Battalion Chiefs Sample Clauses

Battalion Chiefs. Employees temporarily assigned to work as a Battalion Chief for one half (½) shift shall receive a five (5%) percent wage supplement paid retroactively to the beginning of the first shift.
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Battalion Chiefs. (a) Current employment with the County as a Captain, ARFF Captain, Special Operations Captain or EMS Captain; and
Battalion Chiefs. The goal is to have each battalion chief staffed with an apparatus operator.
Battalion Chiefs. The Battalion Chiefs shall be next in rank to the Deputy Fire Chief. They, or their designates, shall serve as the shift commanders and respond to all emergency calls specified in policy and procedures. They shall serve as Incident Commander at emergency scenes and plan, lead, organize, and control all aspects of emergency response. The Battalion Chiefs shall be the direct superiors to the House Captains and Captains on their respective shifts. In the absence of the Deputy Chief or Fire Chief, they may be assigned to operate in that capacity. They shall carry out the essential job duties and responsibilities as cased in their internal directives and, as needed, other duties as directed by the Deputy Chief and/or Fire Chief.
Battalion Chiefs. (a) Current employment with the County as a Captain, XXXX Captain, Special Operations Captain or EMS Captain; and
Battalion Chiefs. Each shift or Battalion shall have as its commander an officer of the rank of Battalion Chief who shall be in command of all personnel in all stations of the Firefighting Division on his/her shift or Battalion. In general, Battalion Chief’s shall carry out and see that they are carried out, all the duties for ranking officers as set forth in the rules and regulations of the department.
Battalion Chiefs. The Battalion Chiefs have elected individual representation during the term of this agreement and are not covered by this MOU.
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Battalion Chiefs. (1) Shared SAN MATEO and XXXXXX CITY Battalion Chiefs shall provide operational oversight of a 24-hour shift, including all line personnel and apparatus assigned to that shift for BELMONT FIRE, all in accordance with the requirements of state and local laws, applicable BELMONT FIRE regulations and the customary duties of a battalion chief.
Battalion Chiefs. Shift Coverage Shift Fire Battalion Chief absences will be covered by an off duty Fire Battalion Chief, through the Call Back options listed below. A Fire Battalion Chief working shift coverage in excess of 4 hours for another Fire Battalion Chief will receive a stipend at the rate of 1.275% of base pay for each hour worked. Fire Battalion Chiefs continue to be overtime exempt and will perform all other additional work without additional compensation except as described above under “Administrative Leave”.
Battalion Chiefs. Call Back Shift coverage call back shall be as follows: First Option – Rank for rank Second Option – Certified actors.
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