Broadcasting Sample Clauses

Broadcasting. Each Participant acknowledges and agrees that BLAST has the right to photograph, record, publish, broadcast, stream, disseminate, telecast, transmit, air, distribute, or otherwise exploit, in any manner whatsoever and in any and all media whether now known or hereinafter invented, all or any part of the Tournament and any services provided by, or image, representation or voice communications of, a Participant or a Team howsoever arising in respect of or connected to the Tournament (including but not limited to the products of such services).
Broadcasting. In return for the payments to be made by Programmer hereunder, during the Term, Licensee shall broadcast the Programs in analog and digital formats on the Stations, subject to the provisions of Section 6 below. To the extent reasonably necessary to perform this Agreement, during the Term, Licensee shall provide Programmer with the benefits of any of the Stations’ programming contracts, lease agreements and other operating contracts, and Programmer shall perform the obligations of Licensee thereunder, to the extent of the benefits received.
Broadcasting. Club shall have the exclusive right to Broadcast Club Home Games and Special Events involving professional baseball players and any Special Event promoted or staged by Club at the Ballpark. Club shall exercise such right at the times and in the manner Club considers appropriate.
Broadcasting. The Licensee is allowed to broadcast the New Song on two (2) radio stations.
Broadcasting. This Agreement is for the transmission by broadcast on radio, transmission on other media when Internet is indicated, or both, of programs or announcements of the Customer for the purpose of advertising the named products or services and is subject to all applicable federal, state and municipal regulations, including the rules of the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission. All Customer Materials are subject to iHeartMedia’s approval (such approval not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed) and iHeartMedia may exercise a continuing right to reject such Customer Material, including a right to reject for unsatisfactory technical quality. All Customer Material must conform to iHeartMedia’s program and operating policies and iHeartMedia shall have the continuing right to edit in the public interest; provided, however, that iHeartMedia approval of such material shall not affect Customer’s indemnity obligation under this Agreement.
Broadcasting. 1. The Parties, recognising the importance of broadcasting as a means for promoting cultural exchanges and understanding and the rapid development of broadcasting technology and innovative broadcasting services, will encourage co-operation in the field of broadcasting between the Parties.
Broadcasting. No hirer shall grant sound or television broadcasting or filming rights without the prior written conditional consent of the Manager. If such conditional consent is given the Willenhall Community Forum Ltd reserves the right to be a party to any negotiations and to the terms and conditions of any agreement reached between the hirer and any third party or parties and to share any income and publicity derived there from.
Broadcasting. All Competitors acknowledge, and shall obtain written acknowledgements and releases from all of their Team Members, sponsors, licensees and other commercial partners, that COR/D, the Title Sponsor, and their licensees and authorized agents, including the authorized broadcasters and other content providers, shall be entitled, without payment of fees to any person including Competitors or any of their Team Members, sponsors, licensees or other commercial partners, to reproduce, broadcast, transmit, print, publish and/or disseminate worldwide in any medium the names, logos, images, likenesses and voices of Competitors, their yachts and other vessels, their Team Members, sponsors, licensees or other commercial partners and/or burgee for the purposes of broadcasting or otherwise transmitting the whole or any part or parts of any Event or Events in any medium, live or by way of delayed coverage, and in the distribution, exploitation, advertising and promotion of such coverage of the Event(s). COR/D may also include, with the prior agreement of the Title Sponsor which shall not unreasonably withheld, the names and/or logos of COR/D‘s sponsors, licensees and/or other commercial partners within any Event related broadcast or transmission.
Broadcasting. A. Upon prior written notification to Owner of the anticipated broadcast schedule, Licensee, at its sole cost and expense, shall have the right to, in any reasonable manner, transmit, record or videotape or otherwise reproduce or disseminate all or any part of, or a description of all or any part of, the Games or Licensee Events (including but not limited to radio, broadcast and non-broadcast television, closed circuit television and/or pay television, video disc, compact disc recording, the internet, satellite, broadband, or other media) (herein referred to collectively as a "Broadcast,") and all such Broadcasts may be originated and produced by a company selected by Licensee. Owner agrees that it will not charge an origination fee in connection with Broadcasts of the Games or Licensee Events, and will permit Licensee to use existing utility lines in the Arena in connection with such Broadcasts; however, Licensee shall reimburse Owner for any and all out-of-pocket costs (including, without limitation, the costs of providing any necessary interconnections and electrical hook-ups) incurred by Owner in connection with such Broadcasts. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as preventing Owner from charging any third party (including without limitation any visiting hockey team or entity with which Licensee contracts to broadcast such Games) a charge in connection with an out-of-market Broadcast of a Game, provided that, in regard to any decision concerning charging for such Broadcasts, if the Broadcast is to be limited to the home market of the opposing team, Owner will consent to such Broadcast in the opposing Team’s home market, without additional charge. Licensee shall cause all entities with which Licensee contracts to broadcast Games or Licensee Events to arrange with Owner the terms and conditions (which must be satisfactory to Owner in its reasonable discretion) under which such entities may have access to, and the use made by such parties of, the Arena.
Broadcasting. The PCA introduced a statutory remuneration right for broadcasting in 2000. This law amendment was revolutionary for the functioning of the royalty mechanism in Poland. Public broadcasting services and certain private broadcasting organisations were willing to voluntarily conclude agreements with CMOs and play by the rules. However, with regard to some other private broadcasters, ZAPA conducted many years of litigation, as a result of which they were obliged to pay the remuneration with high interests. CHART 7 ZAPA’s collection for broadcasting in 2005-2020 / Source: internal data The graph illustrates that the collection for broadcasting is constantly increasing. The stable growth in the total revenue is in a great part due to the continuous conclusion of new contracts. In years marked in the graph as peaks, ZAPA collected high back payments from a major broadcaster – Polsat, a popular Polish free-to-air television channel. Since several years, ZAPA relations with most broadcasters have been regarded as correct and almost seamless.ZAPA’s relations with the market leaders have been defined for some time now and changes relate mainly to the increased advertising revenue of the broadcasters. As of today, ZAPA collects revenues from all major broadcasters and covers the entire market with contracts.In 2020, ZAPA actively monitored the market of TV broadcasters in order to search for new business partners. Negotiations were held with smaller users who until recently had not exploited the repertoire protected by the CMO.