Entitlements for Successful Applicants Sample Clauses

Entitlements for Successful Applicants. (i) Orientation/Training: A registrant who accepts an offer of available work shall be entitled to a reasonable amount of orientation and/or training.
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Entitlements for Successful Applicants. A who accepts an offer of available work shall be entitled to a reasonable amount of orientation and its: who are for health and welfare benefits at the institution shall have the waived to carrier provisions. All shall have their who accept an offer of available work at the institution If for all other than severance accrual for the will be recalculated in accordance with the collective at the institution. Costs for Relocation costs for successful applicants who residence as a result of the that are supported proper of expenditures within of will be paid the institution in accordance with its relocation position for which the was hired. If and practices for the is available, the cost will be reimbursed to the institution from the Labour Fund. institution and returns to work at the institution will Day relocation costs from that institution that hired in accordance with it's relocation and practices for the Dosition for which the was hired. of Rea Emplovers shall all activities to the Relations Committee, names of those interviewed and those hired. Signed on behalf of the Employer: Signed on behalf of the Union: I. Chair University College Board Government Employees' Union University College Support Staff Bargaining Unit Chairperson Government and Employees' Union & Negotiating Committee University College Staff Service Employees' Union LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING ELECTRONIC JOB APPENDIX SECONDARY ASSOCIATION FORM (For use Institute of Start Date: Previous Position Held: Current Position Held: Date of Notice: Date of
Entitlements for Successful Applicants 

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  • PERFORMING AGENCY RESPONSIBILITY FOR SYSTEM AGENCY’S TERMINATION COSTS If the System Agency terminates the Contract for cause, the Performing Agency shall be responsible to the System Agency for all costs incurred by the System Agency and the State of Texas to replace the Performing Agency. These costs include, but are not limited to, the costs of procuring a substitute vendor and the cost of any claim or litigation attributable to Performing Agency’s failure to perform any Work in accordance with the terms of the Contract.

  • Contract Audits Eligible Purchaser represents and warrants that it shall cooperate with Enterprise Services, the Office of the State Auditor, federal officials, and/or any third party authorized by law or contract, in any audit conducted by such party pertaining to any Contracts that Eligible Purchaser has made purchases from pursuant to this Agreement, including providing records related to any purchases from such Contracts.

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