Accommodations Sample Clauses

Accommodations. Clean accommodations will be provided for employees to have their meals and keep their clothes.
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Accommodations. (a) Lender may, in its sole discretion, issue or cause to be issued, from time to time at Borrower's request and on terms and conditions and for purposes satisfactory to Lender, credit accommodations consisting of letters of credit, bankers' acceptances, merchandise purchase guaranties or other guaranties or indemnities for Borrower's account ("Accommodations"). Borrower shall execute and perform additional agreements relating to the Accommodations in form and substance acceptable to Lender and the issuer of any Accommodations, all of which shall supplement the rights and remedies granted herein. Any payments made by Lender or any affiliate of Lender in connection with the Accommodations shall constitute additional Revolving Loans to Borrower.
Accommodations. The University will make a reasonable modification to its policy, practice and procedures to accommodate Tenant, if disabled. Accommodations based on disability may be provided with the recommendation of: • UCSF Student Disability Services (for students), (000) 000-0000, or • Disability and Leave Administration, (for employees), (000) 000-0000.
Accommodations. Any request to limit student use of this device must be submitted in written form to administration. Administration reserves the right to restrict student use of the device for non-compliance with terms of agreement. Objectionable or Harmful Material Prohibited Users are prohibited from viewing, accessing, or downloading material that is unlawful, abusive, objectionable, pornographic, or otherwise prohibited by District policy or applicable laws.
Accommodations. Employees on distant location shall be entitled to single room housing when it is reasonably available.
Accommodations. When a job is located outside the Greater Vancouver area, the Employer shall provide free room and board or living-out-allowance as provided herein for all employees, except those classified as bona fide local residents. Where there is no camp accommodation, the following shall be provided at the option of the employee:
Accommodations. A. Students requesting to receive consideration for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations must verify their disability with the Office for Students with Disabilities by completing all necessary paperwork, including the “Special Accommodations Request Form”.
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Accommodations i. Facilitate a building process for consistent and effective distribution of individual student IEP accommodations
Accommodations. Each of Administrative Agent and the Lenders have advised each Borrower that it is unwilling to enter into this Agreement and the other Loan Documents and make available the credit facilities extended hereby or thereby to any Borrower unless each Borrower agrees, among other things, to be jointly and severally liable for the due and proper payment of the Obligations of each other Borrower. Each Borrower has determined that it is in its best interest and in pursuit of its purposes that it so induce the Lenders to extend credit pursuant to this Agreement and the other documents executed in connection with this Agreement (a) because of the desirability to each Borrower of the credit facilities under this Agreement and the interest rates and the modes of borrowing available under this Agreement and under those other documents; (b) because each Borrower might engage in transactions jointly with other Borrowers; and (c) because each Borrower might require, from time to time, access to funds under this Agreement for the purposes set forth in this Agreement. Each Borrower, individually, expressly understands, agrees, and acknowledges that the credit facilities contemplated under this Agreement would not be made available on the terms of this Agreement in the absence of the collective credit of all the Borrowers, and the joint and several liability of all the Borrowers. Accordingly, each Borrower acknowledges that the benefit of the accommodations made under this Agreement to the Borrowers, as a whole, constitutes reasonably equivalent value, regardless of the amount of the indebtedness actually borrowed by, advanced to, or the amount of credit provided to, or the amount of collateral provided by, any one Borrower.
Accommodations. Accommodations shall be provided for employees to have their meals and keep their clothes as they are presently located. The following shall be provided:
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