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BEDFORD. Loretta Getchell, City Manager Jimmy Stathatos, City Manager City of Euless City of Bedford 201 N. Ector Dr 2000 Forest Ridge Euless, Texas 76039 Bedford, Texas 76021
BEDFORD. Bedford Property Investors, Inc., a Maryland corporation By: /s/ Stephen M. Silla Stephen M. Silla, Senior Vice President Foothill/Purchase Contract/12/17/03 OC\628344.5 EXHIBIT A Legal Description If no legal description for the Property is included at the time of signing this Agreement, the legal description for the Property shall be as shown on the approved Title Commitment. # Foothill/Purchase Contract/12/17/03 OC\628344.5 EXHIBIT B Description of Personal Property The following Personal Property is to be conveyed by Seller to Bedford in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Unless the word “None” is set forth below, if no property is listed on this Exhibit B the list of Personal Property shall be agreed upon by Bedford and Seller within twenty days after the Agreement Date. Interior plants. EXHIBIT C RECORDING REQUESTED BY AND ) WHEN RECORDED MAIL TO: ) ) Bedford Property Investors, Inc. ) 270 Lafayette Circle ) Lafayette, CA, 94549 ) Attention: Diana Green ) ) Above Space for Recorder’s Use Only GRANT DEED The undersigned Grantor declares that Documentary Transfer Tax is not part of the public records and is being paid in accordance with a separate statement: FOR VALUE RECEIVED, Foothill-Operon I, LLC, a California limited liability company (“Grantor”), grants to Bedford Property Investors, Inc., a Maryland corporation (“Grantee”), all that certain real property (“Property”) located in the County of Orange, State of California, as more particularly described on Exhibit A attached hereto. This Grant Deed is made by Grantor and accepted by Grantee subject to: (i) non-delinquent real property taxes and assessments; (ii) all covenants, conditions, restrictions and easements and all rights of way and other matters of record; (iii) all matters ascertainable by a reasonable inspection or survey of the Property; and (iv) all matters affecting the condition of title to the Property suffered or created by or with the written consent of Grantee. MAIL TAX STATEMENTS TO PARTY SHOWN ON FOLLOWING LINE; IF NO PARTY SO SHOWN, MAIL AS DIRECTED ABOVE. Name Street Address City and State IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Grantor has executed this Grant Deed this ____ day of _________, 2003. GRANTOR: FOOTHILL-OPERON I, LLC, a California limited liability company By: ROBERT J. SEARLES, Member By: DONALD E. RUSSELL, Member By: FOOTHILL 6-IV/8-10, LLC, a California limited liability company, Member By: BUCK CORPORATION, INC., a California corporation, Member By: Its: By: FOOTHILL 6...
BEDFORD. Bedford Property Investors, Inc., a Maryland corporation By: _____________________________ Stephen M. Silla, Senior Vice President AGREED AND ACCEPTED: First American Title Insurance Company By: Its: Exhibit 1 Owner Holdback: Monthly Maximum Rent Total Suite No. – Sq. Ft. Payment Expense A-220 – 2,255 $4,735.50 $56,826.00 C-330 – 4,785 $10,048.50 $120,582.00 C-350 – 629 $1,320.90 $15,850.80 C-360 – 5,157 $10,829.70 $129,956.40 Total – 12,826 $323,215.20 EXHIBIT H FORM OF ASSIGNMENT OF LEASES FOR GOOD AND VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, the receipt and sufficiency of which are acknowledged, the undersigned “Assignor” hereby assigns, transfers, sets-over and delivers unto BEDFORD PROPERTY INVESTORS, INC., a Maryland corporation (“Assignee”), all of the rights, benefits and privileges of Assignor in, to and under all the leases identified on Schedule 1 attached hereto and incorporated herein (collectively, the “Leases”); TO HAVE AND TO HOLD unto Assignee, its successors and assigns, forever. Assignor will, at any time and from time to time, upon written request therefor, execute and deliver to Assignee, any new or confirmatory instruments which Assignee may reasonably request, in order to fully assign and transfer to and vest in Assignee and to protect Assignee's right, title and interest in, to and under, the Leases or to otherwise realize upon or enjoy such rights therein and thereto. Assignee hereby assumes all of the terms, covenants, and conditions to be performed by Assignor under the Leases on or after the date of this Assignment. Assignee agrees to and shall indemnify and defend, Assignor, its officers, managers, members, partners, directors, employees, successors and assigns, and hold them harmless, from and against any and all claims, demands, losses and liabilities which arise or are alleged to arise from any act or omission in the exercise and performance of the rights and obligations hereunder assumed, or the ownership of or operation pursuant to the Leases; provided that the agreement to indemnify, defend and hold harmless shall only apply with respect to any loss, damage or injury which occurs from or after the date of this Assignment (i.e., the actual event of loss, damage or injury must occur from and after the date of this Assignment). The provisions of this paragraph shall extend to and embrace costs and out-of-pocket, third-party expenses actually and reasonably incurred in the investigation and defense of any matter otherwise included within the ...
BEDFORD. EXHIBIT A A certain parcel of land shown as Lot 16 on a plan of land entitled "Land Court Plan of Land in Bedford, Mass." dated March 18, 1983 by Joseph W. Moore Co., filed with Middlesex South Registry District of the Land Court as Plan Number 11345J bounded and described as follows: Northerly by Oak Park Drive, 90.00 feet; Northwesterly by Lot 11 on Land Court Plan 11345H, 424.48 feet; Southwesterly by Lot 15 on the Plan first mentioned above, 94.55 feet; Southerly by Land now or formerly of R & W Realty Trust a total of 405.21 feet; Southeasterly by Lot 2 on Land Court Plan 11345C, 240.00 feet; Northeasterly by Lot 9 on Land Court Plan 11345 H, 269.16 feet; and Easterly by said Lot 9, 123.58 feet. Being a portion of the premises described in Middlesex South Registry District of the Land Court Certificate of Title 167179, in Registration Book 966, Page 29. NONDISTURBANCE AND ATTORNMENT AGREEMENT This is a Nondisturbance and Attornment Agreement dated this 30th day of April, 1997 by and between William J. Callahan, Jr. and Joan/ Callahan, Trustees of WJCC Realty Trust under declaration of trust dated January 31, 1983, registered with the Middlesex South Registry of District of the Land Court as Document No. 635483 ("Ground Lessor") and NitroMed, Inc., a Delaware corporation ("Tenant").
BEDFORD. There shall at all times be at least one Administrator. Except where a requirement for action by a specific number of Administrators is expressly set forth in this Declaration and except with respect to any action the taking of which is the subject of a meeting of the Administrators, any action required or permitted to be taken by the Administrators may be taken by, and any power of the Administrators may be exercised by, or with the consent of, any one such Administrator.
BEDFORD. Bedford Property Investors, Inc., a Maryland corporation By: /s/ Stephen M. Silla Stephen M. Silla, Senior Vice President Date: November 3, 2003 SELLER: Jackson-Shaw/Northport Limited Partnership, a Nevada limited partnership By: Jackson-Shaw / Nevada, Inc., a Nevada corporation, its general partner By: /s/ Lewis W. Shaw II Name: Lewis W. Shaw II Title: President Date: November 4, 2003 OPTIONOR: [acknowledging Article 13 only] Jackson-Shaw / Northport III Limited Partnership, a Nevada limited partnership By: Jackson-Shaw / Nevada, Inc. a Nevada corporation, its General Partner By: /s/ Lewis W. Shaw II Name: Lewis W. Shaw II Title: President Date:: November 4, 2003 - # - Northport/Purchase Contract 12/16/03 EXHIBIT A

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Millwright An hourly premium of 10% of his wage rate shall be paid to the employee for every hour worked under the conditions specified in Subsection 1), seven days a week (Sunday to Saturday), including all overtime hours worked.
Campbell Telecopy: (410) 659-2701 if to Spinco: Abacus Innovations Corporation Telecopy: with a copy (which shall not constitute notice) to: Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP One Rodney Square 920 N. King Street Wilmington, DE 19801 Attention: Robert B. Pincus, Esq. Telecopy: (302) 434-3090 or to such other address or telecopy number and with such other copies, as such Party may hereafter specify for that purpose by notice to the other Party. Each such notice, request or other communication shall be effective (a) on the day delivered (or if that day is not a Business Day, on the first following day that is a Business Day) when (i) delivered personally against receipt or (ii) sent by overnight courier, (b) on the day when transmittal confirmation is received if sent by telecopy (or if that day is not a Business Day, on the first following day that is a Business Day), and (c) if given by any other means, upon delivery or refusal of delivery at the address specified in this Section 7.
S.T If Federal Funds are not received on time, such funds will be invested, and shares purchased thereby will be issued, as soon as practicable.
Gardens 7.13 If your home includes a garden, you must at all times keep it cultivated and free from rubbish, pests and weeds. You must also maintain any trees so as not to endanger the health and safety of people in the vicinity or cause damage to any other property. You may be recharged for the cost of any necessary clearance or maintenance work undertaken by the council. Smoke detectors
Mitchell Hutchins obligation to pay compensation to PaineWebber as agreed upon pursuant to this paragraph 4 is not contingent upon receipt by Mitchell Hutchins of any compensation from the Fund or Series. Mitchell Hutchins shall advise the Board of any agreements or revised agreements as to compensation to be paid by Mitchell Hutchins to PaineWebber at their first regular meeting held after such agreement but shall not be required to obtain prior approval for such agreements from the Board.
Roosevelt the former President of the United States, Henry Ford, the deceased automobile manufacturer, and John D. Rockefeller, the founder of the Standard Oil Company, known to be alive on the date of the execution, acknowledgment and delivery of this Lease.
Asset Management Supplier will: i) maintain an asset inventory of all media and equipment where Accenture Data is stored. Access to such media and equipment will be restricted to authorized Personnel; ii) classify Accenture Data so that it is properly identified and access to it is appropriately restricted; iii) maintain an acceptable use policy with restrictions on printing Accenture Data and procedures for appropriately disposing of printed materials that contain Accenture Data when such data is no longer needed under the Agreement; iv) maintain an appropriate approval process whereby Supplier’s approval is required prior to its Personnel storing Accenture Data on portable devices, remotely accessing Accenture Data, or processing such data outside of Supplier facilities. If remote access is approved, Personnel will use multi-factor authentication, which may include the use of smart cards with certificates, One Time Password (OTP) tokens, and biometrics.
Williams William W. Dolan, Trustee Debra Finehout of the Grace Duffey Trust --------------------------- ------------------------------------- Edward A. Berstling Barbara J. Baker --------------------------- ------------------------------------- Nicole A. Longridge H.R. Williams Shareholders signed only as to and limited to Sections 1, 2, 3, 9.2 and 10.7: --------------------------- ------------------------------------- Stephen A. Michael William W. Dolan, Trustee of the Spencer Charles Duffey Irrevocable Trust under Agreement dated the 29th day of July, 1998 --------------------------- ------------------------------------- William W. Dolan William W. Dolan, Trustee of the Elizabeth Charles Duffey Irrevocable Trust under Agreement dated the 29th day of July, 1998 --------------------------- ------------------------------------- Robert T. Roth Scot Lance --------------------------- ------------------------------------- Scott Tannehill Joseph F. Movizzo
Brant, Haldimand, Norfolk The Employer recognizes the Ontario Nurses’ Association as the bargaining agent for all Registered and Graduate Nurses engaged in a nursing capacity by Aberdeen Health and Community Services, Brant-Norfolk-Haldimand in the County of Brant and the Region of Haldimand-Norfolk save and except Supervisors and those persons above the rank of Supervisor.
Martin Luther King Jr s Birthday (3rd Monday in January)