Other Borrowers Sample Clauses

Other Borrowers. The other Borrowers are bound by the terms of this Supplemental Agreement.
Other Borrowers. Except for distributions of assets or property in connection with discontinuing the operations of certain Other Borrowers, each of the Other Borrowers has never transferred to Seller or Clinsite any material assets or other material property except for fair consideration.
Other Borrowers. (a) A certified copy* of the constitutional documents of each other dated no more than ten (10) Business Days prior to the date of this Agreement.
Other Borrowers. In the event that any other entity or party becomes a "Borrower" hereunder, such entity shall immediately enter into loan documents on terms substantially similar to the Loan Documents, pursuant to which each such entity's assets shall be pledged as collateral for the Loans.
Other Borrowers. Incur any indebtedness, other than normal --------------- accruals and operating expenses.
Other Borrowers. Collectively, The GC Net Lease (Phoenix Chandler) Investors, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“GC Phoenix Chandler”), The GC Net Lease (Beaver Creek) Investors, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“XX Xxxxxx Creek”), The GC Net Lease (Houston Enclave) Investors, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“XX Xxxxxxx Enclave”), and The GC Net Lease (Charlotte) Investors, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“GC Charlotte”).
Other Borrowers. Borrowers other than distribution borrowers may also submit requests for execution of a new loan contract pursuant to this subpart and a new mortgage pursuant to sub- part B of this part. RUS may approve such requests if it determines that such approval is in the government’s fi- nancial interest. If other mortgagees are on the borrower’s existing xxxx- xxxx, their concurrence would be re- quired before a new mortgage could be executed. § 1718.102 Definitions.
Other Borrowers. The effectiveness of this Agreement with respect to the Loan Parties other than SpinCo is subject to the Administrative Agent, on or prior to the Effective Date, having received original counterparts hereof signed by each of the parties hereto (or, in the case of any party as to which an original executed counterpart has not been received, receipt by the Administrative Agent in form satisfactory to it of an electronic copy of such original executed counterpart). On and after the Effective Date, the rights and obligations of the parties hereto shall be governed by the provisions hereof.
Other Borrowers. Collectively, Xxxxxxx (Mechanicsburg) Essential Asset REIT II, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“GC Mechanicsburg”), Xxxxxxx (Columbus) Essential Asset REIT II, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“GC Columbus”), Xxxxxxx (Houston Westgate II) Essential Asset REIT II, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“XX Xxxxxxx Westgate II”), Xxxxxxx (Phoenix Xxxxxxxxx TRCW) Essential Asset REIT II, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“GC Phoenix Xxxxxxxxx TRCW”), Xxxxxxx (Phoenix Xxxxxxxxx IPC) Essential Asset REIT II, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“GC Phoenix Xxxxxxxxx IPC”) and Xxxxxxx (Las Vegas Xxxxx) Essential Asset REIT II, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“GC Las Vegas Xxxxx”).

Related to Other Borrowers

  • Co-Borrowers Borrowers are jointly and severally liable for the Obligations and Bank may proceed against one Borrower to enforce the Obligations without waiving its right to proceed against any other Borrower. This Agreement and the Loan Documents are a primary and original obligation of each Borrower and shall remain in effect notwithstanding future changes in conditions, including any change of law or any invalidity or irregularity in the creation or acquisition of any Obligations or in the execution or delivery of any agreement between Bank and any Borrower. Each Borrower shall be liable for existing and future Obligations as fully as if all of the Credit Extensions were advanced to such Borrower. Bank may rely on any certificate or representation made by any Borrower as made on behalf of, and binding on, all Borrowers, including without limitation advance request forms and compliance certificates. Each Borrower appoints each other Borrower as its agent with all necessary power and authority to give and receive notices, certificates or demands for and on behalf of all Borrowers, to act as disbursing agent for receipt of any Credit Extensions on behalf of each Borrower and to apply to Bank on behalf of each Borrower for any Credit Extension, any waivers and any consents. This authorization cannot be revoked, and Bank need not inquire as to one Borrower’s authority to act for or on behalf of another Borrower.

  • BORROWERS Securities may be lent to any Borrower listed in Appendix 1, as such Appendices may be updated from time to time to add new Borrowers and to delete entities that have ceased to be potential Borrowers. Chase will provide Lender with notice of each addition of a Borrower to such list. If Lender notifies Chase in writing within twenty Business Days from the date of any such notice that it objects to a potential Borrower, no Loans of Securities will be made to such potential Borrower. If Lender does not so object within such twenty Business Day period, each potential Borrower notified to Lender by Chase shall be deemed acceptable to Lender. If Lender notifies Chase that a Borrower or potential Borrower is not acceptable, Chase shall be responsible for ensuring that no Securities are lent to such entity.

  • Borrower The term “Borrower” as used herein shall include any new or successor corporation, association, partnership (general or limited), limited liability company, joint venture, trust or other individual or organization formed as a result of any merger, reorganization, sale, transfer, devise, gift or bequest of Borrower or any interest in Borrower.

  • OBLIGATIONS OF BORROWER Until payment in full of all Loan Facility Obligations and termination of the Loan Documents, Borrower agrees as follows:

  • Waiver by Borrower Upon the occurrence of an Event of Default, to the extent permitted by law, Borrower covenants that it will not at any time insist upon or plead, or in any manner whatsoever claim or take any benefit or advantage of, any stay or extension law now or at any time hereafter in force, nor claim, take nor insist upon any benefit or advantage of or from any law now or hereafter in force providing for the valuation or appraisement of the Collateral or any part thereof prior to any sale or sales thereof to be made pursuant to any provision herein contained, or to the decree, judgment or order of any court of competent jurisdiction; nor, after such sale or sales, claim or exercise any right under any statute now or hereafter made or enacted by any state or otherwise to redeem the property so sold or any part thereof, and, to the full extent legally permitted, except as to rights expressly provided herein, hereby expressly waives for itself and on behalf of each and every Person, except decree or judgment creditors of Borrower, acquiring any interest in or title to the Collateral or any part thereof subsequent to the date of this Agreement, all benefit and advantage of any such law or laws, and covenants that it will not invoke or utilize any such law or laws or otherwise hinder, delay or impede the execution of any power herein granted and delegated to Lender, but will suffer and permit the execution of every such power as though no such power, law or laws had been made or enacted.