Contract Start Date definition

Contract Start Date means the date specified in your Contract for Signature asthe date this Contract starts;
Contract Start Date means the date specified in your Contract for Signature as the date this Contract starts;
Contract Start Date means the date on which the Contract is entered into by you and us (and becomes a legally binding agreement);

Examples of Contract Start Date in a sentence

  • The increase indexation leading to automatic adjustment of Fees will be implemented each year on the anniversary of your Service’s Contract Start Date (when your service continues after completing another year).

  • Leaseweb will confirm the actual Contract Start Date in the Contract Overview.

  • Leaseweb’s notice of delay shall state a new Contract Start Date and/or Estimated Delivery Date.

  • In case of a Sales Contract Modification submitted by Customer during the Trial Period, the Trial Period will end immediately and will be converted into a Sales Contract after acceptance of the Modification by Leaseweb and the Customer forfeits the Trial Period, the Contract Start Date of the Sales Contract will commence on the day the Modification has been accepted by Leaseweb, as confirmed in the Contract Overview or the order confirmation.

  • The legal remedies outlined in Clauses 6.2 and21.4a) constitute all legal remedies available to Customer in relation to a delay of the Delivery Date or Contract Start Date by Leaseweb.

More Definitions of Contract Start Date

Contract Start Date means the date specified as the contract start date on the Order Form.
Contract Start Date means the first date after the contract is executed that a POU is deemed to have procured electricity products from the counterparty to the contract. For example, if a contract is executed on January 1, 2020, and requires the counterparty to supply the POU with electricity products starting on July 1, 2020, the contract start date is July 1, 2020.
Contract Start Date means the first day ofcontractor performance.(c) Filling employment openings. (1) For a pe- riod beginning with contract award and end- ing 90 calendar days after the contract start date, no person other than adversely affected Federal personnel on the current listing pro- vided by the contracting officer shall be of- fered an employment opening until all ad- versely affected and qualified Federal per- sonnel identified by the contracting officer have been offered the job and refused it.(2) The contractor may select any person for an employment opening when there are no qualified adversely affected Federal per- sonnel on the latest current listing provided by the contracting officer.(d) Contracting reporting requirements. (1) No later than 5 working days after contract award, the contractor shall furnish the con- tracting officer with the following:
Contract Start Date means the date the Contract is fully executed and is in full force and effect.
Contract Start Date. , subject to Article 2.2(v), means the delivery date of the Vehicle as specified in the Delivery Approval Form or Manufacturer/Dealers’ vehicle invoice date + 2 days.
Contract Start Date means the date the Contract comes into force being the date that Forestry England accepts your Bid for any Lot or any other date as may be agreed in writing.
Contract Start Date means the commencement date of this Agreement as specified in the Order;