Additional Agreements definition

Additional Agreements means all agreements, instruments, documents and opinions other than this Loan Agreement, whether with or from Customer or any other party, which are contemplated hereby or otherwise reasonably required by MLBFS in connection herewith, or which evidence the creation, guaranty or collateralization of any of the Obligations or the granting or perfection of liens or security interests upon the Collateral or any other collateral for the Obligations.
Additional Agreements means the Registration Rights Agreement, the Lock-Up Agreements and the Support Agreements.

Examples of Additional Agreements in a sentence

  • Other than as required under applicable Laws, neither the execution, delivery nor performance by the Purchaser Parties of this Agreement or any Additional Agreements requires any Governmental Authorization.

  • There is no Action (or any basis therefore) pending against any Purchaser Party, any of its officers or directors or any of its securities or any of its assets or Contracts before any court, Authority or official or which in any manner challenges or seeks to prevent, enjoin, alter or delay the transactions contemplated hereby or by the Additional Agreements.

  • This Agreement has been duly executed and delivered by the Purchaser Parties and it constitutes, and upon their execution and delivery, the Additional Agreements (to which it is a party) will constitute, a valid and legally binding agreement of the Purchaser Parties, enforceable against them in accordance with their representative terms, in all cases assuming due execution by the other parties thereto.

More Definitions of Additional Agreements

Additional Agreements shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6.1.6.
Additional Agreements means all agreements (including exhibits and schedules), instruments and documents being or to be executed and delivered under this Agreement or in connection herewith, including, but not limited to the following: the Real Estate Sublease Agreement and the Supply Agreement.
Additional Agreements has the meaning specified in Section 9.10(d).
Additional Agreements mean the Executive Employment Agreements, the Registration Rights Agreement, the Sponsor Support Agreement, the Stockholder Support Agreement, and each other agreement, document, instrument or certificate contemplated by this Agreement to be executed in connection with the Transactions.
Additional Agreements shall have the meaning specified in Section 6.03(b)(ii)(C).
Additional Agreements means the Employee Matters Agreement, the Tax Matters Agreement, the Shared Facilities, Services and Supply Agreement, the Transition Services Agreement, the Servitude Agreement, the Electric Generation, Distribution and Transmission Facilities Lease, the Chlorine, Liquid Caustic Soda and Hydrochloric Acid Sales Agreements and the Real Property Agreement;