Additional Products Sample Clauses

Additional Products. If Customer uses any Additional Product, the Processor Services may allow that Additional Product to access Customer Personal Data as required for the interoperation of the Additional Product with the Processor Services. For clarity, these Data Processing Terms do not apply to the processing of personal data in connection with the provision of any Additional Product used by Customer, including personal data transmitted to or from that Additional Product.
Additional Products. Customer desires to add Products to the Support Agreement in accordance with this Support Agreement.
Additional Products. Customer acknowledges that if it installs, uses, or enables Additional Products, the Services may allow such Additional Products to access Customer Data as required for the interoperation of those Additional Products with the Services. This Data Processing Amendment does not apply to the processing of data transmitted to or from such Additional Products. Customer can enable or disable Additional Products. Customer is not required to use Additional Products in order to use the Services.
Additional Products. The terms of this Agreement apply only to the Licensee Products specifically described in Exhibit D (Licensee Products, Royalties and Fees). Licensee may add new Licensee Products to the list in Section I(A) of Exhibit D (Licensee Products, Royalties and Fees) upon prior written notice to PalmSource, provided that PalmSource may require additional Maintenance and Support Fees and Development and Training Fees (as defined under Section 5.2(b) (Ongoing Obligation)) to be paid which reasonably reflect the increased support, maintenance, development and training resources that would be required from PalmSource.
Additional Products. Contractor shall provide the same discount percentages that applies to the three (3) Required Product categories (Warranty and Services, Components, and Peripherals), to the Additional Products in their respective categories. For all Additional Products, the discount percentages will apply to the Net NYS Contract Price from the Manufacturer Umbrella Contract Price List. These discount percentages were applied to the original Additional Products bid and will apply to any future Additional Products added within the scope of the Agreement. Only Additional Products approved by OGS for inclusion on the Configuration Price List may be offered under this Agreement. Discount percentages may be increased, but not decreased during the term of the Agreement and any extensions. Category Discount percentages are only applicable for products listed on this Agreement Price List. Products that are on the Manufacturers Umbrella Price List shall not be offered with the Category Discount under this agreement unless first being submitted to OGS for approval via Attachment 5 - Pricing Modification Form. AGREEMENT DOCUMENTS/ORDER OF PRECEDENCE. This Agreement is comprised of the following documents. Any conflicts or inconsistencies among such documents shall be resolved by giving precedence to the documents in the following order:
Additional Products. Throughout the Term, Rockwell shall provide to DaVita and the DaVita Facilities the right to purchase and/or lease all current or new products manufactured, utilized, licensed, sold or distributed by Rockwell or any of its Affiliates (including products and product lines acquired by Rockwell or any of its Affiliates as a result of an acquisition, merger or other transaction involving Rockwell or any of its Affiliates) that are or that become Commercially Available and which are not already covered by this Agreement or by any other agreement, whether written or oral, between the parties hereto (such products are collectively referred to as “Additional Products” and individually as an “Additional Product”). Rockwell agrees to include DaVita in all of its and its Affiliates distributions of customer announcements regarding Rockwell’s or its Affiliates’ Additional Products. The purchase price for any such Additional Products shall be negotiated by the parties hereto in good faith and the agreed upon purchase price shall be memorialized in writing as a supplement or amendment to this Agreement. Rockwell covenants and agrees that it shall only make an offer for the sale of any Additional Product(s) to DaVita’s Vice-President of Clinical Operations, Chief Medical Officer, or Vice-President of Purchasing, and not to any DaVita Facility directly; provided that the purchase of any Additional Product by DaVita or any DaVita Facility through a Rockwell product catalog made generally available to the dialysis community shall not be a breach by Rockwell of this Section 8.1. If Rockwell or any of its Affiliates acquires any Additional Product(s) as a result of an acquisition, merger or other transaction involving Rockwell or any of its Affiliates with a Person with which DaVita or a DaVita Facility, as applicable, already has a purchase or rebate arrangement whether written or oral (a “Prior Agreement”), Rockwell or such Affiliate covenants and agrees that it shall continue to abide by all of the terms and conditions of such Prior Agreement or if DaVita requests, such Additional Product(s) shall be included in this Agreement on terms to be negotiated and determined by the parties hereto as provided in this Section 8.1.
Additional Products. At any time after the Effective Date, either ------------------- Party may make a written proposal to the Joint Development Committee regarding the Development of an Additional Product. Such proposal shall include (i) any data and other information in its possession which may be relevant to the use of the proposed Product, (ii) a reasonably detailed outline of the major Development activities required to obtain Marketing Authorization for such proposed Product in the United States, including a timeline for performing such activities, (iii) an estimated budget for the expected Development Expenses and Marketing Expenses for such proposed Product, (iv) an appropriate market analysis of the proposed Product (including market size, competitive analysis, etc.), and (v) preliminary sales forecasts and estimated Cost of Goods for the proposed Product. Thereafter, the Joint Development Committee shall meet in order to review such proposal.
Additional Products. 38 4.4 U.S. Development Plans ................................................... 40 4.5 Implementation of U.S. Development Plans ................................. 41 4.6
Additional Products. To the extent that one (1) or more additional Candidates or Products, as the case may be, are Developed and Commercialized following receipt of Commercialization Regulatory Approval of the first Product, Xxxxxx shall make each of the following non-refundable, non-creditable payments to Enanta within thirty (30) days after the occurrence of each of the following milestone events for each additional Product that is not a Co-Developed Product (each, an “Additional Product”): [*****] [*****] [*****] [*****] [*****] [*****]