the provisions of Section 6 below. To the extent reasonably necessary to perform this Agreement, during the Term, Licensee shall provide Programmer with the benefits of any of the Stations’ programming contracts, lease agreements and other operating contracts, and Programmer shall perform the obligations of Licensee thereunder, to the extent of the benefits received.
Broadcasting. This Agreement is for the transmission by broadcast on radio, transmission on other media when Internet is indicated, or both, of programs or announcements of the Customer for the purpose of advertising the named products or services and is subject to all applicable federal, state and municipal regulations, including the rules of the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission. All Customer Materials are subject to iHeartMedia’s approval (such approval not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed) and iHeartMedia may exercise a continuing right to reject such Customer Material, including a right to reject for unsatisfactory technical quality. All Customer Material must conform to iHeartMedia’s program and operating policies and iHeartMedia shall have the continuing right to edit in the public interest; provided, however, that iHeartMedia approval of such material shall not affect Customer’s indemnity obligation under this Agreement.
Broadcasting. The Licensee is allowed to broadcast the New Song on two (2) radio stations.
Broadcasting. The licensee agrees to pay an additional fee for using the fonts in broadcasts, video or film. An additional broadcasting license is needed and needs to be acquired from the foundry prior to first use. Broadcast and film usage refers to the use of the fonts in titling, credits or other text for any on-screen broadcast via televi- sion, video or motion picture. The broadcasting license is an annual renewable license extension.
Broadcasting. Club shall have the exclusive right to Broadcast Club Home Games and Special Events involving professional baseball players and any Special Event promoted or staged by Club at the Ballpark. Club shall exercise such right at the times and in the manner Club considers appropriate.