Landscape Maintenance Sample Clauses

Landscape Maintenance. Contractor shall regularly maintain (e.g. water, weed, prune and repair) all landscaped areas within the Shoreway Center property so that they present a neat and attractive appearance to the satisfaction of the AUTHORITY. Contractor shall replace all plant materials (trees, bushes, etc.) which are damaged or killed by Contractor’s operations with plant materials of the same type, unless a different type is approved in advance by the AUTHORITY.
Landscape Maintenance. A. All landscaped areas shall be inspected on a regular basis with each scheduled mowing. Weeds shall be removed manually, through cultivation dependent upon planting concentration and location. Weeds and grasses shall be removed from all planted areas within seven (7) days from the time they are first visible. “Weed-eater” or similar equipment shall NOT be utilized to remove weeds. All landscaped areas shall be fertilized in accordance with the type of plant material. All areas shall be free of moisture at the time the fertilizer is applied, and then be thoroughly watered immediately after the fertilizer is applied.
Landscape Maintenance. Landscape maintenance is to be performed during the growing season on a weekly cycle and will consist of the following: Watering, mowing and policing area to keep it free of debris. Pruning and fertilization are to be done on an as needed basis. In addition, dead or dying plants are to be replaced.
Landscape Maintenance. Developer shall maintain all landscaping until Final Landscape Acceptance, including the following activities:
Landscape Maintenance. Members of the bargaining unit shall perform landscape maintenance in the nature of customary pruning, mowing, fertilizing, and watering on Saturdays when a reduced level of activity is scheduled.
Landscape Maintenance. Developer shall design the landscape and groundplane treatments to facilitate and minimize future maintenance. Plant materials selected shall be drought tolerant, native species that have a proven track record of success in the region. All plant placements shall be based on IFA’s and KYTC’s requirements in the respective states. Developer shall match the planting densities by plant type (tree, shrub, groundcover, etc.) to the IFA-approved Aesthetics and Enhancement Implementation Plan for all plantings. Developer shall provide native seeding for any East End Crossing areas disturbed and not designated for planting with the exception of rock embankments and rock cut slopes.
Landscape Maintenance. Landlord shall maintain landscaping in the Common Area of the Building and Property.
Landscape Maintenance. Provider shall maintain the Veterans Cemetery grounds and keep them in an attractive condition, appropriate to the seasonal weather and the location’s soil, water, climate, and topography in accordance with the Board’s Operating Manual. Provider shall ensure that the grass, trees, bushes, shrubs, flowers, and other plants are mowed, trimmed, clipped, watered, and fertilized as seasonally appropriate. Furthermore, Provider shall sweep and clean all sidewalks and outside concrete or paved areas, keeping them free of trash and debris.
Landscape Maintenance. All landscaping on each Building Site and on the landscaped portions and curbs of any abutting street right-of-way shall be properly maintained by the Owner or tenant of the Building Site, which maintenance shall include removal of all trash and debris and all necessary cutting, watering, fertilizing, aerating, spraying, pruning and required replacements.
Landscape Maintenance. (c) to maintain the approved landscaping in a state acceptable to the City's Manager of Site Development and Customer Service. SITE LIGHTING MAINTENANCE